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From Britain comes another appalling enrichment incident perpetrated by an “Asian”. The article isn’t specific enough to help the reader determine whether the rapist in question was Japanese, or Laotian, or Chinese, or Korean, or…

According to The Bournemouth Daily Echo:

Woman Punched During Serious Sexual Assault in Bournemouth

A WOMAN was subjected to a horrifying sexual assault just yards from a busy road in central Bournemouth.

The woman, in her 20s, was punched in the face and head by her attacker just off Westover Road in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The victim, who was wearing a blue and white fancy dress nurse’s outfit at the time of the assault, was attacked at 2am in an area of Bournemouth’s Lower Gardens just off the road.

She suffered a bruised and swollen face and was taken by ambulance to Poole Hospital, where she was treated before being released later in the day.

Detective Inspector Craig Travers, of Bournemouth CID, said: “The victim left a nightclub in Exeter Road alone at approximately 1.40am and made her way through Bournemouth Square and up Westover Road to get a taxi home.

“She was wearing quite distinctive clothing and if anyone saw her walking through Bournemouth Square and along Westover Road I need them to get in touch.

“We are keen to trace a man who is described as being of Asian appearance, aged between 30 and 35 years old, of medium build with short dark hair. He was wearing blue jeans, a dark coloured tracksuit top, and white trainers.”

– – – – – – – –

He said the man had approached the woman on Westover Road, outside the Brasshouse nightclub, and was seen crossing over the road with the woman towards Bournemouth Gardens.

“If anyone saw the man in this area or saw him with a woman I need to speak with them urgently,” he said.

“This was a nasty and unprovoked attack which has left the victim injured and shocked and I’d urge anyone else who has any other information about this incident, or about the man responsible, to call the police immediately.”

Parts of Bournemouth Gardens have been cordoned off while forensic officers carry out an examination.

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6 thoughts on “Cultural Enrichment in Bournemouth

  1. This CCTV video via BBC shows at least five witnesses who passed this woman moments prior to the attack. Two of the men made an effort to turn around and glance at them after passing. The “Asian” perp is also visible on the video.

  2. The use of the term Asian bothers me. The Japanese, Chinese and Koreans living in the West and, especially their kids when they’re born in the countries their parents emigrated to, assimilate really well and very often even outperform natives of all ethnicities in school. The ‘asian’ featured in this story is a porki, that kind of mahoundian lowlife which (not who) believes that sharia is the only law to be acknowledged, and that it is Britons of all ethnicities and religions (or lack thereof) that must adapt to the inbred bedouin savagery imposed by the sword on its native Porkistan by mahoundian invaders.

    Though the Porki jihadist-breeding machine is located in Asia, using the word “Asian” to refer to the scumbags which come from that country seems wrong to me.

  3. I agree with Jedilson. It is indeed disturbing with the term asian as it has come to be associated with pakis in UK. Most far eastern asians should be very worried to be clumped together with this scum. However, it makes perfectly sense to the PC-mindset but not everybody else.

  4. In the UK Asian hardly ever means Korean, Chinese etc – that’s an Americanism. We call them South East Asian or Far Eastern, or specify which oriental country it is. “Asian”, in common UK parlance means from the Indian subcontinent.

    It is often used as a euphemism for Muslim, which must annoy Hindus, Sikhs and atheists a lot. And statistically, more crime is committed by Muslims. However, on this occasion, appearance is all the victim and the press had to go on, so “of Asian appearance” is exactly right.

    As always, when it comes to Americans and the UK, a little learning is a dangerous thing.

  5. The term Asian is purposely used to obscure just which ethnic,racial and religious group is responsible disproportionately to their numbers for crimes such as rape by lumping them in with largely law-abiding immigrant groups from sprawling Asia.

    This fiction is kept up even when the community through experience figures out just which specific Asians are involved. This slander by geographic association is just the latest in a long line of reasons for East Indians to despise Muslim Pakistanis.

    A similar geographic slander occurs using the term “black” instead of narrowing it down. Blacks immigrating from Africa are largely law-abiding (separate from American blacks who insist on calling themselves African Americans) compared to Caribbean blacks. Caribbean blacks in turn are resentful that it is largely Jamaicans who are giving the rest of them a bad name spreading a guns gangs and drug culture wherever they go.

    The PC propagandists keep pretending that all cultures are equally deserving of respect so they have to hide hard evidence that contradicts their ridiculous thesis.

    The Pakistani male was following his benighted culture when he saw a woman parading her wares instead of shrouding herself, alone, in the wee hours and treated her like the uncovered catmeat that an infamous Australian imam compared western women to in another rape case involving a Pakistani rapist. Muslim and Arabic culture does not expect men to control their violent or sexual urges. It is their inferiors, women, who are made responsible for keeping these boiling cauldrons of sexual repression out of trouble. Ergo the stoning of the rape victim instead of the rapist.

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