Video of Vlaams Belang in Copenhagen

Steen has posted videos of Filip Dewinter and Frank Vanhecke at last Saturday’s Trykkefrihedsselskabet meeting in Copenhagen. Fortunately for most of our readers, the proceedings were in English.

The first video features Filip Dewinter:

The video of Frank Vanhecke is below the jump:
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11 thoughts on “Video of Vlaams Belang in Copenhagen

  1. vandenboom —

    As you may have noticed, this is an English-language blog. Comments in other languages are welcome as long as the commenter supplies a complete translation into English.

    Based on a machine translation, your comment looked harmless enough. However, the result was too garbled for me to be certain.

    You are welcome to re-post it along with a complete translation.

  2. I love Filip Dewinter. Just putting it out there.

    Also, did you notice that LGF has linked to this post? It’s through a tinyurl link, but still.

  3. Natalie: I didn’t notice. I rarely visit LGF these days. I just don’t see the point. As I mentioned before, the simplest explanation for his behavior is that he always has been a Leftist at heart and is now simply reverting to form. I don’t think we need to assume that he has been bought, as some people suggest. I actually take it as a compliment that he has spent so much energy trying (and failing) to discredit me. It means that I am doing something useful. I am smarter than him, and he knows it.

    And I don’t see this as a “civil war.” It’s over. He lost and is now considered a clown in large parts of the blogosphere. We are doing just fine.

  4. Fjordman, I’m sure you know enough about me to realise that I do not visit LGF for the sheer fun of it. 😉 My motivation for visiting is more along the lines of that saying that goes something like, know your friends well, know your enemies better. I like to know what my rivals are saying so that I can effectively refute them because staying silent seems too much like assent to me.

    Also, to everyone else: why did Charles link to this post by using a tinyurl link? Did he just not want to show up as the referrer in a site counter? And why? I mean, Gates of Vienna will still be getting traffic. I’m just confused, or missing something. Or both. With Charles, you just never know…

  5. Natalie —

    Yes, I think he intended to disguise the fact that he was linking to us by employing this indirection. But it didn’t work, because the link is passed straight through to our site meter by TinyURL and appears as a referral. As soon as he posted it, the referrals from LGF started coming in.

    From such a renowned web-tech genius, that was a singularly inept bit of camouflage.

    The saddest thing of all is how little traffic is generated by it. It’s not like it used to be a couple of years ago, when an LGF link would make our site meter jump like a startled cat.

    In fact, it’s not all that different than a link from Little Door… 😉

  6. Baron: I remember in the very, very distant past when GoV was a much smaller blog which had a far better relationship with LGF. Every time Charles linked to this site there was a HUGE spike in traffic. Dymphna used to refer to this as an “LGF minaret.” That has a different ring to it today…..

    There is no huge spike in traffic now because GoV is larger than it was back then while LGF is shrinking. By all means, it is still a significantly larger website than GoV, but less so compared to Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrugs.

  7. Interesting conversation as I am considering removing LGF from my blogroll. It has been a long time since I read anything useful or interesting at that site. The posts are mainly about how he hates GOV, Atlas, Spencer,… If I bother reading any of these posts, he resorts to childish name calling. Even more disgusting is to read the comments, because they all just parrot the post. Since you brought up the fact that this referral resulted in so little traffic, I have to wonder if many of the LGF comments are simply written by Charles under disguised names.

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