Victory Without Swords in Europe

Below is the relevant portion of a famous speech by Muammar Qaddafi in which he prophesied the inevitable victory of Islam over Europe, without war, through demography:

Thanks to Steen for the tip.

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4 thoughts on “Victory Without Swords in Europe

  1. After the inevitable victory of Islam over Europe there comes the everyday life with muslims ruling supremely and the new thrilling life of being eighter dhimmi or kafir. It is perhaps worth both disgust and horror to be confronted even now with what representatives of that religion of peace and love are capable of.
    On this video a Somali man who found Jesus more attractive than Mohammed is shown getting his head slowly knifed off.
    Allahu Akbar
    Please note! This video is 200% NASTY!


  2. There will be lots of heads to saw off once they achieved that. Don’t know how many will consent with being dhimmis or even convert just to save their own sorry bums though. Personally I prefer to go down fighting or even having my head sawed off although I will do everything to avoid the last option. But becoming a mohammedan myself? Naw, let hell freze over first.

  3. “… or declare war on the Muslims.”

    No need.

    They already declared war on us.

    Starting around 620 A.D.

    Time to fight back, once again, against the totalitarian ideology of Islam, primarily with the mind, since that is Mohammadism’s weakest point.

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