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We received the following email last night from an American student who is majoring in Arabic and Political Science. He wrote to give us his own first-hand accounts of travels through Europe. He is now in Egypt and says that everything we’ve said about the situation in Europe and in the Middle East has been corroborated by his travels this summer.

That’s unfortunate: I was hoping he would say we’re too pessimistic. Instead, his awakening on this journey has made him realize how vulnerable our country is now. The large majority are blind to the dangers he has witnessed for himself.

Meet Mark, student and world traveler (for the summer, at any rate):

CairoI am a college student at Northwestern, majoring in Arabic/Political Science. I am spending my summer in Cairo studying Arabic. As a result, I’m getting a pretty interesting perspective on a lot of issues touched on in Gates of Vienna, which I follow closely, including the recent “Shaheed al-hijab” or “Hijab Martyr”.

As horrible as this incident was, it is tough for me to understand how people can riot in the streets over one murder. As grotesque as that killing was, the same people look the other way when a woman is murdered for “not being Muslim enough”.

This was the case in a number of brutal honor killings in Europe over the last few years. Or how about the other countless Muslim-on-European crimes that go on? I backpacked for three weeks through Europe before Egypt to see if all that I had read was true. Trust me, your blog is dead on.

The friends I made along the way told me of countless muggings, suspiciously all by young Arab guys. In Marseilles I saw the rocks thrown at a young girl. I have seen with my own eyes how real this threat is to our way of life.

Facebook has a page in Arabic here which really summed up the national (ummah?) mindset regarding Marwa El Sherbiny’s murder (my translation – Mark):
– – – – – – – –

Victim of blind Terrorism,
Marwa El Sherbiny is a well educated Egyptian mother of 3 years old son, Travelled with her husband who study in Germany,
She did nothing,
She said nothing,
But she used her right to wear what she wants,
What she believes is good for her, The Hijab
She was brutally Stabbed to death by a terrorist
But this time a German Terrorist
She was killed inside a Court of Law
For 8 minutes the killer was stabbing her inside the court
in front of the Judge
Her husband tried to save her but he was stabbed too
And after a while the Police arrived
But what did the Police do
They shot her Egyptian Husband,
Because for the German police an Arab is most probably a Terrorist
Is this the German Law
The only Law in the world where the prey get hunted while everybody watch
Is the law of the Jungle

Obviously the English is far less poignant than the Arabic but the message is the same.

You should see the literature they have at the Al-Azhar Mosque.. “Islam is the fastest growing religion! Come see why!” and then in every language under the sun, all sorts of pamphlets and books explaining how Islam is a far better/more tolerant/less violent etc. religion than Christianity/Judaism/, you name it.

My favorite is the “Muslim-Christian Dialogue” in which by the third chapter any Christian immediately converts to Islam. As a Catholic, I would be enraged if I saw this kind of thing at the Vatican.

By the way, anyone I tell that I am an American immediately says “OBAMA!” This happened with the guy the guy holding the keys to the minaret at the Al-Azhar, which is one of the one of the foremost places for Islamic learning over the last thousand years. He came up to me and said, “OBAMA GOOD!” and gave me a thumbs up. He followed this with, “Bush…” and pretended to spit on the floor… inside his own mosque!

We better wake up in the West real soon.

This has been an education. Soon, I will be visiting Alexandria, coincidentally the hometown of the “Hijab Martyr.”

Anyways, keep up the good fight. I really enjoy your blog and have passed it on to a number of friends.

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  1. The combination of first name, university, major and the fact that he’s spending the summer in Egypt would be enough information for his identity to become known. Particularly if one or more his Arabic teachers are Islamists.

    In the future, it would be a good idea to minimize identifying info.

  2. Bob-

    We’re good at minimizing information.

    Our correspondent explained to us what he would permit to be said and how we were to say it.

    We had a couple of email exchanges to ascertain his wishes.

    He’s quite safe.

  3. Of course that A-rab will say “OBAMA EEZ GUDE”… As Wafa Sultan noted, his surrender speech at al-Azhar Quranic Brainwashing Instutite showed mahoundians only one thing, among his countless falsehoods and lies: that Barack Arafat Saddam Hussein Osama believes all of those conspiracy theories that mahoundians make up, and start believing in, in order to explain away/blame the Jews for all of the failures in their societies, on every possible conceivable level, that they have no one but mahoundianism/islam to blame for.

  4. The “German” was of Russian descent.
    Stabbing culture is still unusual in German circles…

    It was a xenophobic act among foreigners. A reality which did not catch unfortunately our MSM researchers eye.

    Many more girls died for not wearing hijab. I advice muslimahs to better stop existing.

    Anyhow al-Jazeera had today a long discussion with some German and British journalists to the effect that we do not fight islamophobia enough and do not discuss this case on political level.

    Another funny nonsense was on BBC World showing Miliband (a Jew of “Eastern European” descent) visiting some huge madrassa in Pakistan, which was said before to have produced many radicals in UK.

    But the impression was “good”, they teach the kids also other subjects than quran, the kids recited it however, not their maths and the she-teachers were all dressed like bank robbers and hopefully the kids recited some famous holy verses about “Jews” to make dhimmi Miliband feel more than happy.

    Politics is meant to be entertaining…media as well.

    Iranians do well today. The protests go on. Check various media. There is a vast difference in (under)reporting this issue.

    Khamenei appointed his son as chief of the basij militia (degenerates to saddam husseins level?) and Iranians managed to interrupt ahmadinejads appearance on TV for a while by using maximum electricity at one time. The protests will culminate this night.

  5. Gosh, Steen…I’ll bet those shameless hussies who deserved to die for bringing dishonor on their families all have Facebook pages mourning their loss — just like this one has, hmmm?

    Fortunately, the rabid feminists don’t bother with our blog or we’d have lectures on how men are inherently evil…

    …thank G-d for small favors.

  6. Dymphna: Gosh, Steen…I’ll bet those shameless hussies who deserved to die for bringing dishonor on their families all have Facebook pages mourning their loss — just like this one has, hmmm?.

    Shuckey darn, Dymphna. Now there’s a splendid project for some aspiring counter-jihadist.

    Create a facebook gallery of photos and names of all the honor killings in Europe and America.

    Such a thing would sure help to counteract all the Muslim pissing and moaning over such tragic events like that in Germany.

  7. And we intentionally admit as many Egyptian Ikhwanis as possible through the Arab student visa racket. Awesome.

  8. That was a great essay. Thank you for sharing. News tends to work on the man bites dog principle. When a Muslim commits a barbaric shocking act that is dog bites man and simply doesn’t make the news in most quarters compounded by the usual politically correct nonsense. So of course when a non Muslim stabs a Muslim woman to death and behaves like, well, like a Muslim more typically does it makes great play. That is man bites dog. Also, as it is such a rare occurrence it is much easier to focus on the individual names and faces of the victims than it is to discuss the names of oh, the thousands of non Muslims murdered raped and abused simply for being non Muslims in the proximity of Muslims each year. So yeah I can sort of see the Islamic world ‘celebritizing’ the odd man out Islamic victim of non Muslim terror. Let’s hope Western authority are smart enough to recognize that policy and legislation must not be set on the exception but on the rule.

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