9 thoughts on “The Destruction of Dutch Culture

  1. They need a little help with their English and it would have been better to have the dialogue subtitled but a commendable effort at unvarnished truth nevertheless.

    What is truly brain-wracking is understanding how Dutch leaders came to see their first duty toward Muslim foreigners instead of to the people who elected them. Why do they genuflect to a barbaric culture instead of promoting their own advanced culture?

    It can’t be just for Saudi money, can it? Something strange has happened. Apparently after prolonged socialism, one has mental breakdown and a desire to commit cultural genocide against one’s own people.

  2. laine – exactly the same questions apply to Britain and I guess to the majority of the rest of Western European nations. Conspiracy? But to what end? I really do not understand the logic of it either.

  3. I agree with Laine above – I need help with the dialogue – it would help to have the film subtitled.

    Noting also, the blaring absence of any mention of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Geert Wilders.

  4. I think “duty towards foreigners first” is a feature of most Western societies.

    It’s common here in the US for example. I think it’s due to elites being both disconnected and very hostile to the people they supposedly represent.

  5. The PvdA, probably the most evil of Dutch political parties (labour) needs these imported analphabetics to stay in power. And CDA, the christian party, isn’t much better, as they have no principles at all and just follow who happens to be their coalition partner at the time.

    They’ll get their votes anyway, as the unthinking religious will vote for them because, well, they are christians. And hey, maybe they’ll get the chance to throw in some christian fundamentalism if they promote islam; you never know.

    Politicians are morally bankrupt, socialism is a brain disease. As is the motto of my blog: The average lifetime of a democracy is about 200 years. The Dutch democracy has reached that age, and has long stop to be a democracy.

    While democracy in itself is evil enough, what we have here is much worse: a totalitarian mob, acting opposite to the promises on which they were elected (stupid voters) and controlled by Beatrix, daughter of the founder of Bilderberg. Still, you’ll find most Dutchmen assure you that yes, they live in a democracy.

    Boiling frogs, or dumb sheep, being led to the slaughter. Because of their blindness (stupidity) they refuse to open their eyes to see what’s going on.

    As Ayn Rand once said: You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore its consequences. And the consequences will be dire. But since the majority refuses to act, the minority that’s awake is powerless.

    Geert’s star is rising, but like Pim Fortuyn’s (who was slaughtered today, 7 years ago) the people that support Geert do not do so out of moral conviction, but merely out of dissatisfaction.

    And that’s a very volatile substance. Combined with collective Alzheimer, it ensures that the average voter will change views in a jiffy, as soon as someone promises him/her a bigger piece of the loot, extorted from the working class.

  6. Will the last Dutchman/woman out of Holland please open the dikes!

    Appalling! What can the politicians be thinking? This is collective suicide!

    Thank you gates of Vienna, I’ve read your blog frequently.

  7. Unless and until the people themselves start to take action nothing will change. If they don’t find the will and the courage to fight politically and physically then they will be finished and merely the first domino in a long line of them.

  8. Tghe secular elite simply thinks that they are invincible. They think that they have got it made and there can be no issues of struggle for survival for the west in the 21st century. Thus, they can’t image the coming into being of the Emirate of Holland (a bona-fide theocracy.) they are also snowed because islamists have found ways to make 21st. centurty tactics and strategies Shariah-compliant.

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