How Are We to Know How to Act if We Don’t Know Who We Are?

Takuan Seiyo has written Part 10 in his series “From Meccania to Atlantis”. The latest episode is entitled “Tale of the Two Buglers”, and may be read at the Brussels Journal. Some excerpts are below:

The Dutch MP Geert Wilders has spoken often of the dangers Europe faces from Muslim colonizers. He has described a parallel society out of bounds for indigenous Europeans, governed by deeply alien customs, oppression of women, tribal violence, and sharia justice according to a 7th century moral code. He has cited thousands of mosques across Europe, European cities that are already one-quarter Muslim, Muslim majorities in the under-18 bracket, and Muslims as 25% of Europe’s population by 2020.

Wilders evokes the self-imposed falsification of the European culture in order to accommodate Muslim sensibilities: the banishment of pigs from children’s literature and school menus, the avoidance of bedrock Western authors like Voltaire, Diderot and Darwin, and the burying of inconvenient history like the Holocaust. He has talked about the self-imposed avoidance of prosecuting Muslims for violent crimes against women, homosexuals, Jews, Muslim apostates, the police, bus drivers, even ambulance workers.

Muslims do not come to integrate in Europe, but to force Europe to integrate in Islam. And the traitor class that rules Europe is happy to oblige, says this European politician.

“Muslims demand what they call ‘respect’. [snip] Our élites are willing to give in. To give up. Surrender. [The Netherlands has] gone from calls by one cabinet member to turn Muslim holidays into official state holidays, to statements by another cabinet member, that Islam is part of Dutch culture, to an affirmation by the Christian-Democratic attorney general that he is willing to accept sharia in the Netherlands if there is a Muslim majority. [snip] Politicians shy away from taking a stand against this creeping sharia. They believe in the equality of all cultures.

Wilders has become the West’s bugler, calling Reveille morning, noon and midnight to Western peoples intent on deep torpor even when it’s time to rise and confront Islam’s menace. He has trained the public spotlight on the Koran’s incitement to hatred, murder, terrorism and submission of the infidel.

Wilders has pointed out that Muhammad, as a warlord, mass murderer and pedophile [ibid.] could have given rise only to a religion that doubles as a totalitarian system intent on world domination, holy war, cruel archaic law, slavery of women, and theocracy.

But perhaps the most important part of Geert Wilders’s wake-up call is in his reminding that there is no such thing as moderate Islam. To Muslims, every word in the Quran is Allah’s word and therefore not open to interpretation or amendment. It is binding for every Muslim for all times, even though it was written by a 7th century barbarian desert dweller.

– – – – – – – –


Wilders sees hope only in the people, abandoned though they are by their elites and opposed by the entire political, legal and media establishment. He adduces as proof the public opinion shift in the Netherlands relative to the mass immigration of Muslims, the growth of his own PVV party and of immigration restrictionist parties elsewhere in Europe. And he sees the establishment of an American-style Freedom of Speech and the abolition of “Hate Speech” laws as the way for “the voices of anti-Islamization [to] swell like a mighty chorus across Europe.”

Perhaps. But criticism of the unhinged behavior of the West’s Muslims may already be seen in the media, and it’s muddled, timid and obfuscatory. Eight years after 9/11, after Theo Van Gogh and the Muslim doctors’ plot in Glasgow, and the London Subway plot, and the Muslim pizza commandos in New Jersey, and the Pakistani-American Ph.D. in neuroscience and mother of three who worked for Al Qaeda, and numerous other cases of Muslim immigrant foes imbedded deeply in Western science and security institutions, and a Somali with a Canadian passport found dead in August 2008 with a pound of extremely toxic sodium cyanide in a Denver hotel room, and other American Somalis disappearing and resurfacing on the battlefields of Afghanistan, and British Muslims foaming at the mouth at British soldiers returning from Iraq, a Telegraph article about hostile Western Muslims, ends with the silly whimper, “If the West wants to prevent further terror attacks, we must first distinguish between those who are on our side, and those who are not.”

This is pitiful, and it’s 25 years too late. What about the 60+ million — soon to be 100 million — legal 1st and 2nd generation Muslims already in the West? What about the possibility that it’s not Islam but Muslims that are the problem? After all, 1400 years of following an unchanged totalitarian dogma and marrying each other’s cousin, and 500 years of disdaining science and creativity, has at least as much to do with the character of a people as its religion does.

The strange dimensions of Bodysnatcherland can be seen even in Finland. According to statistics quoted by a Finnish blog, Somalis, who constitute 0.2% of Finland’s population, commit 12% of reported robberies. The Somali community in Finland, of course, lives at the taxpayers’ expense just as is does in every Western country where it’s present.

To import Somalis to such a singularly unmixed white and monocultural nation as Finland is a symptom of a galloping psychopathology. Not only that; the Finnish legal establishment actively prosecutes ethnic Finns who publish politically incorrect statements about Islam or Muslims. A blogger named Seppo Lehto was sentenced to long imprisonment and a large fine for “incitement against an ethnic group” and “disturbing religious worship.” To do this, the Finnish Body Snatchers had to dig up a blasphemy law so old that the first attempt to overturn it was made in 1914. And now, a Helsinki councilman and blogger Jussi Halla-aho will be tried for blasphemy, for having written that Muhammad was a pedophile.

