Fogh on Video

Thanks to a prompt YouTubing job by Vlad Tepes, here’s Anders Fogh Rasmussen speaking earlier today in Turkey. Listen for yourself and see what you think:

I haven’t changed my opinion: at best it’s mealy-mouthed pandering to Muslims. At worst, it’s a total cave.


And coming from a Dane!

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7 thoughts on “Fogh on Video

  1. Hey, give him a break, he’s got a dislocated shoulder. Thus he’s flying on some kind of mind-altering pain medication. Having had the same injury, I guarantee you he’s on something or he wouldn’t be speaking in whole sentences.

    Notice how he keeps licking his lips? That’s the horrible “dry mouth” effect of those darn drugs.

    Up until about 3:32 in the speech, he sounds like a Dane. Past that, he’s echoing some p.c. multi-speak. Probably another effect of the drugs.

  2. Oh… just thought of something: Maybe the Turks twisted his arm so he’d speak “truth to power”. Or, in his case, “truth as power”.

    Those Turks do have their ways.

    OTOH, maybe his injury is some kind of karmic revenge meted out by the Cosmos?

    Just askin’…

  3. Baron said earlier:
    Every time we even appear to give in to Muslim demands for self-censorship, we damage our cause.

    That is so true, and in this case it is falling all over oneself to “appear” to be apologizing to islam and muslims. DISPICABLE! Any, even one tiny sliver of giving in will always be portrayed as a major victory in the islamic world,as this has been received. So
    he did not apologize like the turks wanted him to but the damage has been done. islam jumps on every perceived weakness from appeasement to groveling from a position of weakness to the mullah obamaham saying the United States is not and never will be at war with islam. Couple these two dhimmi cowards together and it is enough to send me to the bathroom to puke. Too bad obambi has not got any balls or moxi. Most muslims or islamosympathizers don’t. I am so glad the one stated we are not at war with islam. I WILL NOT be unloading my weapons or lowering my guard and vigilence. On the contrary, I will be doing just the opposite.

  4. If the Dane’s shoulder is dislocated, it’s from the arm twisting Hussein Obama gave him.

    By the way, having been raised Muslim in his formative years, Hussein knows very well that his chain of obsequious gestures on behalf of Americans signal weakness to the Arab and Muslim mind. He is like a wolf or dog signalling acceptance of the alpha male, such as the Saudi king.

    Charles Krauthammer described Obama as a “leveller”. Just as he plans on leveling domestic income by robbing the top half of the fruits of their labor and gifting it to the idle bottom half, he plans internationally to position the United States way down the totem pole while elevating his leftist totalitarian role models such as Putin, Castro, Chavez as well as his Muslim masters.

    Even his supposed pursuit of Al Quaeda is merely a diversion, a pretense that we’re dealing with a handful of radical extremists while the billion Muslims pushing through our doors and remaking our countries in their image are to be ignored until their work has progressed too far to reverse it. Obama’s a big salesman for the false idea that Muslims wish westerners no harm. Ask Christians in Egypt and Lebanon how that worked out for them.

  5. In short:

    You want to kill me – you call it religious feelings. I respect your rrreligious fffeelings.

    “Frank and open dialogue”:

    Cartoons are meant to make you laugh.
    If you have some problems with it, quit your religion and visit your psychiatrist.

    Anyhow – how often do you read our papers in Danish? If our paper is so dear to you (one billion), you should be elligible for a real discount. You may recieve our paper every morning by air or mail.
    I will try to convince the editor to respect more your sensibilities and publish your favorite cartoons on regular basis. We can get in more details in our dialogue – do not forget we find almost everything ridiculous about your great funny religion. We must help you laughing – the stuff is so rich!!!!

  6. What a crappile of false reconciliation!

    Why do we even call these people ‘Elite’ – because people voted for them? Doesn’t work too well…

    BTW, Fogh is now a civil servant. He doesn’t have to stand up for anything in particular, except fortunately the fundamental values of NATO. Which noone seems to remember these days, anyway.

    We need a new elite. People of integrity, knowledge and courage.

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