The Lying Totem

Takuan Seiyo has posted part 12 of his “From Meccania to Atlantis” series. It’s entitled “Swallowed by Leviathan”, and is available at the Brussels Journal. Some excerpts are below:

But as successful as KGB’s destabilizing has been, as devastating as the Frankfurt School’s paving of the way for Hitler’s revenge, as brilliant as the psychological sabotage conceived by leftist tacticians Gramsci and Alinsky, Podism could never have taken over all social, political and cultural institutions of the West on the strength of its false propaganda alone. What has brought this takeover is the opportunism and greed for power and money by the 50-50 State and by global economy’s managerial class.


The Pods want to repair Reality so it be “fair.” Resident ethnic tribes want social services and a lifestyle unachievable in their original countries. The socialist parties want more power. The unions want more loot. Hateful groups ranging from radical feminists to communists to Greens to Salafist Muslims just want to destroy the West. The coalition they form has the same shape in every Western country. They support Leviathan, and Leviathan supports them. As they grow, so does the beast.

In every Western country a coalitions of looters has seized power as a majority that preys on the autochthon minority under the pretext of being a minority standing up to a bigoted majority. In Europe, where there are ethno-nationalist (and mostly conservative) parties, all other parties and all MSM form a cordon sanitaire around them. Reduced to public protests, the untouchables are then subject to beatings and drowning in Antifa noise by fascist “youths” of the Muslim or socialist persuasion. This takes place inside a cordon policiaire of indifferent police. Snatcher State then picks off the leaders who survived the pogrom, like it has done repeatedly with the leaders of Vlaams Belang, for show trials. In a brilliant touch that the master himself, Lenin, would applaud, the fascists succeed by painting their victims as fascists.

– – – – – – – –


The lying totem of equality and the taboo on discrimination cannot be smashed or repealed in time to save the West from its own folly. For they are not merely the Snatchers’ mental chip but are the engine of Leviathan itself.

What sort of awakening can still save Rotterdam, with 40% of its population foreign born and procreating at triple the rate of whites, one in eight a Muslim, 30 mosques and a Moroccan as mayor of the city? Nor will the U.S. that Barack and Rahm found in 2009 be the same in 2014.

Those who refuse to be sucked under have only one option: step outside the swamp and construct a new civilization. Or, as we glimpsed in Part 4, an Altneuland — a new civilization that restores and reinvigorates the old one.

Read the rest at the Brussels Journal.

Hat tip: Fjordman.

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  1. This is my problem with Seiyo. He ignores the real, solid, and interest based coalition building that has been done to construct an alliance organized against the White Male population by the Left.

    Affirmative Action means preferring non-Whites, Gays, and Women to White Men. This was sustainable during good times and when most White Men were married to White women (and benefited indirectly). Collapse of marriage and good times makes it tougher to sustain.

    But let’s be honest. Women have wholeheartedly endorsed hard-Leftism, in all it’s glories, not because they are “pod people” but because they get real benefits. They destroy the White Male threat in the workplace, create feminized dominions in whole swaths particularly in government controlled areas like Education, Health, Social Work, and so on and kill any government spending that is male dominated like Defense.

    White women face little workplace competition from Muslim men or women, even with slots that merely force out White men from government spots. White women win under Leftism, not the least of which is that any White guy left in employment in a government run economy is by definition an Alpha, socially dominant (and family-connected elite) Alpha. Not some schmoe from the Ardennes or other backwater places.

    There was no grand conspiracy. No pod snatchers. No Gramscian long march.

    Rather, women became disconnected from men, did not need them, found them competitors, and saw to their own advantage. Which lies with the Left, more leftism, and replacement of the current population with allies against the hated White man.

    In the short run, this is entirely to women’s advantage. Long run? Disaster, but then human beings are built for short-term finding of advantage and do very poorly in discerning long-run advantage.

  2. I don’t think the Seyio and Whiskey analyses are incompatible. Only some whites are pods and Whiskey believes more of these are women (I agree) while Seyio didn’t specify at least in this instalment gender proportions.

    This treatise explains most of what one can observe daily in the news. How sobering. How unstoppable Leviathan seems.

    Seyio is a modern Ayn Rand and comes to a similar conclusion: non-pod whites have to start their own new civilization (with non-whites who are post-racial and productive?) It might be doable since Americans are not disarmed yet and the American military both retired and presently active are not dominated by leftists and may offer sufficient defense. Wishful thinking for a world I won’t see but I have to have hope for my children.

