A False Koran

If you’re a non-Muslim, and you wish to stay alive, you don’t mess with the Koran. You don’t insult it or damage it. You don’t even touch it with your ungloved hands.

And you especially don’t rewrite it.

However, it appears that someone has done exactly that. And, needless to say, the world’s 7.5 octillion Muslims are upset about it. According to the Jordanian news site Fact International:

New ‘False’ Quran in Kuwait

A new ‘false’ Quran is being distributed in Kuwait, which urges blasphemy and the destruction of the religion of Muslims by using satanic verses.

Two American Newspapers, ‘Omega 2001’ and ‘One Press,’ had supervised the translating and publishing of the ‘false’ Koran by two people, who called themselves “Al Saffi and Al Mahdi.”

“They dedicated it to the Arab Nation, especially to the Islamic Nation in general.”

The claimed ‘True Furqan,’ as it is called, contains 366 pages; it is translated into Arabic and English and distributed to ‘smart students’ in foreign and private schools.

These schools have become fertile places for these preachers and destroyers of the Islamic religion in order to affect and deceive our sons and daughters. In addition it spreads the destruction of culture in the minds of the next generation who represent the ambition of the nation and leaders of the future.

It is a ‘cold war’ that the enemy aggressively utilizes to attack our sons and the Islamic nation.

The false Koran starts with a introduction which urges for the freedom of the religions through repetitive Christian messages which claim that the ‘True Furqan’ is essential for human beings who need to see ‘the light,’ regardless of his color, gender, nation and religion.

It includes 77 fabricated verses and a conclusion, such as ‘Al Fatehah, the Love, the Christ, the Trinity, the Crucifixion, the adultery, the Shepherds, the Bible, the Legends, the Blasphemers, the Paradise, Al Adha and the Martyr.

The claimed Koran starts by mentioning the Name of God as ‘Al Basmalah,’ which combines the three religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

– – – – – – – –


The falsifying of the verses of the Holy Koran, reaches a climax when it is stated that “You have deceived us with your lies, that we have forbidden fighting during the Hijri Month, then we copied what has been forbidden and allowed the great fighting.”

The ‘Christ Sura,’ which had been written by their sinful hands, includes “You claimed that the Bible is false, so you ignored the majority of its contents.”

With this, they condemned the Holy Koran for scandalizing their efforts to forge the Bible and the Old Testament.


Then, they equate between the purity, the cunning, and sins in the Purity Sura, they falsify the sayings of God by the following lies: “The impurity, the menstruation, the dejection, the ablution, the marriage, the abandonment, the hitting, the divorce and the adultery are allowed in our religion.”

These are their intentions, to falsify our Holy Koran, the verses of Allah the Greatest and pursue their false Bible and the false ‘True Furqan,’ but they will not achieve that.

This is pretty strong stuff from a Muslim point of view. The idea of Christians tinkering with the world of Allah is more than enough to make mujahid blood boil.

So who’s responsible for The True Furqan?

I did some work with the search engines this evening, and found out a little bit about the book. The True Furqan is for sale on Amazon, and it also has a website, islam-exposed.org, where it can be read chapter by chapter. It does indeed put forward the notion of a Trinity, includes the Beatitudes, and contains other Christian elements.

However, there are very few mentions of “Omega 2001” and “One Press” to be found online. And, interestingly enough, most of the internet references to the book are on websites expressing Muslim outrage. There are at least two petitions against it, the first calling for the book’s website to be shut down, and the second… Well, the second one just expresses pious outrage.

I ran a domain-name check at WhoIs.com on “islam-exposed.org”, and the owner is listed as Dr. Anis Shorrosh. Dr. Shorrosh is a Jordanian-born Palestinian Christian evangelist who is now based in the United States. At his website you will find an acknowledgement that he and his wife are the authors of The True Furqan.

So this seems to be a Christian disinformation operation intended to rile up the “Muslim street”.

But disinformation on whose behalf? Nothing could be better calculated to increase the persecution of Christians within Muslim-majority countries, regardless of what Dr. Shorrosh may have intended.

The book appeared in 2001. Why did it lie dormant until the spring of 2009? Why is it suddenly appearing now in private schools in Kuwait where it is being distributed to “smart students”?

A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma…

Hat tip: TB.

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  1. Have I lost my way in the calender – is it the 1st of April today?
    Nay, it is the 8th of April – and on Sunday I have my 74th birthday.
    Thank Jove that I am still alive and kicking and may experience
    and witness this. It is like Christmas combined with Dresden 1945
    – sorry for the unethical comparison!
    Pleas permit me to drum for my own little project at the same time:
    Everybody speaking or understandinmg a
    Scandinavian tongue please visit
    and find out how Swedish Justice has detoriated to good old
    Soviet standard in consequence of the proceeding
    dhimmification process combined probabely with a shortage of
    money due to many years’ crushing immigration costs.

  2. I came also across this book. It looked like much older stuff. I cannot imagine one can distribute something like this unharmed in Kuwait.

