Cultural Enrichment or Terrorism?

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Our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc has translated an article posted today at the DR site:

Dangerous vandalism against Danish Train Company

Two or three young men tried on Monday night to block the rail line to a Copenhagen suburb by placing big stones on top of the train rails, according to police commander for the Copenhagen Police Vestegn in Albertslund. (Source: Ritzau News Agency).

Seven large tiles were placed on the southern regional trail and shortly thereafter an IC3 train came plowing through the blocks, but without an accident. The guard commander takes the incident very seriously, which could have resulted in a derailment of the train and loss of life.

Witnesses explained that the stones were placed by two to three young men of an ethnic origin other than Danish. [emphasis added]

Kepiblanc follows up with this comment:
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Needless to say, the press here tries to tone down the event, and luckily nothing happened.

But just imagine: a fast-moving train weighing some one hundred tonnes gets derailed with hundreds passengers on board and — maybe — slams into a densely populated domestic area. The losses of human lives could easily amount to more than the Madrid train terror.

And now the genie is out of the bottle. I’ll bet that next time it will not be just fragile tiles, but something more solid…

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4 thoughts on “Cultural Enrichment or Terrorism?

  1. Dangerous vandalism against Danish Train Company

    Terrorist attack against Danish Train Company

    There, fixed that.

    How many people on that train would had to have died before Danske Statsbaner (Danish State Railways), decided it wasn’t “vandalism” after all, but a genuine terrorist attack?

    More importantly, how long will it take and how many more innocent lives need to be lost before these supposedly disparate incidents of “vandalism” or, more likely, SJS (Sudden Jihad Syndrome), begin to be categorized appropriately so that public awareness of Islam’s all out assault upon dar al harb is finally made clear to all and sundry?

  2. I actually heard that on radio and I’m still amazed that they actually told the listeners the perps had OTHER ethnic origin than danish. What they would have said on swedish state radio I prefer not to think about at all. A fair guess however, is that they would simply describe them as a youth gang or as neutral as possible for nott to stir up racism.

    Agree with Zenster, this is beyond just enrichment now. This is pure terrorism. Another popular MO for these scum is stand on a bridge over a densively trafficked motorway and drop large chunks of rocks on passing cars and trucks below. In swedish MSM they call it pranks and the boys committing it pranksters. I wonder what they will call it the day it causes a serious serial accident on the road below with 10-20 casualties or more.

  3. Seen a number of articles about rail damage vandalism in France over the last couple of years (on the high speed trains no less) – they’ve arrested and convicted a few kids for those ones – but I think they were mainly Leftist/Enviro/Anarcho types there.

  4. Yes, Tuan Jim,

    But the leftists and the islamists have recently started to work even closer than before. Those people surely did it on behalf of the terrorists.

    A lot of similar cases have been reported from Sweden, nowadays just in local media of course. It has ALWAYS been islamists behind these “pranks”. The number of these events clearly indicate a fatwa making it highly halal and preferable.

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