  3. Thanks for your insights. I not only think somewhat like Whiskey about the female issue but have expressed it repeatedly in writing, including in the piece above. Still, it’s just part of the answer, and I don’t even think that workplace competition is the gist of the problem with 21st century Western women.

    There are other issues with women, and there are multiple other factors as well. Somehow we opened a Pandora’s box 41 years ago, and its varied contents has been airborne and multiplying ever since.

    I am not a Randian. I like some of Rand’s thinking. I am trying to synthesize a way out based on what I consider good ideas borrowed from multiple sources, including from the Orient.

    I disagree partially with the statement, “Human beings are built for short-term finding of advantage and do very poorly in discerning long-run advantage.” The Confucian -Taoist culture does great with discerning long-term advantage. There is no reason why we should not borrow something from it, and I’ll specify in later chapters exactly what. After all, the Chinese, a proud people that sees us as barbarians, had no qualms about borrowing our way of thinking in areas where it was to their advantage.

    There are people who have a mental block with respect to adopting elements of the Oriental culture, though we seem to have no problem adopting so many less attractive parts of the African culture. But for those, there is a great, homegrown American substitute. Read and internalize Ben Franklin’s “Poor Richard’s Almanac.”

  4. A great essay from Tauan Seyko. Five stars, as he’s used us to. Read it all and I was very satisfied.

    I want to highlight also the Nashi/Vashi dualism. How it is sooo common sense and how we’ve losted it. Our lack of nashism is the problem.

    “Those who refuse to be sucked under have only one option: step outside the swamp and construct a new civilization. Or, as we glimpsed in Part 4, an Altneuland — a new civilization that restores and reinvigorates the old one.”

    This is very beautifull and all but the colonisation of Mars is not possible yet. And even if it was, I wouldn’t leave Earth just because it’s a socialist hell. So, unless “we” have already “an Altneuland”, this thinking is useless, in my opinion.

    Yesterday afternoon I turned up the radio and it was playing Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York.
    It used to be the Altneuland: America. Both North or South, but New York had that especial charm as the jewel of all the continent.

    Now we have nothing of the kind. Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Miami, Rio, São Paulo, Buenos Aires… they may be magnets, they may be great places… but we’re not capable of making them the Altneuland’s they once were.

    Sydney? Australia isn’t powerfull enough.
    Moscow and St. Petresburg? They lack the openess but today and in a near future may be the real deal… Let’s see how Northeastern Europe survives the E.U. though (Czech Republic, Poland, the Baltics, maybe Hungary and Slovakia as well).

  5. Reading it all at the Brussels Journal, I came across the following pertinent depiction of modern NewSweden:
    – – – – –
    Leviathan …exists only to perpetuate itself, and it perverts the social contract any way it can in pursuit of that goal. Like the whale sucking in krill for sustenance, it prospers…by sucking in new groups of dependents. Others are imported aliens from all corners of the globe — the foreigner and more primitive the better.

    There is no better way to fatten Leviathan than by importing people useless to the modern economy and hopeless as prospects for melting in Western society. What excitement at the thought of the many more civil servants who will have to be hired per each 1000 newcomers, to administer ever-larger public welfare and wealth-transfer programs![= det asylantindustriella magnumkomplexet].
    New buildings with new roomfuls of new mid-level bureaucrats to requisition and dispense public funds….Massive spending for a million new TV cameras in public places and for surveillance centers where new crime by the new people and by their descendants unto the nth generation (10) can be monitored by new state employees live on TV!…Not to mention that TV surveillance is useful for monitoring everyone.
    What joy at the new labor of instruction in 45 different languages in the proper use of the faucet and the fork and the filling out of forms for public housing and welfare subsidies! Innovative P.R. campaigns [to encourage having free circumcision made at the hospital instead of butchering at the kitchen table and] to discourage [criminalized!] female genital mutilation and honor killings![Instead the girls mother take her daughter to Africa by air to get her butchered up. When found out when they are back, the mother is mildly fined and phew-phewed and the daughter is getting $40.000 in damages paid by the kind taxpayers! Honor killings are no more necessary in the new country — when unwanted the daughter spontaniously falls from a balcony on at least the 4th floor.] New, taxpayer-funded clinics for hymen restoration for Muslim brides or dental implants for African refugees whose teeth were extracted or filed to sharp points by tribal custom!
    Leviathan never sleeps…..Thus doth the giant beast keep busy and growing. No matter that all this activity, the humongous and ultimately bankrupting fiscal and social cost, the diversion of attention and resources, do not generate a single penny in added economic surplus or social value, or elevate the standard of living, culture, or international competiveness of Snatchland. […instead the tax-payers have to cough up $ per year in keeping Leviathan happy and healthy]

  6. Good stuff analyzing the problem seiyo, but it looks as if youve already conceded defeat….to become just another identity victimization group getting crumbs from the Leviathan.

