Jet Lag

Although suffering from serious jet lag, I’m back in the saddle here again. It will take me a while to catch up.

Counterjihad Copenhagen 2009I must admit that I was not entirely candid in describing my recent absence as a “business trip”; I have actually been in Denmark for the past week taking part in the Counterjihad Copenhagen 2009 conference. This was a working meeting of bloggers and activists, as opposed to a symposium of well-known speakers; hence the lack of publicity. In addition to the meeting itself, some of the participants went to Sweden and spent a day touring Malmö and Lund, with special attention paid to Herrgården in Rosengård.

I took a lot of photos, and will publish a full report in due course (possibly later today).

Thanks to the folks who were so generous with their donations to help make the trip possible. You all know who you are!

It will take me a long time to catch up with all the email. Please be patient, and remember that I may never actually get to some of the messages. If it was really important and you don’t hear from me within a few days, send it again.

Oh, by the way — it seems that a disgruntled reader kicked Dymphna down the front stairs while I was gone. I must have forgotten to tell you not to do that.

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9 thoughts on “Jet Lag

  1. Welcome home Baron! Totally understand about your recent travels and will patiently wait for your reports and pictures. Time very well spent, no doubt. Dymphna did a wonderful job while you were gone and enjoyed her writing and style! A tip of the hat to her, and more if I could. Appreciate both of you and your works!!!

  2. Seconded. I haven’t commented much but I always enjoy Dymphna’s writings. 🙂

    Now I look forward to reading all about everything I missed in Copenhagen. I’ll get there one day…

  3. Glad you got home safely. It was great to meet up with you again in Denmark. I hope that you are cured of the jet lag soon.

  4. Welcome back BB. I must say however that whenever you take off for a spell I always suspect that it is probably Counter Jihad related. And kudos to Dymphna for being a trooper and doing a bang up job in your absence broken bones and all.

  5. You were in Denmark?? That’s amazing… you ought to have told us–we were wondering where you were 😉

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