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This is an unusual Enricher vs. Enricher story. It may well be that the victim’s immigrant status made her particularly vulnerable, although the article doesn’t say.

It also highlights the shoddy state of security at one of Britain’s major ports of entry. How many more illegals are slipping the net and disappearing into the shadowy underside of the Great Multicultural Utopia?

According to The Daily Mail:

Illegal Immigrant Rapes Woman Twice After Escaping From Heathrow Cell

A dangerous illegal immigrant brutally raped a woman twice after escaping from holding cells at Heathrow Airport.

Jamaican Bruce Augustine Gaynor, 32, was held by immigration officers as he tried to enter Britain using a false passport and was detained by the UK Border Agency in a secure holding area at Terminal 3.

Blackfriars Crown Court in London heard last week that after his escape from the high-security area in August 2007, he committed a series of violent crimes against a woman while he was on the run, including two rapes and an attack with a sock stuffed with bullets The judge presiding over the case, Judge David Richardson, has ordered a report into the circumstances surrounding the escape.

The court heard that Gaynor had been deported from Britain in June 2006. However, he re-entered the country in August 2007 using a Jamaican passport in a false name, claiming that he was in transit to Hong Kong.

He was held at the secure unit, where he was fingerprinted and his true identity was discovered. But he fled and over the next 14 months preyed on the woman, who is also Jamaican, raping her, and beating her on numerous occasions.

During one attack Gaynor filled a sports sock with bullets and attacked the woman with it, smashing it across her arm. On another occasion he stabbed the woman, who was living in East London, in the back before raping her on a stairwell in a council block.

– – – – – – – –

The court heard that Gaynor had committed a series of vicious attacks on the woman before his deportation from Britain in 2006 and continued his campaign of violence after his escape.

He was finally arrested on January 15 this year.

Last week he was convicted of two counts of rape, two counts of assault causing actual bodily harm, making threats to kill, two counts of unlawful wounding and one of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. He was found not guilty of a further eight counts of rape. He was remanded in custody to be sentenced on September 4.

A UK Border Agency spokesman said last night: ‘It was regrettable that this person escaped. We have reviewed and strengthened our holding arrangements.’

In a separate incident an illegal immigrant who sneaked into Britain after hiding under a coach full of UK Border Agency officials was still at large last night after ten days on the run. As The Mail on Sunday revealed last week, the man stowed away between the coach’s fuel tank and chassis before it drove on to a Eurotunnel train from Calais to Folkestone, Kent.

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  1. In fact all air-lines have full responsibility for allowing people on board with fake documents and get heavily fined for that.

    It would be interesting to know how much money they lose this way every year.

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