Greetings From Rapestan

Iron maidenFjordman has written on numerous occasions about the unprecedented rape wave that has swept Scandinavia, especially Norway and Sweden, during the last few years.

Most of the rapes are committed by Third World immigrants, many of them Muslims. But the authorities consistently downplay the problem — if they don’t ignore it entirely. It is seen as a cultural issue, and rather than expect the criminals to be arrested and imprisoned, young women are asked to accommodate themselves to the horrific new conditions. Their appearance and manner is “provocative” to a certain subset of immigrant males, so it’s necessary for the natives be understanding of the cultural differences that make the newcomers behave in such a pathological fashion.

Our Swedish correspondent Henrik W. has translated two new articles related to the Swedish rape wave. The first concerns a gang of immigrant rapists in Södertälje who were caught by the police. The second describes an unusual new crime-prevention strategy: rape-resistant panties.

Concerning the first article, Henrik W. says:

I’m submitting two Swedish articles that serve well to highlight one of the drastic changes in Swedish society in recent decades — the explosive increase in rapes, whose numbers have grown in lockstep with immigration numbers from North Africa and the Middle East.

First is a report about an organized rapists’ ring from Södertälje — a city which is second only to Malmö in terms of the proportion of immigrants among the inhabitants. It’s taken from LT (Länstidningen), the regional daily for Södertälje.

Here’s his translation from Länstidningen:

Police bust a rapists’ ring

SÖDERTÄLJE The police have busted a rapists’ ring specializing in raping young girls in Södertälje. Seven men have been arrested and the investigation is still growing. Several teenage girls have fallen victim to the gang during the last two years. As of today there are four known victims between the age of 13 and 16, but the police fear the number will increase. “I have charged six people in two separate cases of rape and rape of minors and I’m currently reviewing a third case which is still under police investigation,” says public prosecutor Marie-Louise Pettersson.

In addition, the police are now reviewing the many unresolved cases from last year to see if they have a connection with the rapists’ ring — LT has learned that at least one such case is considered to match. It concerns a rape last spring when a young woman was dragged into a car in Lina [a suburb]. According to sources within the investigation, the perpetrator belongs to the rapists’ ring.

It was when four of the gang members, 20 to 23 years of age, were arrested on February 23rd that everything started to unravel. In March two more men, 19 and 21 years of age, were apprehended and arrested. Last Sunday the seventh man was arrested on suspicion of aggravated rape of yet another teenage girl. All seven are members of the same association in Södertälje — and three of them are Swedish citizens.

– – – – – – – –

LT has reported on the two first cases earlier, but then there was no indication of how systematically the gang had gone about their business. According to the police, association members and restaurant employees forwarded information about teenage girls they came into contact with during weekend nights to the members of the rapist gang. In some cases, the men stalked the girls on the street. The girls were lured to come to parties where they were plied with alcohol — parties that ended in multiple aggravated gang rapes.

The rapes, according to LT’s sources, were committed in a condemned building in Hovsjö [another Södertälje suburb] where the only furniture was a mattress. In other cases, the girls were dragged or lured into cars the men had borrowed or stolen and were then taken to the Eklundsnäs bath in Hovsjö, where the rapes were committed. The police have secured DNA and sperm samples in two cars. The girls have testified that the men took turns raping them while the other members of the rapists’ ring held them down.

The technical evidence is overwhelming, according to the police. “But that doesn’t stop them from denying everything,” says Marie-Louise Pettersson who will confront the first four men in the municipal court of Södertälje on Thursday. She has charged them with aggravated rape, carrying a minimum 4 year prison sentence. In addition, the men risk expulsion from Sweden.

Henrik W. adds these remarks:

There are some things of note in this press report — first off, it is absolutely unique in Swedish MSM reporting in that it explicitly mentions the fact that the men are not Swedes, by informing us not only that some of the rapists risk expulsion, but also by mentioning that a few are “Swedish citizens”, which is a MSM code phrase for immigrants — native Swedes are never referred to as Swedish citizens by the media.

Secondly, by mentioning the associations, it immediately becomes clear that these perpetrators are non-Swedes: in Södertälje, as in many other Swedish cities, taxpayers pay a very significant contribution to “immigrant associations” which work with “cultural issues, combating structural racism in Swedish society”, and provide a meeting place for immigrants. They also provide something to do during the day for the groups from the Middle East and North Africa, which are overwhelmingly unemployed and living off welfare.

All in all, perhaps in desperation, this is the clearest reporting on the identity of criminal perpetrators with a foreign background that I have ever seen in Swedish media.

