Don’t Talk About Muslim Anti-Semitism…

…At least not at the UN.

David Littman has been featured here a number of times. His relentless and heroic opposition to the permanent farce known as the United Nations Human Rights Council has been an inspiration to us all. Sometimes he seems to be fighting the battle alone, yet he continues with his research, reporting, and careful documentation.

The video below shows what happened to him at a UNCHR meeting earlier this month when he broached a sensitive topic: the blatant and public anti-Semitism that is widespread in the Muslim world.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Talk About Muslim Anti-Semitism…

  1. We in the US give 22% of our $$$ to this ‘body’ stationed on prime property in NY–It’s time for it – the UN- to go! We can use the property and tax-payer $$$ for better purpose!

  2. Well, doesn’t that man make me sick to my stomach!
    If we think we are commiting suicide here in the U.S., the Canadians have it all over us!
    What will it take?

  3. The Canadian Prime Minister (Conservative) has gone out on a limb to defend Israel and lost the entire Arab-Muslim vote to do it. Meanwhile, most Canadian Jews continue to vote for and financially support leftist parties. So clearly, the man is principled on this issue. It is of no earthly use to him politically and is actually hurting him.

    He has defended Israel’s actions during both the Lebanon and recent Gaza hostilities. Canada is the only Western country to date that has refused to take part in the Arab con game and Israel bashing exercise that is Darfur II.

    This ambassador to the UN must be one of those permanent bureaucrats who are all leftists, and who remain to sabotage a conservative government at every opportunity. He supposedly was following some obscure point of order. This pedantic attitude is used to trip up only conservative speakers.

    It’s amazing how Jews are supposed to be running the world but Israel can’t make its case heard at the UN where Arabs run the show for some bizarre reason. Why do non-Muslim countries play follow the Arab leader? Arabs tend not to give money to non-Muslim countries so what’s the motivation of their sheep?

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