19 thoughts on “Yes We Can!

  1. This is the garbage that makes me really dislike this man and his nazi like administration. The stupidity of the American people, the youth of this country who lap up everything this liar, poser and islamosympathizer says, is just sad and disgusting. The dangers are so clear and evident to those of us who know this charlatan, his past may be well the start of an insurrection.

    Can’t help but wonder if Obama in his previous lifetime happened to bear the name of Adolf…

    The parallels are frightening!

  2. If they even make it to my front door I guarantee that they will turn around and walk away quickly. I have two pit bulls and unless I “switch them off” no one is going to interview me…

  3. Obama Youth and Hitler Youth, not a whole lot of difference here. Stupidity in abundance in both groups, but mainly a lack of comprehension, a common trait of the young. Most will outgrow this, but sadly many will never get over this illness that plagues far too many of our youth. The sun will rise and it will set, the streams will continue to flow and twist and twist again on their way to the sea, and the gulls will wing above and see what we cannot, and time it will do what it always has—it will pass.

  4. Okay Henrik, blogging like crazy, I can give you that;)

    But in the end, it seems that the American left is more willing to fight than the American right…

  5. Afonso, it would seem so, for the moment. This is in part due to the lack of coherent philosophy that permitted Obama And His Plutocrats to sweep the elections. We need to understand the workings of politics, economics and democracy better before we can come back.

    Knowledge is the weapon of choice in a democracy – if we can use this in time, we may not have to revert to the Kalasnikov level. That’s on a very practical level, as in pointing out that the Wall Street elite lied to us when they argued for their ‘bailout’ money. Discrediting the incompetent elite is urgently needed.

    Oh. Daniel Hannan is at 1,6 million views 🙂

  6. I actually fell asleep last night thinking about what I would say to someone that acosted me at the grocery to sign this pledge.
    I was very much reminded of the middle aged women in Luten that showed so much disgust for the Islamist protestors…
    Would I also be arrested at this stage? I don’t think so but, anyone that tries to solicit me in front of the grocery for this “cause” will receive a full measure of my ire.

  7. Actually, it’s a problem that the Right *does* work. We’re having some bad trouble getting people to run for local parliament. Our members love what we do, but they’re so busy taking care of themselves and their families they hardly have time remaining for doing politics.

    This is a self-increasing problem 🙁

  8. Obama and Obamism is a strange and frightening thing. Fun to make jokes about this man, but he and his radical ideals are no jokes and should be taken seriously. I keep looking for a great leader on the right, but as yet I don’t see one.

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