Obama’s Credit Card — It’s For Everyone

The reports about the Obamas’ indebtedness before she acquired her big hospital salary (for a job they didn’t fill after she left), and the fact that they lived way beyond their means by using re-financed mortgage money has led to this piece of political satire.

Let’s see if You Tube permits it to remain..

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7 thoughts on “Obama’s Credit Card — It’s For Everyone

  1. Good one.

    I only pitty the race of the dog. Portuguese Water Dogs are not common here in central and Northern Portugal but they are a fine race and somewhat common in Southern Portugal where they work as dogs should, helping fisherman and being great company dogs. They are smart dogs, good dogs.

    Unfortunetly, we can now see dogs of this great race being held in a “gayish” fashion, sometimes even dressed, it’s sad.
    This once great race will pursue the gayish path of the Poodle…


  2. They’ve been showing this on Fox News every day or so. I’m so glad I can show my friends what keeps causing me to break into hysterics. Thanks for posting this, Dymphna.

    I noticed the RNC doesn’t delete comments like the White House’s YouTube channel. Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

  3. Oh, by the way, Afonso, if you’ll permit me to correct a bit of your English: I think you mean to use the word “breed”, not “race”. When talking about different types of cats or dogs, that’s the term we use.

    But really, your English overall is quite good and I hope you don’t take offense to my comment 🙂

  4. Offense? Are you kidding me Natalie? I even thank you! Correct me whenever you think apropriate!
    I’ve had little to no contact with English this last month or two which actually means no one to correct me at all. So, you kind of come out as a sort of blessing 🙂

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