    All is not lost yet.

  7. Real fun article to read if not so tragic in its implications. Good comments as well.

    I take Whiskey’s point about the socialist-Left, and a female majority. But I don’t think that merely a female majority in tandem with a Leftist government acquiescing to women’s demands for social provision has led us to this pass. In human society, and in much else besides, it depends on who wields the power. In human society through the ages, and still in the rest of the non-Western world, women being a majority, does not alter the fact that men have a total monopoly of power. Women over there have to take care not to offend the man.

    I posit that in the West, women’s behaviour at the moment is a consequence of men abandoning their masculinity and adopting a touchy-feely feminine approach. Note, that the same Western women, get all submissive when confronted by aggressive ME men. Witness the silence of feminists re the subjugation of Muslim women in the West.

    In sci-fi tales, the unbearable situation of the Body Snatcher threat is relieved when men go on the warpath. Now why should white men abandon the society they built and build another one – far better to take it back? If white men started on the path of serious civil confrontation, maybe even leading to war, there is no one that can really resist them. Leviathan itself depends on the organised violence that only white men can generate and sustain, and will quickly come to heel. We then will have a situation when men and women will both be happy, rather then the dissatisfaction that is so prevalent in these days of gender confusion.

    The problem as I see it, is that white men as a whole, have simply gone walkabout.

  8. Its not that they have gone on walkabout, but that the Left has orchestrated a collection of other racist, sexist, religionist etc interests that can outvote him.

    And the white man himself has turned on his own civilization via Leftwingism.

    Divided we fall.

    Another side issue, is that the Western Right is Classically Liberal Christian which is tolerant of others and advocates freedoms that are being used to attack that system effectively by those who wish it and them ill. In effect the most tolerant and free societies on Earths own principles of tolerance and freedom are being used to subvert and destroy his tolerant free nations and societies, by the twisted Western Left and their gaggle of worldwide “minority poor victim groups.”

  9. Another side issue, is that the Western Right is Classically Liberal Christian which is tolerant of others and advocates freedoms that are being used to attack that system effectively by those who wish it and them ill. — EV

    OR just lining up at the redistribution gravy train.

  10. Escape velocity

    The Christian tolerant liberal principle did not affect the way white men responded to any challenge in the past. That tolerant principle sat quite comfortably with a strong, vibrant and confident culture.

    It is only in the last few decades that this abandonment of the very civilisation that white men created, has taken place. One can blame the Left, but even the main strategists of the Left were men – Gramsci for one. That is why I posit that Western men abandoned the West, gone walkabout, or worse, turned against men. Either way, it is men who are to blame.

    I firmly believe that if white men want to, they can take back the power, all power, and there is nothing that will have the gumption to get in their way.

  11. So your contention is that if White Male Western Leftists turn away from their treasonous utopian visions then we can recover from this dissasterous turn of events.

    I hope you arent hanging your hat on that hope.

  12. “the most tolerant and free societies on Earths own principles of tolerance and freedom are being used to subvert and destroy his tolerant free nations and societies, by the twisted Western Left and their gaggle of worldwide “minority poor victim groups.”

    I believe this is a well known strategy in many martial arts, to use a much larger opponent’s own weight and inertia against him in various holds and throws.

  13. Yes, a perfect example of this is the reverence for freedom of speech. The Western Conservative reveres this principle, yet the Western Left only reveres that principle for itself (and its allies).

    This can be seen in the Hate Speech law movement, which is basically just the classic poltically correct Gulag Gestapo with a friendlier face…without delving further it seems rather inocuous…who is for Hate Speech?

    And then when you come out against Hate Speech laws as the Thought Gestapo, instead of being branded anti Hate Speech law, anti Thought Police, you are then labeled pro hate speech…a likely hater, racist, fascist…blah blah blah.

    Islam is nothing without the Western Left. The Western Left is the primary enemy of the West.

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