Exit Polls: The PVV Wins Big

The polls closed in the Netherlands about an hour ago. Here’s a breaking-news report from our Flemish correspondent VH with a forecast of the results for Dutch elections for the European Parliament:

Just for your information: Exit polls indicate that the PVV will be the biggest winner of the elections. The PVV might even be the biggest party, or as big as the CDA of the prime minister (whose party will lose substantially, as well as the other government party, the PvdA).

The exact results will appear here.

A quick translation of the exit poll results:

Exit poll: PVV wins elections: four seats

The PVV [of Geert Wilders] is the big winner of the European elections; the party will get four seats in the European Parliament. The Christian Democrats [CDA]) will go down from seven to five seats, the PvdA (Socialists) from seven to four seats.. D66 [center-left appeasers] grows from one seat to three seats. The percentage of voter turnout for the European elections is not bad with 40%.

– – – – – – – –

This is the first forecast of the NOS [government subsidized broadcaster] directly after the closing of polling at 21.00 hours [exit polls].

The big loser of the elections is the PvdA [Socialists, government party]. That party will be reduced from seven to four seats. D66 [center-left appeasers] will win two seats and settles on three seats.

The PVV member of parliament, Sietse Fritsma, reacted excited. But he kept a cool head and suggested that is still is only a prognosis. “It is very encouraging,” said Fritsma.

Labor Party Chairman Ploumen responded with disappointment. She congratulated the PVV on the result. The VVD [center-right] is delighted with the forecast. The damage to that party might be not that bad. “The VVD is back! We were expected to lose, but we fought back. With three seats, I can start in the Euro Group to work for the Netherlands,” said the leader of the VVD list for the European elections, Hans van Baalen.

The turnout was as high as in 2004: 40% of voters voted today.

16 thoughts on “Exit Polls: The PVV Wins Big

  1. Can’t wait for the BNP in Britain results. Does anyone know everything? Wouldn’t be surprised though by a massive elections fraud.

  2. Got my vote for the PVV in today and for 2 relatives on holiday as well.

    But i must say im slightly disappointed actually!

    PVV is doing 30+ seats in the polls. Thats 20% of the available seats in the dutch parlement. That would translate to 5 EP-seats.
    It looks like 4 though.
    And im not too sure PVV has suffered THAT much from the low turnout.

    Now there is a more lefist poll that circulates in Holland wich gives PVV about 26/27 seats in dutch parlement. It looks like they are getting it right if this EP election is anything to go by.

  3. @Felicie

    Some notes on the BNP’s chances …..

    Up until a few weeks ago, the consensus among press and political commentators was that the BNP were likely to get scrape one, possibly 2 or 3 Euro seats – now this has changed to PROBABLY 2 or 3 , piossibly more

    There have been no major press anti-BNP smear stories, nothing whch has stuck anyway, just the usual assertions that there is no room for “extremists” – the public seems to have ignored all of this – the BBC has been remarkably quiet

    The website of the London Daily News was showing this online poll yesterday, quite remarkable (1400 votes cast, BNP at more than 50 percent) – obviously an exaggeration, but certainly bodes well


    The Labour party in the UK is in total meltdown, looks like Brown will be ousted within days, which is desired by most people – they also know a large vote for the BNP would speed this process, a bif incentive for most

    Simon Darby, the deputy leader of the BNP has his own blog, he will be giving live updates throughout the evening (Thurs), but for the moment it will just be exit polls and reports from various areas of the UK, we will not know the results til Sunday

    Simon Darby’s blog


  4. At the current results for the Netherlands, I think PVV will actually take five seats:
    CDA 21% 6
    PVV 18% 5
    Lab 12% 3
    VVD 11% 3
    D66 10% 2
    CU 9% 2
    GL 8% 2
    Soc 7% 2
    Anim 3% 0

    So of the nine parties that could win seats, the most pro-immigration trio (Greens, Labour, left-liberal D66) are at just 30% and seven seats. The more lightly pro-immigration centre (Calvinist CU-SGP, Socialists, Animal Rights) are at 19% and 4, while the most restrictionist (Chr Dem, Liberal, PVV) at 50% and 14 clearly win the poll.

    Also I think the UK elections will result in this way:
    Conservative 24% 23
    UKIP 19% 14
    Labour 14% 10
    Lib Dem 13% 10
    Green 10% 6
    BNP 8% 3
    SNP + PC 4% 2 SNP, 1 PC
    Others 8% 0
    (top other: No2EU about 2-2,5%)

    All in all, a good showing for anti-EU forces. I am hoping the BNP do better.

  5. Yes and German radio told me at night that Wilders is

    “right wing, populist, antiislamic, xenophobic etc. etc.”

    All these stamps as a short message.
    Payed for by every German.

    Wilders might be successful soon – getting so much attention from the wrong people.

  6. @Felipe

    Various European countries vote on different days between 4th and 7th June – UK and Holland was Thurs 4th June, I think Belgium votes on Sunday 7th June

    Reports from the UK suggest an extremely low turnout, about 25 percent, which might be the lowest voter turnout in history! Many were expecting a bigger than usual number, and listening to press reports and media interviews over the past few weeks one had the impression that the voters were literally itching to get the chance to punish the Labour party (and the Conservatives to a certain extent) in the wake of the massive expenses scandal which has engulfed the mainstream parties. Seems this might not have happened, instead voters have simply stayed away.

    Low turnouts always favour the BNP, my party, so fingers crossed for at least one Euro seat, anythng more than that would be an unexpected bonus.

  7. Geert has been doing exceptionally well here in Limburg. In Venlo his home town he got nearly 32% of the vote and in several other large towns like Venlo has beaten the CDA into second place with PvanA into third place.

  8. PVV also the biggest party in Rotterdam and The Hague!!

    But im still disappointed though.
    Wilderstaking just 17% of the vote whereas in most polls he is doing about 20%. And again, im not all that sure PVV suffered from the low turnout.

  9. I can only congratulate Mr Wilders first and foremost but also the dutch people in general. Except for the pedophet fan club then.

    Just saw a piece on the local tv news about it. They managed to round up a bunch dutch pc-people who were mostly appaled of the results. Not that I had expected anything else from our Pravda-tv. Gave me a couple of laughs though. So it wasn’t all that bad. 🙂

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