Penned and Sheared

The eighth essay in Takuan Seiyo’s “From Meccania to Atlantis” series — this installment entitled “Drenched to the Bone” — has been published at the Brussels Journal. Like its predecessors, it deserves to be read in its entirety for the full impact of its author’s analysis. But some brief excerpts are below:

Wenceslas Square in Prague, an ancient horse market, is one of the largest urban plazas in the world. It is ¾ km long and its square metrage is 45,000 m². On 25 November 1989, each one of those square meters was occupied by 8 demonstrators. The total number of demonstrators in Prague that day was 800,000.

That was 5% of the population of Czechoslovakia. Given that the Slovaks held their own demonstrations in Bratislava, and considering the obstacles to travel in a Communist country, the more relevant statistic might be that the number of demonstrators in Prague that day constituted half of the population of the metropolitan area of Prague. Thus are velvet revolutions born.

Now, what is the chance that 5% of the 61 million population of the United Kingdom, let alone half of the 7.5 million population of greater London, show up in front of the Parliament to demand that their country be returned to them? And yet, is there a country whose inhabitants have been stripped of their identity and self-esteem, their cultural patrimony, their sense of community and belonging, their ancient traditions, their long-standing consensus of non-violent coexistence, their religion and freedom of exercising it, their freedom of self-defense from rampant and once-unknown crime, and their freedom of privacy from state surveillance, more thoroughly and relentlessly than the Britons have by their ruling elite? Not to speak of their impending national bankruptcy.

Where is the Western country whose population feels acutely enough what has been done to it by its Body Snatcher class to protest it vociferously and in great numbers? The people who march and protest in the West are the ones who are the cause of the dysfunction, not the ones who suffer from it. Thus, the largest public demonstration in the United States in a generation has been the “Million Men” March on 16 October 1995, organized by the Nation of Islam under the leadership of that great contributor to Western Civilization, Louis Farrakhan.

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It is instructive that the march organizers estimated the crowd size at between 1.5 and 2 million people, but National Park Service that administers the National Mall where the demonstration was held, estimated the crowd at 400,000. The Park Service withdrew this estimate after Nation of Islam threatened to sue. To ensure that no further offense to the likes of Mr. Farrakhan be caused in the future, in 1997 U.S. Congress prohibited the National Park Service from conducting further crowd estimates. Thus are the interests of the too-silent majority served.

Should one discuss the viability of a non-velvet and considerably more painful revolution? In a 4 August 2008 forum, Thomas Fleming, one of America’s pre-eminent paleo-conservatives, made this comment: “I do not recommend any plan because I regard the ethnic situation—like the cultural, moral, and spiritual situations—in this country as beyond all hope of remedy. Any call to direct action… is tantamount to terrorism” Dr. Fleming added, “ It is pointless to recommend policies to a nation bent on self-destruction.”

Even the Klan says on its Web page, “There is a race war against whites. But our people — my white brothers and sisters — will stay committed to a non-violent resolution.”

One familiar with French or Russian history can understand why many preferred the dreadful carnage and chaos of revolution to the cruelly oppressive and unjust status quo. But it’s not so easy to understand what drove colonial Americans to a revolution in 1776 but not 220 years later. If they rebelled then against taxation without representation, taxation in America is at least 600% higher now, and in Western Europe it’s higher yet. And under the Tweedledum/ Tweedledee two-party system, the too-silent American majority and its most vital interests have no more representation than they did in the British Parliament of the 18th century.

All of Western Society is now ruled by Body Snatchers, who see the populace as a flock to be penned and sheared at will, with the fleece redistributed to favored client groups of Pods and “minorities.” Moreover, as the favored “minorities” are the source of most violent crime in the West, they also serve as the Snatchers’ proxy instrument for culling the flock. Whether unwittingly or deliberately is beside the point, as even the facts of this matter are censored by the Snatcher’s laws and media.

George Orwell reminded us that if one has lost the freedom to say two plus two make four, one has lost one’s freedom. But “Hate-speech” laws are proliferating in the West, to force people to live by prescribed and obvious lies relative to the effects of the epochal errors, if not intentional crimes, of the Body Snatchers’ rule of the last 45 years.

Read the rest at the Brussels Journal.

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  1. Yes, Moscow betrayed their installed underdogs and let them go. It must have been a very stressful emotional experience – to be trained in unconditional obedience for 20 years and then betrayed, divorced, left alone.

    You need the Saudis to do the same in UK and remove their army as well ( if you want to follow “our” example).

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