As a counterpoint, here is an article from the Gothenburg daily GT (check out the image that goes with the article!):

The panties that will protect against rape

GOTHENBURG Here are the panties that will stop a rapist. Designer Marina Edvardsson has several friends who were victims of rapes, and felt she wanted to do something. “You have to start somewhere and I wanted to develop a self-defense item that was effective and user-friendly at the same time,” she says to

The panties are designed to make rape more difficult — they are simply very difficult to remove. They bring medieval chastity belts to mind.

Experts are skeptical

But only a very small part of all rapes are so-called assault rapes. And even if several studies show it pays off when the assaulted woman fights back and makes things difficult for the assailant, experts question the value of the panties. “It’s dubious whether this invention will really prevent crime,” says Niklas Långström, sex crime researcher and head of the Center for Violence Prevention at Karolinska Institutet (The Stockholm Medical Institute) to

Henrik W. offers this final comment:

This is more in line with normal Swedish media reporting on the issue — while experts question the efficacy of these panties, no reference at all is made to why rape figures are exploding in Sweden and what other preventive measures the Swedish society might contemplate to stem the raising tide of rape.

And Dymphna asked to add a few remarks:

Several things come to mind in reading these stories.

In Western culture, we see rape as deviant behavior and the rapist as having a deep characterological flaw. We “work with” rapists in therapy groups after they get out of prison. We particularly see serial rapists as the most deviant and degraded and push for life sentences for such men. Notice that Western rapists often kill their victims.

These immigrant rapes do not seem “pathological” in our Western sense. They do not violate the norms of the rapists’ cultures. Women, particularly those outside the community fold, exist to be used in whatever fashion the culture deems acceptable. In fact, the rapists’ behavior is encouraged by others in their cohort who give them information on random women who seem to be likely candidates for forced sexual intercourse.

In other words, these men know that they violate the law of their host country, but they do not see themselves as having done anything wrong. In fact, they are no doubt praised for their prowess. And if the politically correct multiculturalists take their own beliefs to their logical conclusion, they must support the behavior of these men because it is culturally okay where they come from.

Both Western rapists, who compulsively attack women, and immigrant rapists, who do it because they can, share a hatred of women. But we would call our Western rapist a psychopath if he fails to feel any remorse about his crime. I’m not sure that “diagnosis” can apply to immigrants whose world view is so out of alignment with the surrounding culture.

It would be a major error on the part of the justice system in Sweden if they applied Western standards to these men. I haven’t had enough time to consider what the appropriate response would be but business as usual isn’t going to resolve this problem. In fact it may worsen the situation.

As for the steel underwear, forget it. A woman wearing something like that is going to be severely hurt when the rapists get her to Ground Zero. Either they will cut her as they cut off those chastity belts, or they could kill her in a fit of rage. Surely women can see that? Or maybe their own Western prejudices about men blind them to the new reality.

Whatever. Those underpants are a sand-poundingly stupid idea. Someone stop that woman before she puts more girls and women at risk. And nothing is more dangerous than a false sense of safety.

The situation of living with a large immigrant population means that women must be vigilant in the future. The good old days are over. The Swedish men they so disdain wouldn’t engage in the rapists’ behavior and women know that. Evidently understanding the nature of the new guys in town must have a steep learning curve.

But how can they learn when the authorities are silent? No one is informing them of the risks and dangers of their old feminist “I can take care of myself” mentality. No you can’t, not against a whole group of men.

Time for the government to fork over some money for women’s community halls where they can learn what they’re up against. Otherwise, women will continue to be raped and the incidence of rape will continue to rise. You can safely bet that it’s already under-reported as it is.

13 thoughts on “Greetings From Rapestan

  1. Where are all the feminist groups?
    In the UK there are loads of feminist groups campaigning for all sorts of issues, and I’m sure it’s the same in every European country.
    So why are these feminist groups allowing this issue to be swept under the carpet?
    It is exactly this clash of liberal ideals that will bring down the house of cards that our liberal ‘masters’ have built for us. The only question the feminist have to ask themselves, to get the ball rolling, is ‘are the rights of immigrant groups more important than the rights of women to feel safe?’.

  2. Feminist groups, by and large, have decided that immigrants and women are fellow victim groups to white, heterosexual, imperialist patriarchy. Therefore, insomuch as this gets any official feminist attention, it’s always the “men are guilty” angle that gets played, and even so much as mentioning culture or religion gets furious condemnation as racism and islamophobia.

    I can’t help but to wonder how high the rape statistics will have to climb before women as a group and feminists in particular start questioning the party line. One of the universal statistics everywhere in the west is that male support for immigration-skeptic parties overwhelms female support for them, often by better than 4:1 ratios.

  3. Chemical castration was proposed in Czech Republic for sex offenders. And guess what – the rapist EU is concerned about the “dignity” of the offenders.

