V For Victory

The Dutch are learning to love Big Brother immigrants. That’s according to the latest government study, as reported by an article in De Telegraaf and translated by our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan:

The Dutch are more positive about immigrants

The Hague — Fewer Dutch people have a problem with immigrants. At this moment 35% of the population thinks the Netherlands would be a more pleasant place to live with fewer immigrants. Last year this percentage was 41%.

This was shown in an inquiry by the Social Cultural Planning Bureau (SCP). According to researchers, more and more people see the presence of multiple cultures as an addition to the Netherlands. Last year the percentage was 36%, now it is 44%.

Also, more people indicate we’re on the wrong track regarding immigrants and their integration into the Dutch society. Researchers of the SCP noted citizens are less vocal regarding immigrants the last few months.

The improved feelings regarding immigrants doesn’t have anything to do with the economic crisis. Citizens remain pessimistic about the economy. At the moment about 65%, the same as at the end of last year.

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What’s remarkable is that people with less education notice they are the most vulnerable in an economic crisis. Better-educated people have a bit more trust in the economy. Both groups share a feeling of less trust in large corporations and labor unions.

It’s notable is that none of the people questioned were aware of the extremely somber expectations of the Central Planning Bureau (CPB), which forecasts that the Dutch economy will shrink 3.5% this year.

H. Numan adds this commentary:

V stands for Victory, for Germany is winning on all fronts!

This slogan was thought up by the German propaganda department in the Netherlands during WW2. They plastered it on every available wall. Nobody believed it, of course. It sounded somewhat hollow after 1943.

Our present government hasn’t learned a bit from it. In order to be effective, propaganda has to be somewhat believable.

Picture this piece of propaganda against reality: the PVV currently polls at 33 seats in parliament. Not only that, the expectation is that the peak hasn’t yet been reached.

3 thoughts on “V For Victory

  1. This is typical liberal behaviour – they think wishing for things is sufficient for them to happen.

  2. Having just seen an optimistic news report from NOS here in the Netherlands about the popularity of Barack Obama, I knew that the ratings statistics they recited did not jive with reality.

    They chose selective portions to show Obama had high 60’s support and low 20’s disapproval. With my Dutch relatives around it was frustrating to see the Dutch left watering the pro-Obama flower yet again.

    Rasmussen in the US shows something different… 34% of the nation’s voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-two percent (32%) Strongly Disapprove.

    Another program on the lefty Dutch AVRO broadcaster a few evenings ago featured a mock court case played out to determine if Wilders was guilty of three offences: being a danger to Dutch society; a denigrator of Dutch parliament; and whether he was guilty of discrimination.

    Of course this pre-cooked and deceitful presentation was yet another attempt to dictate terms of surrender to the average Dutch viewer on the correct and politically acceptable view as perceived by the left.

    The verdict… Wilders was Guilty on the first and third count, but innocent on the second. He apparently still has a right to say what he wants in parliament. For how long, who knows?

    For the Dutch media… it’s all just fine… no real dissent against Obama is acceptable, yet plenty of hate against Wilders.

    Meanwhile Europe continues to burn while the European media fiddles.

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