Charging the RINOs

As most readers — at least the American ones — know, the United States Congress is poised to enact the Omnibus Intergenerational Theft Act, a.k.a. “The Stimulus Bill”. It mandates the borrowing of more than $800 billion from tomorrow’s taxpayers to feed the insatiable maw of today’s liberal social projects, all in the name of easing the financial crisis and “putting America back to work”.

I just received this email from Andrea Shea King of The Radio Patriot with news of a protest scheduled for tomorrow (Monday) on Capitol Hill:


Last night I wrote you about a protest that’s to take place tomorrow morning at Sen. Arlen Specter’s office in the Hart Building. Jim Robinson of Free Republic and Melanie Morgan of move America Forward will both be there along with what they and we hope will be a huge contingent of American citizens.

Kristinn Taylor of Free Republic posted about this and he tells me that people are coming to Washington from all over — Texas, California, and New York, just to name a few.

We are hoping that this makes an impact on the three senators (Snowe and Collins too) to motivate them to change their vote on this “Stimulus” bill.

But we need your help.

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Would you PLEASE post about this tonight or first thing tomorrow morning? If you Twitter, please tweet about it.

They will be on Capitol Hill all day Monday and again on Tuesday. Melanie will be holding a press conference at the National Press Club on Tuesday to introduce the new TV ad demanding that Obama NOT close Gitmo.

Links to more info about the protests and the press conference can be found at Free Republic and Melanie Morgan.

Thank you!


Weeknights @ 9 pm EST

Anyone who’s in D.C. tomorrow will want to drop by Arlen’s place and lend a hand.

Important note to Federal employees: You can’t take part in these activities while you’re on the job, even if it’s on your lunch hour. If you’re planning to show up, make sure you go through the bureaucratic rigmarole and take official leave, or you’re vulnerable under the Hatch Act.

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