17 thoughts on “The Danish Alternative

  1. You are MUCH too kind, Baron.

    I went to the same school as S.K., but thats about it. Thanks anyway.

    yours S

  2. In the to-drool-over-handsome-Danes category:

    Bjorn Lomborg

    I was a real Kierkegaard fan in my youth. But he was so severe I always thought of him as Swedish.

    Karl Jaspers was another favorite, as was Gabriel Marcel.

    So, the Danish, the German and the French existentialists, though all of them would have rejected that title.

  3. He has played in some international pictures but are probably not as famous as many swedes themselves think. Ok, he was Will Turners dad in the Pirates of th Caribean-sequels, the bad guy in King Arthur and played a younger Father Merrin in the prequel to The Exorcist but aside from that, I doubt that many outside of Sweden has any clue about who he is.

  4. If there is any contemporary actor/moviestar of swedish origin who actually will be recognized, then I think it would be Max von Sydow. After all, he has played chess with the grim reaper (a scene that has been referred to and parodied a dozen times), Jesus Christ, the one and original Father Merrin, Emperor Ming and many other roles in his life and still at the age of 80 are active as actor. Probably even Peter Stormare is more recognized abroad than Skarsgård.

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