Sunni Toons

Our regular Swedish reader and commenter Robin Shadowes suggested that we might respond to the latest Motoon crisis by posting some new culturally enriched ’toons, and kindly sent us a batch translated from the Swedish. They were all drawn by the artist Hans Lindström.

Here’s the first of the series:

Hans Lindström cartoon #1

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5 thoughts on “Sunni Toons

  1. It was pretty easy. Just had to copy the picture to Paint and then erase the old text in the word balloons. Then I wrote the new text in Notes and copied and pasted it to Paint and then saved it. Piece of cake! 🙂

  2. Zenster, You’ve ain’t seen nothing yet. Unfortunately I forgot to save his latest stuff about stonings but I’ll repair that mistake at some later time when he will repost them.

  3. As it is a toon of seroius commentary one wonders if the employment opportunity might have been funded by the U.N., Obamabucks husckstered from the bogus stimulus plan, Moveon, Code Pinko, or name your own.

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