Nazi of the Week

Thanks to the vigilance of our Swedish correspondent LN, a new hotbed of neo-fascist extremism has been unmasked.

I refer, of course, to the feline community. Who would have thought that Felix domesticus, the common house cat, could harbor such blatant Nazi tendencies?

But it seems that under the smarmy purring veneer of the beloved household tabby lies a heart of fascist steel. Check out the irrefutable photographic evidence below:
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Hitler cat

13 thoughts on “Nazi of the Week

  1. I have spent some time trying to decide whether “my” black cat is right wing or left wing.

    She might be quite demanding, but again she has no problem to survive on her own. She might be viewed as somewhat “nazi” by local mice population. But i do not think local squatters – staunch leftists – have any right to vote in my house. I have appointed my cat to check the mice breeding monkey business in my house. She has been given a decent job. Not too demanding. Something she is perfectly qualified for by her own nature and genes. I have never negotiated any peace or war issue with those leftist mice population anyhow. I spoke directly to the cat. It is clearly wrong. I did not speak to the ” majority”.

    She was a foreigner in the beginning. But her keen interest and love of the local mice made her integrate quite well. She meant to speak to this majority folks in direct (using her teeth, charisma and stomach consequently, saving money in my budget), feeling somewhat shy though in front of the biggest mice. She does not like to communicate any message of importance to the rats however.

    Rats are a mystery. They might be clearly more right wing: They do not respect any mice rights, breeding rights of them etc. But taking control of my house seems to be out of question. They are clever enough not to negotiate with me at all. This is undemocratic!

    They clerarly prefer to work for KGB, CIA, Mossad, or even themselves.

    She – “my” cat – might be a sort of deadly prophet to the little mice, they might be kept happy postmortem, but no specific prophethood can be ascribed to her among the rats. It looks more like a deal. The rats might be less convinced of my prophethood anyhow, since I keep everything very clean. It seems I am not a good prophet…unable to raise some public interest, console the rights of the rats, give them real justice.

    Anyhow I do not expect any politologist to classify my house in any meaningful way. It is beyond their reach…

  2. You’ve all got the poor little blighter dead wrong. He’s one of the good guys. That’s Claws von Stauffenberg!

  3. You’re spot-on Earstwhile Gordon. Why the death toll since 2001 from the elderly, ranting white-supremacist faction must be upwards of 5 or 6 now. Whereas, only 50,000 to 100,000 have been slaughtered by Muslim jihadis. Or, if we count Somalia and Sudan, a couple of hundred thousand deaths.

    Since the problems are so similar in scope and the danger they present to civilization, I demand we spend equal amounts of time, money, and other resources to combat them. I further suggest, we approach them, on this comment board and elsewhere, with equal seriousness.

    Thank you, Previously G, for the heads-up.

  4. Actually the racist killing of blacks in Sudan alone by Muslim Arab militias is up to 500,000 and not done yet with millions displaced from their burned out homes, the women raped in front of their husbands before the husbands are killed in a particularly gruesome Muslim ritual way.

    The USA has had numerous “sudden jihad” deaths, including the most recent of a soldier shot in cold blood by a black Muslim convert. Then there are the “honor” killings.

    What was the death toll from the former Gordon’s “real” Nazi?

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