An Unwritten Conscience

Islam’s goal — as stated in its own scriptures, and proclaimed by its religious leaders when speaking in Arabic — is world conquest.

According to Muslim tradition, the entire globe will one day bend the knee to Allah and join the Universal Caliphate. Those who resist will be killed or enslaved.

However, Islam hasn’t a prayer of accomplishing this conquest by military means, so other methods are necessary.

First there are the harder forms of violent jihad — bombings, shootings, poisonings, and various other forms of terrorist attack. Descending the scale we find arson, looting, rape, assault, and other violent criminal acts. Next come threats, extortion, and intimidation. Finally there are all the elements of “stealth” jihad: bribery, co-option, infiltration, “lawfare”, conversion of violent felons, and immigration to targeted infidel countries.

If the infidels can be fooled into believing that the “hard” jihad — mostly involving terrorist attacks — is the only thing they need to worry about, then the milder forms of jihad can advance the Caliphate continuously in the background while the Western powers fight and declare victory over “terrorism”.

For any of this to be possible, the right of free speech in non-Muslim countries must be suppressed.

If we are free to voice our opinions about Islam and reveal the plain facts about the history and current actions of Muslims, resistance against the Islamization of our countries will stiffen. Thus, if the jihad is to succeed, the voices that speak up must be silenced.

Muslims in the West have been masterful in working towards this goal. Taking advantage of our general tolerance and sense of fair play — and aided by our cultural degradation, decadence, passivity, and the atmosphere of multicultural indoctrination brought on by Gramscians in our midst — Islam has largely succeeded in persuading us to censor ourselves. A non-Muslim in Australia or Canada who quotes the Koran may be hauled into court for inciting religious hatred. Geert Wilders is being prosecuted in the Netherlands for largely the same reasons: he quoted the Koran as well as Islamic religious leaders, displayed images of barbaric attacks committed by Muslims in the name of their faith, and cited the growth of the Muslim population in the Netherlands. Such actions are officially construed by the Dutch authorities as being insulting to Islam.

In Sweden, the UK, Finland, France, Belgium, and Austria, similar official actions have been mounted against those who speak up about Islam. Even in countries without any such official persecution — such as the United States — unofficial pressure is constantly brought to bear, and a miasma of self-censorship has settled over the government, the media, and the academy. Virtually nobody in the USA has seen any of the Motoons except via the Internet. Somehow, despite the First Amendment, these images have remained largely taboo.

This is why free speech is so important. This is why we must fight for it.

The enemy is also aware of its great importance. This is why they have employed every weapon in their arsenal to prevent us from exercising our God-given right to speak freely.

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I bring all of this up because of a recent email correspondence between Lars Hedegaard and a citizen of Turkey. As regular readers know, Lars Hedegaard is the President of Trykkefrihedsselskabet, the Free Press Society of Denmark. As a fund-raising device, his organization has recently been selling signed and numbered prints of the most famous Motoon, Kurt Westergaard’s “Turban Bomb”.

With the permission of both parties, their email exchange is published below. First, from Oktan Erdikmen to Mr. Hedegaard:

Dear Lars Hedegaard

I have read a new in today’s newspapers regarding to your last acting about putting Prophet Muhammad cartoons on sale and decided to write this letter for your consideration as a Turkish person.

I am sure that you interpret the situation under the perspective of freedom of speech. However, I pleased you to realize that cartoons are the threats against your ideal. Noone has a right to make a mockery of a person or just of a think that millions of people believe. We respect all kind of ideas which are fair and acceptable. Anyone can think anythink but please led them to do thisa anwhere else which are so far from freedom of speech and ethic principles of the journalism.

– – – – – – – –

I believe you will understand our reflection and think again your action which threats the chance for the harmony of the religions.

If not, you and your organization might follow your activities which are guaranteed by the written laws and constitutions, but could never reach a level which has the responsibility of journalism; which is an unwritten conscience. You can act as a free person which is also important, but you cannot act as a journalist. Because journalists are the people who are subjectives to the unbalanced powers, they wanted to be in favor of peace and dialog between two sides of the same humanity.

Your Faithfully,

Oktan Erdikmen

Here is Lars Hedegaard’s response:

Dear Oktan Erdikmen,

Every day of the week — year in and year out — somebody throws a bomb or cuts a throat in the name of Allah and the prophet. And they can find ample justification for their acts in Muslim scripture — the Koran, the hadith, the sira, any number of commentaries on the Koran in addition to numerous fatwas.

At the same time the ulema, leaders of Muslim states and local imams make no bones about their intention to wipe out the West — turning its inhabitants into dhimmis and killing those who refuse to pay the jizya.

Are you suggesting that free artists should not be permitted to express what Muslim religious leaders and terrorists are saying about themselves and about the religious justification for their actions?

That would be tantamount to an acceptance that sharia law has in fact been adopted as the legal system of the free West. We will of course resist such an eventuality with all our might — seeing what conditions obtain in the lands where sharia has already been implemented, de jure or de facto.