  4. DC covers most of this. I will only add that the feminist organisations oftenly also embrace the gay/lesbian/bi/trans-(vestite or sexual)-crowd. It’s a bit ironic to say at least that the muslims don’t care too much about these sexual minorities. Still they are allied with these and they all fall silent to gangrapes against white females or honor-killings, people they should take under their wings instead.

  5. What the counter jihad needs are teams that act like ‘handlers’ for the pressure groups, without the groups ever realising.
    By force feeding information that is relevant to them, but more importantly is also relevant to us, we could galvanise the targeted group in to taking action.
    Are there any such teams?

  6. If and when Swedish men started to take the law into their hands, things will change dramatically.

    It is easy to do, and is very easy to justify, as they will be doing the most natural of all manly things – defending “our” women.

  7. It is fundamental to any decent sort of human life that men defend their women, by force if necessary.

    This has been universally acknowledged by all people in all places for all of human memory.

    The problem in Scandinavia exposes the gross inadequacy of “feminism” to protect women from true brutality.

    “Feminism” may be useful for getting lady politicians into political office, or even into the upper echelon of government controlled establishments (corporations, schools, etc.) in an environment of mild and compliant men. But it is utterly useless for getting an ordinary woman down the street in the presence of real brutes.

    If the alleged males of Scandinavia don’t rear up on their hind legs and act like men, this atrocity will only grow and worsen.

  8. DP & Joe:

    In Scandinavia, the public is _strongly_ encouraged not to interfere with crime in progress, beyond calling the police. In the cases were people have tried to stop beatings/rapes/murders, what passes for a justice system has happily meted out severe sentences to discourage “vigilantism”, especially when the original perpetrators are members of an underprivileged ethnic or religious groups.

    I can say that I would pull out all stops to defend my wife or my daughter, I would certainly never do anything about a rape of some random woman – sorry, but I refuse to go to prison for years and pay punitive damages to the rapists. Women have been instrumental behind the principles of our new criminal justice. I’m afraid they’ll have to reap the whirlwind, as it were, as a class.

    Women, overwhelmingly, support and abet the multiculturalist parties which treat all criticism of massive islamic immigration as “racism” and “islamophobia”. It’s not clear to me why men, as a class, should both shoulder the condemnation as racists and islamophobes and simultaneously take it upon themselves to protect the most zealous supporters of multiculturalism from the effects of multiculturalism. Perhaps it is time that women got off their posteriors and started protest the islamization of society? Objectively speaking, they have far more to lose than men.

  9. @derailed cluetrain.

    Spot on analysis.

    I suggest that readers frequent the pages of The Local, a Swedish paper that has a version in English. When I first started reading it, I was amazed by the openly dismissive arrogance of Swedish women toward their men.

    I still don’t understand its origins but it can’t be good for them or for their targets — i.e., Swedish men.

    One study I remember particularly stated that women thought Swedish men were generally more stupid than women. How’s that for a unicorn reality?

    They remind me of the aggressive feminists of the 1970s-80s here. Only we’re a rowdier society, so there was more room to fight back.

    I don’t think Swedish women have suffered the fate feminists here.

    The latter do wield some power in academia and p.c. circles, but it’s really a ghetto. In the wider world of American culture, men are fighting back, though it’s an uphill struggle.

    Google men’s rights blogs and get two million hits.

    Here’s one:

    Men’s Awareness

    One serious issue is the pervasive anti-male “comedy” on TV, both programs and commercials. On You Tube they have a number of examples where men are always made to look like idiots. This is supposed to be amusing.

    Women in Sweden need to take self-defense courses. They need to travel in large groups and they need to understand that when four men are after you, men who don’t give a hoot about you or your culture, then your feminist beliefs are irrelevant.

    I wonder what the tipping point will be?

  10. Swedish society is feminized, sort of a Happy Valley of the Shmoos, who appeared in the Lil Abner comic strip. Shmoos were completely pacific and were happiest when they could make others happy, including immolating themselves in people’s soup pots when asked. Needless to say, they were a poor fit for a world of hard knocks and best off hidden in their own valley, isolated from the unkind and unscrupulous.

    OK. Swedish women and what passes for men have their defenseless feminized society. So what do they do? They cast about the world for the culture that has the worst record on women’s rights including physical harm and import large unassimilable numbers of this predator culture.

    Then Swedes suppress news of the predictable depredations and keep voting for the same suicidal policies.

    Really, shouldn’t Swedish women just be lying back and thinking of how non-racist they are or some other uplifting thought? They certainly are not altering their behavior at the ballot box to approximate sanity.

    It is difficult to imagine how a society this masochistic that goes out of its way to import and protect a sadistic match could turn things around. There’s something very loose in the caboose there.

    Since Sweden has always been held up as the leading socialist Utopia, it seems that this is socialism’s natural endpoint – they’re so open-minded their brains fell out.

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