  3. I own this book, and I will tell you plainly, that it doesn’t claim to be the koran. It states emphatically that in the Koran, Mohammed made the challenge for anyone to come up with anything better than the Glorious Koran. It is quite simply, a rebuttal to the Koran, verse by verse, a condemnation of everything the Koran states in the name of Allah(God). This isn’t Satanic, unless you are writing from the perspective that the Koran is the true and final words of God and His final prophet.
    Anis Shorrosh is a devout Christian who has debated many Koranic scholars. The power of this book is that it calls to account Muslims for their perverting of the biblical YHWH’s nature, the outright lying concerning Jesus and the deeds done in the name of their false prophet Mohammed.
    Obviously this book is wreaking havoc, and has been for more than 10 years. In addition to the works of Anis Shorrosh, Father Zakaria Botros is also taking aim at the head of the snake by probing deeply into the teachings of the hadith, sunna and sira, and Zakaria is calling Islamic teachers to explain the evils and nonsense within these very often secretive books.
    The point of the matter however, is this: Truth vs. Falsehood. If, as a Christian, you believe that Jesus Christ is indeed God in the Flesh, you must stand against the lies of Islam. The very name of the Furqan al Haqq means The True Criterion, or the True Standard.
    If you are at all familiar with the Koran, you will understand the need to completely destroy the lies within its covers. Given the psychology of supremacy of all things concerning the Arabic language within the ulema, you have to admit that using the power of language against the same ulema is genius.

  4. The FURQAN seems to be old hash from 1999 – but shure it is still funny!
    – – – – –
    Pethatic, nice try though, March 20, 2009
    By algeriano “chief” (Algeria)
    Allah (SWT) the lord of the world says : “If you are in doubt of what we have revealed unto our servant, bring forth a chapter like it, if you don’t and YOU WON’T, Fear the hell fire, whom its fuel is people and stones” I mean this isn’t the first attempt in history, since during the prophet’s time Musailama the liar also claimed to have receive revelations and tried to imitate the Quran, but failed miserably, now this attempt did fail miserably as well even though, in this book, they did take passages from the Quran itself and tainted them, and guess what? it was kids who picked out the flaws, and detected that it wasn’t the real Quran, how sad.
    Allah has challenged humanity, and until now it is still open for those who claim to be brave and want to take on the challenge, but remember just as Allah also said in the holly quran “Had all humans and jinns would gather together to create another book, the wouldn’t create something like it” and he Also said “It is we (royal we, not trinity) who brought down the thikr (reminder), and it is We who will protect it.)

  5. Clearly, Allah and Mohammed were wrong. And they didn’t do a very good job protecting it, now, did they! heh.

  6. Here is something more insidious than a rewrite of the Precious Moments Koran: The fact that any Muslim with a computer and an mp3 player, searching in his soul for The Truth, praying to be delivered from a religion which couldn’t save even its own so called prophet, no longer needs to have in hand the Holy Bible. He can simply download it and put it on his player. For free. If you think the havoc wrought by the Furqan al Haqq was bad, think what damage to the Prophet and Allah is being done by having the Holy Bible coming streaming straight into the ears and hearts of those downloading it in the privacy of their own homes.

  7. Christians are already a very threatened minority in the Muslim ME, with the one exception of Syria.

    We are in a civilisational war, and there will be casualties. The only question is what the cost will be to remove Islam as a threat to us.

  8. “Christians are already a very threatened minority in the Muslim ME, with the one exception of Syria. “

    Christians in Syria do better than in other places because Syria is still Baathist ruled, it’s a cruel dictatorship like Saddam’s, but being Arab Nationalist (and therefore semi secular) it hems in some of the most aggressive emanations from the Sunni Islamic bloc. Read up for example on the Hama massacre. Bashar al-assad plays a cunning game in convincing the Sunni majority of Syria that he opposes Israel and wants to see it burn, so he can keep his head on his shoulders.

  9. “The True Furqan” is not a False Quran. Rather, it is a serious attempt to put Christian teachings into the language and poetic format of the Quran in order that they would be more easily understood and accepted by Arabic-speaking Muslims.

    In one sense, it responds to the Quranic challenge to create a book as good as the Quran. In another sense, however, it is like converting the superb writings of Shakespeare into rap. Too much is lost in the translation.

    The greatest failure of the work is its lack of cross-references to the Biblical sources. No Muslim is going to convert to Christianity based on the “teachings” of “The True Furqan.” A much better approach would be to distribute copies of the Bible in Arabic.

    Still, it is interesting that this pre-9/11 book is still causing consternation in the Arab-speaking world.

  10. More and more muslims are searching for spiritual truth, and not finding it in the platitudes of mindless repetition of the Koran. Many muslims, in western countries are now free to hear and see things they hadn’t seen before concerning Christianity. Many are secretly converting. One of the most useful tools in learning Arabic is a software program which can be found at arabbible.com
    Interestingly, most muslims do not know what is truly written in the koran and the other books of Islam, and now that many westerners, infidels are finding out for themselves, Muslims are becoming curious, too.

  11. Baron, you have got your facts all wrong. I am really disappointed in your sloppiness and disregard for the truth.

    There are only 7.4 octillion muslims.

  12. DP111: The only question is what the cost will be to remove Islam as a threat to us.

    That depends upon when Western civilization reaches the tipping point. That point is when living with Muslims becomes more trouble than living without Muslims.

    It’s that simple. No matter where your boundaries lie, at some point, living with Muslims will become too troublesome. Islam guarantees it.

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