Obi Wan: The Joke and the Joker

Too bad the laugh is on America.

But with the Congress in recess – thus improving the stock market – national anger is turning toward the First Spender.

This visual meme is making the rounds in various forms. Expect to see it everywhere. That’s what happens when the MSM keeps shoving him down our throats.

As a result of their unrelenting push, we gag, and this is what comes up:

Obama socialism

By the way, you too can get your very own email subscription (free) to the Congressional Wealth Destruction Monitor. You may laugh or cry, depending on whether or not you own stock.

Perhaps a dart board with the First Joker on it would be a handy distraction for all the unemployed who voted for him. Hey, down in the basement, who’d know?

Hat tip: Moonbattery

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7 thoughts on “Obi Wan: The Joke and the Joker

  1. Poor Nodrog…I don’t think you can help yourself. It appears you cannot remain civil and desist attacking your interlocutors.

    Or perhaps you just like being deleted? That’s not a rhetorical question. I do wonder if hanging around another blog and being abused regularly has left you with some version of the Stockholm Syndrome.

    People are bemused, baffled, or they feel embarrassed for you.

    Poor nodrog.

  2. Sean–

    Only 7K+ images of Bushitler??

    I guess some must be stale-dating by now.

    None of the current crop or the ones of Bush were nearly as entertaining as what was produced during the Clinton reign…those two had what it took to get the average voter’s ire up: venality; sex,lies, and audiotapes; bribes, stealing the china, pardoning the Rich, etc.

    Seems so innocent from this vantage point. All Bill ever did was mess up Kosovo beyond repair…and maybe lob a few bombs here and there. All in aid of distracting us from his nether regions, which kept popping up despite his best intentions.

    Now he’s become the new Jesse Jackson. He actually got the reporters out of N. Korea. I’ll bet ol’ Jesse is none too happy about that.

    I wonder if the public will ever find out what Obi Wan thinks about this move? He probably should have appointed him to the UN so as to keep Bill from being a loose cannon.

    Which reminds me: you may not have heard, but there’s a lot of loose rumors about amending the Constitution to allow Obi to serve more than two terms. If that happened, I do believe Bill would run against him…

    Now *that* would make for some interesting times…

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