That’s the message the Sunlight Foundation is recommending for American citizens.

This Congress and their President have established a galloping legislative and executive procedure for getting gargantuan bills shoved into law. We’re all suffering from governmental indigestion, and it’s going to get worse.

Here’s CNN’s Campbell Brown endorsing the effort of the Sunlight Foundation to make the President keep his word regarding “transparency” and his campaign promise that the public would have five days to read each piece of legislation on line before it was put to a vote.

Presidents regularly break campaign promises, but Obama broke this – a big one – after less than a week in office. And ever since, it’s been hurry, hurry. What is worse is the fact that Congress aids and abets this kind of reactive behavior. The Cap and Trade mess is merely the latest example; it is not the most egregious.
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We’ll reserve that crown for what they will try to ram down our throats with the National Health Care Fiat by the Feds, which should be showing up before the August recess.

Obi wan Kenobi wants the Senate and House to address health care before the Senate turns to their version of Cap and Trade for several reasons.

(1) Not only is the President pathologically impatient for legislation he can sign off on,

(2) He really, really wants his visions of “reform” to be enacted so he can sign them into law, thus becoming the new FDR and Lyndon Johnson rolled into one humungous debtor. He is magically going to make Americans healthier and wealthier…oh, except for the old people, who should be left to go quietly into that good night. No need to struggle…there’s no money for your care.

(3) He also hopes the fooferaw leading up to his health care fantasy will lead the American people to somehow forget that 1400+ pages of H.R. 2454. Thus after both the House and Senate have dealt with health care, everyone will be so exhausted and sick of this death by a thousand paper cuts of bloated regulations that they’ll throw in the towel and return to watching football. What else can the millions of unemployed white males do?

(4) At that point, the Senate will take up its version of Cap and Trade and few will care. Sotomayor will be confirmed, and no one but La Raza will be around to celebrate.

If you’re going to any of the Tea Parties and want to hand out some flyers on READ THE BILL, go to the website, print out their info and make some copies.

Go to this page to see the endorsements READ THE BILL has received. Sign the petition.

I’ll put up a sample flyer tomorrow, God willing and the Creek don’t rise…

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  1. “What else can the millions of unemployed white males do?”

    Watch football? I think by then they may be considering other things.

    You so funny, Baron.

  2. Mea culpa, mea culpa.

    I saw that later.

    The point still stood as of the 2nd comment. Has that changed? I certainly hope so.

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