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A Swedish reader just sent us this report about his own personal encounter with cultural enrichment:

Homely Cultural Enrichment in Lund, Sweden: A.D. 2009

It happened yesterday evening. The dog and I came back from a short peeing trip in the neighboring park at half past ten.

From a sidewalk behind a hedge six unexpected late teenagers appeared in front of us. The group could not be avoided unless the dog and I turned 180 degrees.

As on a given signal all six stopped and lined up along the sidewalk in front of us, and the dog and I had to march past the six — as if we were “inspecting a guard of honor”.

One of them said, “What do you want?”

– – – – – – – –

I silently looked at them while passing. The atmosphere was charged, to say the least.

This incident happened on the outskirts of the town, in the middle of a normally very calm residential block that certainly not was the habitat of the sextet. They had probably found their way there from the east, from the residential area on the other side of the main thoroughfare, which is populated extensively by cultural enrichers.

Guess what might have happened if this absolutely “un-Swedish” incident had occurred down in the dark and deserted park!

Having passed the provocative “guard of honor”, I heard them chatting amongst themselves, and I could catch the word “hating”.

Our correspondent added this as a not entirely unrelated afterthought:

Congratulations, Baron, on your new high judge Sotomayor!

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  1. In the USA many states allow the carrying of concealed weapons by those who have been tested and licensed to do so. Thugs do not know who may be armed and thus must act with an amount of uncertainty as to the likely outcome of their actions.

    I have yet to hear about a situation in the U.S. similar to that mentioned on the peeing excursion, but do expect it to happen eventually.

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