You talk about respect. Just how much respect are you proposing that we should show towards those who are planning our enslavement?

Respect is not a human right. It has to be earned. If Muslims want respect, they should behave in a way deserving of respect. And, by the way, it would be nice if Muslim luminaries would begin by showing a little respect for the rights of others.

Best wishes

Lars Hedegaard

For the record, here’s a reminder of what free speech means:

Turban Bomb

Despite the intimidation, violent protests, threats, and pressure from Muslims; despite the unintentional or deliberate collaboration of Western leaders; despite official censorship and the self-censorship of our media; despite the near-universal politically correct Multiculturalism which insists that this image is an example of hateful racism and Islamophobia…

Despite all of these obstacles, ol’ Turban Bomb has become one of the most widely-viewed and iconic images of the 21st century, thanks to the Internet.

This is what free speech means. This is what a real “unwritten conscience” is about.

Ignore the voices that call you Nazis and racists and fascists and haters and right-wing extremists.

Write your conscience. Exercise your right to free speech.

Use it or lose it.

7 thoughts on “An Unwritten Conscience

  1. “despite the near-universal politically correct Multiculturalism which insists that this image is an example of hateful racism and Islamophobia…”

    It’s considered racist insanity because it might make people hostile to Muslims and want to burn their mosques down, which is like Nazi persecution of Jews. The liberals live in a world that is essentially mythical.

  2. Baron, Thanks for this, it says it all in a succinct and powerful way. When I come upon those who have no idea what we face or are too lost in their multi-culti dream world or too prejudiced or lazy to seek the truth, I would begin with this. It’s a clear reminder that freedom is not free and we must learn to fight for the kind of world we want to live in and leave for our children.

  3. Responsible journalism means that the journalist shares very different ideas, observazions and feelings with his friends and family from those shared in the public space.

    Such a guy is a walking fiction payed with real money…or unreal money (in communism for ex.).

  4. No one has a right to make a mockery of a person or just [jest] of a think [thing] that millions of people believe.

    Quite obviously Oktan Erdikmen is unaware of the fact that sacred cows make the best hamburgers.

    I will make a mockery of, and jest about, Islam until you pry my keyboard from my cold dead fingers, one of which will quite likely be rigidly erected in Mecca’s general direction.

    Healthy individualism automatically implies differences in opinion, upbringing and belief. Such valid differences will always manifest in varying degrees of offense taken by others, especially a certain group of skinless genocidal fanatics who are clearly incapable of taking a joke in our current sandpaper world.

    Just as individualism is a basic human right—within those limits legitimately imposed by the Social Contract—so is the right to offend others.

    It goes beyond an Underpant Gnomes level of magical thinking to believe that our world can be shorn of its sharp edges and protruding corners so as to make it safe for even the most fragile hemophiliac.

    A quote often attributed to Mark Twain best summarizes this ridiculous attempt at global expurgation:

    “Censorship is like forbidding a man from eating a steak because a child can’t chew it.”

    The typical Muslim’s inability to endure totally justified ridicule in no way invalidates one iota of the derisive scorn they so richly deserve.

    Islam is a gigantic glass house occupied by the most incurable stone-throwers of all history.

  5. Someone should have mercy on islam and rewrite it from zero. Right now it is a school of ridiculous. If we get a new Aristophanes, he will be well versed in it.

    Keep your stone and the moon, if you want (anyhow it was stolen from someone else), add some river and change the rest 100%.

    Avoid Laurel and Hardy, I mean mohammad and allah at any cost, they are beyond repair, I mean reform.

  6. It was genius to juxtapose the two letters because they may as well be written in two different languages.

    Lars Hedegaard and the rest of us understand both languages. We understand what the Turkish chap is saying but reject it as incompatible with our lives as we wish to live them and our society as we have built it.

    However, Mr. Erdikman and the millions he mentions and undoubtedly represents cannot comprehend the West’s desire for individual freedom. It’s like trying to describe color to someone congenitally blind.

    Muslims are indoctrinated so strongly in childhood that they are made impervious to anything but sharia which they insist is not only ideal but that it also has to reign supreme as everyone’s destiny. They cannot conceptualize leaving someone else to his beliefs undisturbed or that anyone should be allowed to do that which Islam denies its most devout followers.

    Muslims are binary and incapable of introspection or humility. There’s only their way or the highway. There’s Dar el Islam and the arena of perpetual war Dar el Harb until it is vanquished by them. Meanwhile, we in Dar el Harb must already start living like Muslims, giving deference to the thug they venerate as a prophet. Whether they cajole like Mr. Erdikman, wangle favorable resolutions from the Useless Nations, wage lawfare or blow people up, the demand is the same. We must ALREADY behave like Muslims because it is the only way to prevent “offense” until the next demand. (Apparently criticizing any tenth rate culture crapping on our shores is now the greatest sin in the world, worse than mass rape or murder as practised by Muslims in Darfur).

    This is sharia creep by creeps for morons.

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