The Scots are Profiling Muslims — Favorably

The newest rule about “profiling” Muslims: it’s OK, provided that it’s done in their favor.

At least that’s the case in Scotland, according to an article from the Scottish Daily Mail as posted by The Frozen North. When the Frozen Northman emailed us, he said that the article wasn’t available online:

The Scottish edition of the paper is sometimes different from the British (for British, read “English”) one, and it appears that the article doesn’t appear in the online version — the “English” edition. I’ve copied out the text though and taken a couple of photos to show that yes, it did appear in the paper, and unfortunately I didn’t just imagine this in a bloody nightmare.

Here are some excerpts from the transcribed article:

Police in Race Bias Outrage

Scottish forces ordered to give priority to crimes against Muslims

by Dean Herbert

Police in Scotland have been ordered to give special priority to crimes where the victims are Muslim.

In a move that last night sparked a fresh row over political correctness, a senior officer revealed that the race and religion of a victim has now become a crucial factor in how police respond to crime.

Inspector Tom Galbraith, of Lothian and Borders Police’s diversity unit, told a conference on tackling terrorism that it was important to stop Scottish Muslims feeling “vulnerable” in case they were driven towards radicalism.

Mr. Galbraith said the force encouraged officers to consider the religious or ethnic backgrounds of victims to assess their needs in dealing with hate crimes.

He said that both an attack and a perceived lack of action by police could turn Islamic youths into future terrorists.

Mr. Galbraith also revealed that police officers, Special Branch and BAA security staff were being given special lessons about Islamic culture after Muslims complained that being questioned when entering the country about whether they pray and attend mosques was offensive to their faith.

Speaking at a national security conference in Edinburgh on Thursday, Mr. Galbraith said, “It is not about treating everybody the same.

“If I have a young Asian man who has been subjected to a hate crime, I would rather put more resources into that than if it had happened to a white male because the white male is far less likely to end up becoming radicalised.”

He later confirmed that his remarks were in line with Lothian and Borders Police policy, saying that cases of hate crime were assessed “by need”.

He added: “You have to consider cases according to need. The idea of treating people all the same is a bit naive and we have to remember that there are vulnerable individuals who can be put on the path of radicalism.”

Last night, the police were criticised for being too politically correct in dealing with hate crimes.

– – – – – – – –


During the conference, Mr. Galbraith also said that police officers and airport security staff were being given lessons in Islamic culture to avoid offending arrivals.

He said: “Sometimes they will be asked “Do you pray?” or “Do you visit mosques?” when they arrive in the country.

“This kind of thing is derogatory to the Islamic faith. A lot of people then wonder what is wrong with going to mosques in this country.

“It is about making an effort in learning about other cultures and faiths.”

He later confirmed that training in Islamic culture was now on-going among officers.

Go over to The Frozen North for the photos and the complete (and appalling) text.

10 thoughts on “The Scots are Profiling Muslims — Favorably

  1. Well this is fascinating to say the least. Once again, there’s a balance between those who mindlessly yell “Religion of Peace” and those who admit the Truth: That if you don’t call Islam peaceful, it’s adherents will try and kill you.

    It would be funny as heck, except it isn’t.

  2. “If I have a young Asian man who has been subjected to a hate crime, I would rather put more resources into that than if it had happened to a white male because the white male is far less likely to end up becoming radicalised.”

    The conclusion is obvious to us white males: let’s become radicalised. Let’s engage in some threats, anti-social behaviour and violence, and maybe we’ll get a fair chance to be heard.

    It’s unbelievable how a law enforcing officer fails to see the implications of such a policy.

  3. As you said, there doesn’t seem to be an online version of this particular article. My guess is that it was seen as a Scottish issue only, and they didn’t bother putting into the British edition, which is also the online edition.

    In any event, I took some photos of the actual paper and sent them to Vlad Tepes, who has the article on his blog as well, and he’s put up a link to the photos. So if anyone want to have a look at that ..

    He’s also got an interesting post right next to it, showing the Australian approach to law enforcment when the victims are white, and the perpetrators are Muslim.

    My cousin recently emigrated to Australia, and more than once I’ve found myself thinking he made the right move.

    On the other hand, you look at Geert Wilders, and Pamela over at Atlas Shrugs, and think hey, it’s not over yet, not by a long shot ..

    The Frozen North

  4. I should add that this dhimmi policeman is clearly pointing, to Muslim thugs, the victim they can pounce whithout fearing legal retribution: the white male.

    One more act of treason by officials we pay in order to protect us.

  5. Robert:

    I think you’re right, and increasingly the answer is to act like Muslims.

    After all, what have you got to lose?

    This reminds me of a New Labour scheme years ago, about giving young offenders on sink estates who managed to behave vouchers to buy CDs and computer games.

    But no one mentioned the kids who behaved in the first place; they, obviously, get nothing.

    That’s the sort of society we’ve created, one where it pays to be bad and actively go against any good or co-operatibe instincts one has.

  6. These are the first steps towards legal dhimmi status of non-Muslims, in which the evidence of a Muslim will carry more weight then that of a non-Muslim.

    The only question remaining is the ratio. Will two, three or four non-Muslim witnesses be required to offset the evidence of one Muslim?

  7. Yes the Daily Mail does have a Scottish edition, as do many other British papers.
    When Inspector Tom Galbraith speaks about a “white” male he actually means English. There are over 3,000 racist (that’s what they call them) incidents against White British (read English)in Scotland. Far more than against other ethnic groups.
    That is why Inspector Galbraith doesn’t gives a lower priority to “White” people – they are mostly English who are attacked.

  8. Steven Gash
    Thats not surprising. However he does mention Muslims.

    Now this is what is to be surmised.

    1. If you wish your community gets favoured, then you too must become radicalised – you know – bombs, shootings, beheadings, that sort of thing.

    2. The same reason is used by Western governments as they appease Muslims and Muslim governments, and give them huge amounts of money – fear of radicalisation and bombs being unleashed. However if we did not have Muslims here in large numbers, that fear would not be there and we wouldnt be paying Danegeld.

  9. Here i Sweden there are truckloads of minor and/or larger organizations, that is funded either by the Social Democrats or the government and who are at least on the surface, looking like quite innocent organizations. However, those who have scratched on the surface finds islamist connections. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if the followers of that peaceful religion has pretty much repeated this same MO, whether they’re in the US, UK or whatever other country in the west infested with these jihadist “blokes”.

  10. When you have to worry about Muslims becoming radicalized more than the white man, isn’t it time to perhaps finally admit that there is no place in Scotland or the UK, for that matter, for those who could become a major threat to the peoples of the UK?

    When a high risk pedophile offender is let back into a community, the police will often warn the local residents that a high-risk offender is in their midst in order to give the locals the opportunity to be aware of the dangers and to protect the children. Perhaps this should be done with those the police fear could become radicalized. Wouldn’t that be something – pictures, names, and descriptions of potential radicalized Muslims? I wonder if that would fly with Muslims? What a joke….just like it is a joke for Muslims to feel there is a perceived lack of action on the part of the police, when and if they are attacked. What exactly are the police suppose to do – lick their boots? Or do you mean the police should actually do their job and crack down on the attackers? So what does this mean for the white man – no justice? What else is bloody new? It is clear discrimination based on race and religion – clearly. The Muslims are the ones trying to assault the UK with drugs, rape, Sharia Laws, threats, bombings, etc., but it is them that need protecting. Good gracious me.

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