Apartheid is Not a Problem

Our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan has translated the following article from Algemeen Dagblad. First, a prefatory note from the translator:

Remember the nation that was most vocal in the battle for equal rights? Against apartheid? It seems it is still in the forefront of the battle. This time for unequal rights.

And the translation from AD.nl:

Separate chairs for Mohammedan women are ‘no problem’

ROTTERDAM — Separate chairs for Mohammedan women who do not want to sit in a the theater next to a man should be possible. Thus, the municipal government of Rotterdam.

No visitor to the theater can take offense, replied the mayor and aldermen to questions from Leefbaar councilor Anita Fähmel.

Fähmel wanted to know if the 50 reserved seats (front row) for Mohammedan women only in Theater Zuidplein are acceptable. “According to our western values, the freedom of people to live their lives according to their own values is a great good,” thinks the municipality.

– – – – – – – –

With this official reply the municipality does not agree with minister for integration affairs Van der Laan. He thinks it unacceptable that seats were reserved for women only during the performance of the stand-up comedian Salaheddine in the theater. According to the minister, this is contradictory to the Law of Equal Treatment.

Theater Zuidplein wanted to attract more Mohammedan women to the theater with this initiative. This fits in the plans for emancipating women, according to the municipality.

Although lots of young Mohammedan women attended the performance — 75% of the audience was female — that evening, the reserved seats remained unoccupied.

6 thoughts on “Apartheid is Not a Problem

  1. It’s fine with me if the muzzies wants to be segregated but they have to be it in their own countries. No matter if it is public baths or theaters.

  2. The irony is that imams teach and preach segregation/apartheid on regular basis. All the ouward symbols are meant to mark the dogs territory to be expanded.

    The muslim treating his wife or daughter badly is already well trained to implement any other sort of outward segragation.

    The fairy tale of non-believers is a perfect pretext to build up a power structure.

    We should say three times talaq and deport them. An elegant ethno divorce in islamic style.

  3. Interesting is it not that the “demand” for segregation seems to come from white “liberals”.
    Fascinating that I watched a documentary last night on TV in the UK.
    It was about a current TV programme in Afghanistan called “Afghanistan Star”. One of those programs where singers compete?

    Interestingly one of the contestants was a beautiful young woman. She dressed in what I would call traditional Afghan gear – brocades and such rather than “traditional Muslim”. She came 3rd and went home. THERE she dressed in jeans and tops,arms and head uncovered – as did most of the young women in her home town. AND wore make-up. She and the programme have been threatened with death by the Taliban. Their attitude was effectively “sod em”.
    She and her family returned to the studios for the final as part of the audience. Men and women sat side by side, dressed in finery, hair totally uncovered, not a burqha in sight and only the odd headscarf.
    Interesting that in a majority Muslim country they have such freedom but when they come to the West they “demand” conditions not present in their home countries.
    My guess? Well only fundamentalists emigrate!

  4. Bewick – I’ve read comments from Pakistanis visiting Britain that parts of Britain are more Islamic than parts of Pakistan.

  5. Sorry folks, that should read – I’ve read comments from Pakistanis visiting Britain saying that parts of Britain are more Islamic than parts of Pakistan.

  6. I would have tell the women: Buy all the empty seats around yours, so you won’t be sitting next to opposite sex. If you want to dismantle social event as theatre visit is, pay for it.

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