Forget Gaza: Rockets in Malmö

It’s the weekend in Malmö, and Arab counter-demonstrators are throwing bottles and firing rockets at a peaceful pro-Israel rally.

Malmö DemoHo hum. You call that news?

It’s a reprise of what went on two weeks ago, but this time with an escalation in violent methods: today the Muslim counter-demonstrators threw homemade pipe bombs as well as firing rockets and throwing stones and bottles.

Once again Ted Ekeroth was present and has posted a first-hand report. Here’s a video of one of the rocket strikes over the heads of the pro-Israeli demonstrators:

Ted had this to say:
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According to the commander of the police operation, the organizers of the manifestation wanted to seal the square off for security reasons. I, however, think that the point of the manifestation was lost when no “outsiders” could see or hear what we had to say. When you show support for something in public, you do that for a reason — for others to see and hear. This was not possible due to that the area was completely sealed of and the only ones that could hear us were the police and the hateful Arab mob. The point of a public manifestation was lost…

Go over to Ted’s blog to read more about today’s events. Also, Steen was on the scene and took photos. His report is in Danish, but the photos are self-explanatory.

Photo ©Snaphanen

10 thoughts on “Forget Gaza: Rockets in Malmö

  1. Oh no.. the end days are upon us… again. Yawn.

    Methinks ’tis about time, that Sweden woke up.

    Nice post Baron. Very informative. I don’t think we’ll be seeing much of this on the TV over here.

  2. It appears that Palestinians and bombs go together like a horse and carriage no matter where they reside. The justification given is always an underdog response to Israel’s vastly superior arms. What’s the excuse in Sweden for attacking unarmed civilian demonstrators?

    But the most pressing question for the Left remains: what can we do to prevent Islamophobia?

    It is the equivalent of the French wondering as the Nazis crossed the Maginot line and approached Paris with orders to burn it “What can we do to make sure that no German suffers Germanophobia while they are attacking us”?

    The Left’s insanity holds us all in thrall.

  3. American talk radio host Michael Savage has famously said: “Liberalism is a mental disorder.”

    Can we not now all agree that Sweden’s ruling elite is certifiably insane?

  4. HRW —

    Alas, most of those links are from sites that have some kind of automated “GoV widget” on their sidebars, which creates links to every post that appears here. It’s annoying, because it creates a lot of spurious trackbacks that accumulate here and take up space for no good reason.

    I’m considering eliminating trackbacks from the template because of this. The problem just keeps getting worse.

  5. “… the only ones that could hear us were the police and the hateful Arab mob. The point of a public manifestation was lost…”

    This is completely untrue since major news media covered the whole event, and let pro-Israel demonstrators have thier say so that the whole country heard thier arguments.

    And please, calling fireworks “rockets and home made bombs” is only lying and trying to stir up more distrust.

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