Finally: Lionheart’s Been Let Go

Lionheart sent an email the other day with a link to his post about being free, finally, from the threat of charges of “racism” and a possible jail term. Was it the police or the CPS who decided to stop harassing him? He didn’t say, but I’m glad it’s over.

Here’s a snip from his post:

I have been on police bail for 18 months on suspicion of ‘stirring up racial hatred’ through written material on this blog.

When my impending arrest first came about, I was in America and was advised by several American organisations and respected individuals that I should apply for political asylum there, but decided after speaking to my lawyer Mr SBLM…that the best plan of action was to return to Britain and go through the motions of arrest and interrogation.

I was arrested, interrogated, then released and have spent the last 18 months backwards and forwards on police bail, awaiting the CPS to decide whether or not they were going to charge me and put me on trial for my words.

My next bail date was Friday 3rd July, but I have just received news from my solicitor that all charges against me have been dropped, so there is no case to answer over my blog.

While he was in America, a Good Samaritan gave him a place to live. The Baron was working then, so we donated a small monthly stipend for a while until his situation was such that he was able to work…which depended on his being granted asylum.

That avenue was investigated but looked perilous. It might take years for them to process his case, during which time he would be in limbo.

If memory serves, it was March 2008 or thereabouts when he decided to return to the UK.

I was most upset. My main concern (my only concern, really) was the chance of his being jailed in a prison population full of those who would kill him without thinking about it. But Lionheart’s decision to go home was his to make, though I was sure he wouldn’t survive. He flew back to the UK, leaving a few heavy hearts behind.

I am glad that this trial by fear is over. What the police did to him during that year and a half of mental torture with the prospect of jail hanging over him was cruel and unnecessary. Lionheart had been chased out of his home neighborhood by Pakistani drug dealers because he dared to stand up to them, especially on the issue of enslaving young women.

On his blog, he described what they’d done to his neighborhood, his home, and his business. As a result of what he wrote, the Pakistani drug thugs filed a complaint against him for racism. It was this complaint for which he was to be “investigated” by the Hate Crimes Unit from Christmas 2007 until this week.

I learned a lot while Lionheart was here and after he went home.
– – – – – – – –
First and foremost and most unfortunate was my education about the UK police. I heard the tapes of them talking to Lionheart and it was eerie. They had no idea where he was, claiming they thought he was in Scotland. They didn’t seem to care one way or another about his possible fate if he came in to be interrogated. They just kept repeating, in a kind of bored tone, that he needed to present himself in order to be questioned. They refused to grant him safety of any kind. Their conversation with him was so cool, casual, unconcerned. The whole thing was straight out of Kafka.

I also learned that real Brits cared what happened to him even if the police and the judicial system didn’t give a fig. When he got home, he was given a place to stay. Legal counsel was obtained. People helped him.

Another lesson was a deep understanding of the tenacious bulldog character of the English. Lionheart could not be budged from a position once he’d decided on a course of action. Churchill had nothing on Lionheart when it came to digging in his heels and preparing to stand his ground! Here he is, eighteen months later, having survived his ordeal, still trying to make people pay attention to his original concern about his country:

Freedom of Speech has won, over the politically correct brigade who have tried silencing me, and members from their pet project British Islam who have wanted me prosecuted and silenced from speaking out against them and their religion. British Islam is a threat to every man, woman and child upon the British Isles, based upon 1400 years of experience and knowledge, and people like me, have a right and responsibility to talk about it openly, freely and honestly without fear of state persecution, prosecution or imprisonment.

May God bless each and every person who has supported me over the past 18 months, and beyond.

The battle for the heart and soul of Great Britain has begun!

Bloody but unbowed, that’s Lionheart. He gives me hope for England.

3 thoughts on “Finally: Lionheart’s Been Let Go

  1. Dymphna,

    What has happened to Lionheart should be a message to all Americans and Europeans of how bad the situation here is in the UK. It should, more importantly, show people how it’s almost an impossibility to fart without the authorities wanting to bang you up in prison. It should, overwhelmingly, show you all the total appeasement of Islam there is in the UK.

    Anyone with half a brain will realise that the situation is as it is with Islam because of Saudi Finance. Mix that with a recession and you have a government that’s even more eager take it over a barrel from Islam.
    Many people are now waking up to the threat that is Islam but we are having an exceptionally hard time trying to promote the problem, because of laws implemented not so long ago. The obvious of these laws are Incitement to Religious and Racial Hatred and Hate Speech laws. Yes, out of 1984.

    It would also be of great benefit for the American people to see that the ‘traditional bobby’ of old has long since gone. Our police no longer serve the public but instead work for the government. They are no longer the long arm of the law but a limb of NuLabour. They are their own entity. The following explanation on video by David Harris, shows how the police and the government have been changed under Fabian/School of Frankfurt ideology into something altogether different. Click here.

    To show how much police have changed look at the latest article on Lionheart’s blog to see that after a demonstration march, heavily patrolled by police, they were then filmed, their names and details taken and told not to come back to London within 24 hours or they will be arrested?? For what exactly? They have committed no crimes? This is bullying and of course Islamic appeasement of the highest, in that they don’t want Muslims to attack non Muslims, so instead of arresting the Muslims they arrest the innocent party. This is how it is now. They don’t arrest the criminals(Muslims) but instead arrest the innocents(non Muslims) in order to not make the Muslims act. Do you notice something similar here? Do you notice any similarity there into why Muslims ban alcohol? Do you notice the similarity into why they make women cover up and wear the burkha? Yes, our police are dhimmis and have turned into police comparable to Vichy police WW2.

    People of America, you just don’t realise how lucky you all are. You have the constitution and the amendments within that protect people and give them their freedoms. Our freedoms have been totally pissed on that anyone who tries to restore them will be arrested and very possibly end up in the FTAC. There is change happening America amongst the people and it will erupt into full on uprising and bloodshed. After all, what did they expect when they allowed uncontrolled immigration into our country, never asked us, gave them special preferences over the indigenous peoples and started to clamp down on the indigenous when they started to fight back at the cultural colonisation and invasion taking place around them?

    It will get bloody, but then what did they expect? Those who do not learn from the past are destined to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

    Let this be a lesson to the Americans who thought that Britain’s given up. I agree that much of our population have been totally and utterly indoctrinated by Marxist cultural and moral relativism, but there are many who haven’t. It’s just a simple case of when those do speak up about it, they get battered down into submission before you can say Muhammad.

    The Destruction of Britain

  2. Where is the justice in keeping Lionheart under the threat of legal action for over 18 months?

    This while suspected terrorists cannot be held for more than a few days a time before being charged!!

    Quote: “Under British law, suspects can be held for up to two weeks before police decide whether to charge them. However, courts grant that permission only a few days at a time.”

    Why 18 months for Lionheart? This injustice is beyond sick.

  3. heroyalwhyness: This injustice is beyond sick.

    I agree completely. However, this sort of injustice goes well “beyond sick”, it’s criminal.

    Before too long, those who have attempted to criminalize free speech need to be imprisoned or led to the wall.

    This Orwellian suppression of free thought (“old think”) is a crime against humanity and needs to be treated as such.

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