Predictably, True Finns is the fastest growing political party in Finland. But who knows how much of the true is left to be rescued.


Jihad is not the cause. It’s a symptom. Aggressively separatist Muslim communities in the West are not the cause. They are a symptom.

The symptom, in the West, is as old as the Goths and the Huns. But the disease is as old as the end of the Roman Empire, and before that, the Babylonian one. Flowering followed by decadence, followed by a partial population replacement with imported barbarians, followed by chaos, internal war, and wilting.

Addressing the solipsistic degeneracy of the American Empire and the despairing self-asphyxiation of post-national Europe are a precondition for disposing of the symptom. Fighting the symptom as if it were disembodied cannot bring cure, since the body’s maimed autoimmune system recognizes Islam and Muslims as its own, and its own — the anti-Islamization dissident — as the invading disease.

It should be none of our business whether Muhammad was a pedophile, nor should we be digging for damning quotes in the Koran or making damning movies about Islam. That we do so is the normal and spontaneous reaction of the scant remains of Western society’s nearly atrophied autoimmune system. It’s the autoimmune rejection of a foreign and deeply incompatible substance, forcibly injected into the West’s body as though phenol into a vein by the West’s insane ruling shamans.


The doctrine of separation from Islam has several champions now, who differ in some details but all agree on what that Polish bugler expressed in 1241: close the city gates. Lawrence Auster defined Separationism as per these points:

  • Islam is a mortal threat to our civilization.
  • We cannot destroy Islam.
  • We cannot democratize Islam.
  • We cannot assimilate Islam.
  • Therefore the only way to make ourselves safe from Islam is to separate ourselves from Islam.

What this separation entails is a subject that Islam experts like Hugh Fitzgerald, and truthful thinkers about the condition of the West like Fjordman, Lawrence Auster and Srdja Trifkovic have written much about. Other worthy commentators like Steve Sailer and Diana West have also put forth worthy ideas.


But we have undergone a massive population replacement, not only through an infusion of some 100 million+ Muslim and other Third World aliens, but also through the replacement of at least 300 million of our own people’s brains with synthetic legume pods manufactured in true global-economy fashion by the firm Gramsci, Adorno & Said, whose local franchises have been operating for decades in every school and university in every Western country. How are we to absorb our history if there is no we? How are we to know how to act if we don’t know who we are?

Read the rest at the Brussels Journal.

5 thoughts on “How Are We to Know How to Act if We Don’t Know Who We Are?

  1. Listen carefully to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Pay equal attention to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

    If you have any doubts please consult Claudio Monteverdi or Antonio Vivaldi.

    The response “who we are” comes in a very comforting natural way.

    Since you listened until now to the “music”, your freedom of speech will be perfect. Say it loudly. Thanks.

  2. Muslims do not come to integrate in Europe, but to force Europe to integrate in Islam. And the traitor class that rules Europe is happy to oblige, says this European politician.

    “Muslims demand what they call ‘respect’.

    In light of this: “You can tell who is in charge of a society by noticing who is allowed to get angry.”
    Harvey Mansfield

  3. About Seppo Lehto, he got his sentence mainly because of blatant defamations and slanders against other peoples. He has made literally hundreds of blogs about people he do not like, where he posts pornographic images, and tells for example that they are h*mos, l*sbians, do sex with animals etc..

    He has done this for years, and got many convictions, typically fines and probations.

    After quite a many years doing this, patience of judicial system worned out, and they tried him of nearly everything they could to put him this time really behind bars.

    Blasphemy and inciment against folk group charges are only small part of conviction. Mainly he got prison time because of blatant slanders and defamation (törkeä kunnianloukkaus in Finnish criminal code), and because of his former probational sentences were converted to hard time.

    Seppo Lehto, is on no way innocent martyr.

    Btw. I am currently charged too like Jussi Halla-aho, on incinement againts folk group witch hunt charges.

  4. The problem is not Islam per se. It is an opportunistic infection of the body politic.

    Rather, it is the war, somewhat eternal, between elites and the non-elites in the West.

    What changed, is that the elites are now transnational elites, and their ability to find demographic dominance through the following:

    1. Status games of the young lasting twenty years as marriage and family is either delayed or non-existent.

    2. Women falling almost exclusively into Leftism due to status games determining pretty much everything in #1 above.

    3. Critical importance of non-Whites voting aligned with the Elites against the populist factions.

    What Western politics has been for the last 50 years or so is anti-populist. There is generally a bit of anti-populism in the West, often needed, but this is unbalanced due to technology enabling women to part of the Elite crowd en-masse.

    In Europe, Islam and Muslims are critical allies against the White working/middle class men the Elite coalition opposes.

    One can bugle all one wants, but it will do nothing unless Women or some other group can be peeled off that coalition and attached to the populists to give overwhelming demographic dominance.

    I am not optimistic on that score.

  5. One thing I’ve noticed is that the most vocal opponents of islam seem to be muslim women who have moved to the West. Iranian and Turkish women, in particular, seem to be willing to speak out against the brutality and barbarity of this desert dogma; perhaps this is because they are better educated. Whatever the reason, I think that these ex-muslim women exercising their new found freedom are one of the best weapons that the West has against islam and creeping Sharia.

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