A Dutchman Abroad

The Dutch Minister of Finance Wouter Bos is visiting the United States, and has some interesting things to say. He urges a comparison of Muslim immigrants in the Netherlands with American blacks. Does this mean that the ancestors of Dutch Muslims were brought to the Netherlands in chains centuries ago? The minister doesn’t say.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated a Dutch newspaper article on the topic. He includes this introduction:

Here is the latest brilliant brainwave from a Dutch Socialist Idiot who happens to be the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. He not only legalized over 26,000 illegal asylum seekers, allows over a hundred thousand low or no-skilled immigrants in, raises all taxes, possible and impossible, but also recently happily nationalized a few banks with the money of Dutch taxpayers, their children, and grandchildren: the national debt rises one hundred million euros per day

The translation from Elsevier:

Dutch Vice Prime Minister to American audience:

Compare the Muslims in the Netherlands with African-Americans

By Robin van der Kloor

The Muslim problem in the Netherlands is comparable with the problems America has with African-Americans. The United States does not have any trouble with Muslims, because they usually only allow in the mostly highly-educated immigrants — The Dutch Socialist Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Wouter Bos spoke in America on the Muslim problem in the Netherlands.

Lobby for G20

The Dutch Socialist Wouter Bos is in the USA to talk about, among other things, a possible Dutch participation in the G20 summit this September in Pittsburgh. Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende (Christian Democrat, CDA) will soon be traveling to America as well, to meet with President Barack Obama. That is what Vice Prime Minister Wouter Bos (Socialist-Labor, PvdA) said during a meeting in America on leftist politics, newspaper NRC Handelsblad reports.


According to Wouter Bos, within the Center for American Progress [where he gave a speech before, in 2005 — translator], which organized a discussion on left-wing politics, quite a lot of attention is being paid to Geert Wilders (Party for Freedom, PVV) and his approach to Islam.

– – – – – – – –

To better understand the “Muslim problem”, according to Wouter Bos, Americans should not look at the Muslims in their own county, but rather at black Americans. America especially allows in more highly-educated immigrants; therefore there is little tension between Muslims and non-Muslims. The comparison with African-Americans is more to the point, says Bos.

[what follows is not too relevant here, but just in case:]

Former Minister Vogelaar

Wouter Bos as leader of the Socialist PvdA interferes more often in the integration debate, a dossier that actually belongs to tasks of the Minister of Integration.

At one time the Socialist Ella Vogelaar used to do this, but Wouter Bos sacked this Minister [she was an absolute idiot and PR-disaster: an old school Marxist hailing the burka and mumbling about an Islamo-Christian-Jewish culture, but even so, she wasted billions of taxpayers money on Muslim ghettos — translator] and replaced her with (Socialist) Eberhard an der Laan, who is more in sync with Wouter Bos.

4 thoughts on “A Dutchman Abroad

  1. Quote: “The Muslim problem in the Netherlands is comparable with the problems America has with African-Americans. The United States does not have any trouble with Muslims , because they usually only allow in the mostly highly-educated immigrants”

    No trouble with muslims? 9/11 ring a bell? How about the first attack on the twin towers?
    Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, 22, and an Iranian immigrant, drove a sport utility vehicle into a crowded pedestrian zone


    Naveed Afzal Haq forced a 14-year-old girl to get him into the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle building by holding a gun to her back. He then pulled out the two large-caliber semi-automatic pistols he had just purchased and went on a murderous rampage.


    Michael Julius Ford
    Mujtaba Rabbani Jabbar
    Black Muslim convert John Mohammed and protege Lee Malvo
    Hesham Hadayet
    Abu Kamal, a Palestinian teacher shoots seven tourists on the 86th-floor observation deck of the Empire State Building
    Rashid Baz,


    Abdulhakim Muhammad tries to justify killing soldier.


    Thomas SCANTLING

    not to mention all the CAIR officials (Civil Rights co-ordinator/20 yrs prison VA, Director of Community Relations/deported to Egypt for bank visa fraud, Founding director Texas/Convicted on 21 counts conspiracy and dealing with terrorist property, Michigan fundraiser/deported to Lebanon for financing Hamas/Al-queda)

    No trouble?

  2. The immigrants in Holland are severely homesick. They are kept in chains like slaves due to the social security.

    It is more horrible than water-boarding. Remove this money from them, set them free to get home safely. (sarc off)

  3. Robin van der Kloor is clearly confused? America doesn’t have a problem because their Muslims are more educated? Putting aside the huge mass of poorly educated Muslim Somalis we’ve let in, Mr. van der Kloor apparently hasn’t noticed that educated Muslims are more, not less, radical than uneducated ones. The concentration of doctors among jihadists is striking, as are engineers. Educated Muslims most likely have gone to an Islamic “university”, where deep indoctrination and knowledge of Islam is required, and is a more important graduation requirement than medicine or engineering.

  4. If I were an African American sitting in that audience I would have been highly insulted. Hell, I’m not even African American and I’m insulted by his idiocy.
    African Americans helped build this country. They worked the fields, cooked the food, helped build the roads, hell, they even were a very significant part of the labor force that built our Capitol Building and White House!
    Muslims have done nothing to build anything in Holland. They have no history in the country and are parasites plain and simple.
    What an ignorant, ignorant man. But, to think that a room full of American “progressives” sat and listened to this without walking out is surely telling…

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