Making a Monkey Out of Geert Wilders

Our Flemish correspondent VH has compiled a report about a Turkish hacker who used his talents against Geert Wilders. First, a translation from Elsevier:

Pro-Islamic hacker uses “monkey picture” of Wilders

“Wilders photoshopped to resemble a monkey”

By Robin van der Kloor

In recent days hundreds of websites have been hacked, with the results showing visitors an edited photo of Geert Wilders resembling a monkey. The hacker used the pseudonym aLpTurkTegin and called himself “the grandson of Ottoman”. This is reported by the newspaper De Telegraaf.


The hacker claims with his action to wage a war against the enemies of Islam.

Geert Wilders monkey, which has more than 100,000 customers with websites, has received dozens of complaints from distressed website owners [list of hacked pages, including mirrors here — VH].


According to Henri de Jong, co-founder of, it is all chaos with them now. All victims are using an outdated version of the Joomla software, according to newspaper De Telegraaf.

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The Dutch web magazine Webwereld adds:

The picture is modified in such way that Wilders will still be recognizable but also shows great similarities with a monkey. In this way the hackers’ collective aLpTurkTegin is protesting against the Dutch politician who, in their eyes, has turned against Islam.

“Our war will continue against the ones who are against the real religion Islam,” is written in English under the picture. The same text can also be read in Turkish on the defaced sites. The hackers call themselves “Ottoman grandchild”.


“aLpTurkTegin” has hacked Dutch websites before. In 2006 the group protested against the secessionist Kurdish PKK, for example, by hacking the front page of site for the Olympic stadium. The hacked page of the Olympic Stadium showed a picture of a soldier looking through the crosshairs of his rifle. The page also displayed the crescent and star that can be found on the flag of Turkey.

As a follow-up, GeenStijl reports that Dennis Veninga, who owns a web-security firm, has identified the hacker. It is Volkan Agbulak from Istanbul, Turkey:

Geert Wilders hackerMay we present to you: the Little Anti-Wilders Hacker

Major fun of course. Hacking a few hundred websites and replacing them with a ha-ha-hilarious photo-soup of Geert Wilders as a monkey. You will be sure to get your stuff in the news then. But if at the same time you leave your backdoor wide open, sooner or later you will end up on GeenStijl.

Exactly one afternoon of searching was sufficient enough for Dennis Veninga (who has a web security firm) to identify aLpTurkTegin.

Name: Volkan
Surname: Agbulak
Birth Date: April 29, 1990
Birth Place: Istanbul
Country: Turkey
Occupation: HACKERRR (Student)
Hobbies: Rap

More information about Mr. Waste Bin [Dutch pun on the hacker’s surname] HERE and HERE and HERE . You may stop searching. The internetters again have solved everything…

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  1. So the Talent Reserve has been at it again. This little haxxer 4 4ll4h is small peas compared to that dude McKinnon US wants extradited from UK. Cute story though. 🙂

  2. “Wilders photoshopped to resemble a monkey”

    Nothing really original here – the Infidel Wilders is the son of apes and monkeys, we all kmow that.. I wonder why he left out the pig.

  3. Why is there not some serious hackers in the Counter – Jihad movement? Or are there? I would love to hear once and awhile that some Saudi “charity” or CAIR or some of the other usual suspects web sites have been thoroughly messed with.

  4. Turks. Eastern Europe and the Balkans fought with them for half a milenium, not its west’s turn to have some fun.

  5. Yes, you correct me, but I ağbulak volcano Bahsettiğniz 3DaLpTurkTegin%
    I have no relevance in this address is a alpturktegin.
    I have new news and more from your site. To remove personal pictures on the play like you do not have relevance ediyorum.Tekrar is anything as I alptürktegin.
    Please delete the pictures will do the pig and the monkey analogy.
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