Electoral Earthquake in the UK

We’ve been talking a lot about Geert Wilders’ triumph in the Netherlands, but the UK elections were even more earth-shaking. Below is a snapshot of yesterday’s results from Sky News:

UK Elections

It’s a total meltdown for Labour. And the increase under “Others” has to be attributed to both UKIP and the BNP (and maybe the SNP, too), but I don’t know the relative proportions.

These are local election results for County councils, with the changes in party control of councils being shown on the left.

Hat tip: Aeneas.

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7 thoughts on “Electoral Earthquake in the UK

  1. There is nothing in these results that will stop the advance of Islam in the U.K. even the S.N.P. have welcomed a Councilor Klashkinov into their party. The only point of interest is the vast majority did not give their mandate to any of the political elite.

  2. I’ve accompained the emission of Sky News live and about an hour ago they showed 30 “things” for the Tories.

    I just did not figure out the English system yet. Counciliours?
    … Just wait for the European elections!

  3. The tories have increased the number of coincillors they have on various county councils around the country. Every county council that was being contested in these local elections is now either Tory or “no overall control”, which means no party has a workable majority. The local elections are often seen as a proxy for how the next general will go so based on this result the tories will return a landslide at the general election next year.

    And it will be next year. Broon won’t give up even a day in control. I pray god he leads the labour party to oblivion.

  4. Assuming the desire for a Tory government is to bring to an end the appeasement and over representation of Islamic issues in U.K. Maybe this link (Conservative Muslim Forum) will determine otherwise, the British political elite of both left and right are transfixed by Islam.

  5. Now is a good time for the British to demand a pledge from Tory leader Cameron to get a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. We just might topple it yet.

    Anyone willing to write this to the newspapers (can’t really do that myself, not being British)?

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