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Copenhagen demoYesterday we re-posted Lars Hedegaard’s account of Saturday’s demonstrations (both pro- and anti-Israel) in Copenhagen. Today Mikael from Turban Bomb sent a tip about a chilling video of the pro-Hamas demonstration, taken (probably by cell phone) in the midst of the demonstrators.

You’ll notice that when the demonstrator waves the flag from the pedestal in front of the town hall, the viewpoint is almost directly opposite the one in the photo taken by Steen.

Henrik of Europe News has kindly transcribed and translated the Danish-language parts of the video:

Alla-hu Akbar, Alla-hu Akbar

Hitler! Heil Hitler! Hitler! Hitler! Hitler! …

We must just kill all those Jews, man! Then we’d be rid of them, man!

All Jews, man, they will never be loved, never loved.


We are prepared for everything! Prepared for everything! It is you [shouting].

Now listen up.

[Interrupting] Give us some Jews!

Now listen up. Now you go home, threading [??] where you want. If you meet any Jews…

[Interrupting] We f**k them, man!

– – – – – – – –

Tell them how many they’ve killed.

Tell them how all Arabs from Copenhagen, how all Arabs from [??], how all Arabs from Hitler, how their punishment will be, for the blood of the Palestineans.

[Assorted shouting, including:] F***ing Jews, man!

Death to Israel!

[Coordinated chanting in Arabic]

Kill the Jews!

Allah-hu Akbar

[Town bell strikes 16]

Israel under my foot, Palestine in my blood!

Muhammad Rasul Allah! [Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah!]

[March towards the town hall entrance, blocked by the police.]

[Arabic — probably a reference to Muhammad killing Jews at Khaybar]

Hallo: We may be causing problems…


[Police block acces to the town hall.]

Down, down Israel! Down, down Israel!

Down, down USA! Down, down USA!

Viva, viva Palestine! Viva, viva Palestine!

[The banner reads:] Is this defense?

Viva, viva Palestine! Viva, viva Palestine!

Give us some Jews! Give us some Jews! [Explosion heard]


Israel under my foot, Palestine in my blood! Israel under my foot, Palestine in my blood!

[Arabic — possibly a Khaybar reference]

Excuse me, may I pose a quick question? May I ask you something?

18 thoughts on “Video of Copenhagen Pali-Rally

  1. Yes. Your intemperate remarks violate Blogger’s terms of service, and could get this blog shut down. Please exercise self-control.

    If you need a reminder of what the limits are, see the guidelines for commenting at GoV.

  2. No need for a reminder as indicated by my opening sentence. I’m aware of the rules. I’m just boiling over in anger and want to ACT rather than talk. I love my country and culture and want to see it survive and prosper.

  3. Yeah, we know have the Arab Street in Europe… Wonderful! Wonderful people the politicians have imported. They sure bring the multicultural flavor we white barbarians need. Thank you politicians for enriching our society with these nice folks.

  4. Charlemagne: I love my country and culture and want to see it survive and prosper.

    As do we all, pal. I’m no angel and the Baron regrettably has been obliged to delete some of my unwise comments as well. It is still important not to lose sight of this site’s principal function. Namely, one of educating fellow netizens regarding the threat that Islam poses.

    I doubt there is a single one of us reading this that, at some time or another, has not had intemperate thoughts and reactions to the barbarous Neanderthal mentality exhibited by Islamic miscreants. That is the normal reaction of a sane mind to such vicious savagery.

    None of that releases us from the obligation to make this site as productive as possible. All of us can do that by contributing valid and useful content instead of rage, however justified it may be. Until our numbers attain a significant voting percentile we can only continue climbing up the learning curve and hope we get there before Islam unleashes nuclear Hell upon the West.

  5. I can’t help but ask myself if the iceberg principle applies here. The ones we see, are they in iceberg proportions to the numbers that are below the surface out of sight? I have reasons more than clever speculation to believe it is the case. Canadian intel services have warned of Hizbolah ops within Canada to the extent that would require a sophisticated operation trained supplied and numerous. Stratfor has also identified Hizbolah as having many cells within the US in their article on Imadinnerjacket’s recent visit to the US. Venezuela has become a way station for Jihadis. If this is the visible tip of the berg, are we even capable of acting in the defense of western liberal democracy?

  6. Charlemagne, I don’t know exactly where you are located but I understand your feelings nonetheless. I want to preserve my countrys culture too. Almost every time I read something new these savages has done, I blow a fuse. We all need to let out some steam or we would go bonkers. Therefore we sometimes write regretable things in anger. I know I do. 🙁

  7. I can’t help but ask myself if the iceberg principle applies here. The ones we see, are they in iceberg proportions to the numbers that are below the surface out of sight?

    It most certainly does and they most certainly are. One need only examine the routine emergence of SJS (Sudden Jihad Syndrome) cases to understand that all it takes is one or the other sort of wild hair in the buttocks to make your average Muslim go ballistic.

    Moderate Muslims are the ocean in which swim the terrorist Islamic fish. Global terrorism could not survive without the moderate Muslim and their torrent of unmonitored zakat.

    Consider how, maliciously or not, moderate Muslims still perpetuate the myth of Islam as the Religion of Peace. That alone justifies the iceberg theorem. Through overt or tacit cooperation, moderate Muslims finance and enable violent jihad. Only the execution of terrorists at Muslim hands will reverse such a perception.

  8. You may be boiling, but by exhibiting their evil characters they make many leftists divorce the Pal/islamic cause. We couldnt wish for more.

    Our top policemen and milititary officers will get all the details of engagement in Gaza or Iraq for further studies. The next step would be to bring veterans from those places including locals who did well and might take our city jihadis completely by surprize. Our city jihadis are also spoiled like us, they will loose their temper immediately confronting people who tamed much tougher types.

  9. Baron, Thanks for using my tip. I thought the video deserved a much lager audience than my modes blog can ever hope to achieve.

    The hatred in these people’s eyes is absolutely scary.

    Like I said to Zonka the other day, I regularly read a few Islamists blogs in Denmark, they are Islamist, sure, but not to the extend where you can’t have a polite debate with them. Not anymore. This Gaza conflict has ripped their masks off. The Palies are innocent victims, each and every one of the, of the Israeli Waffen-SS. Period. End of story. Science is settled! The comment-fields are now an echo chamber filled with hate and victim-mentality.

    Interesting thing is, one blogger is of Turkish descent, the other is Pakistani, so they really don’t have a dog in the fight, other than, well, they are Muslims.

    And I think that’s food for thought!

  10. Mikael, your video was the top story at JihadWatch for about half a day!

    It’s having an effect in blog debates, too. Now I can call Palestine-sympathisers ‘Nazi-sympathiers’ and get away with it. For we have the documentation.

  11. Actually, I’m tounge-in-cheek assuming that ‘Tip of the iceberg’ does not apply. For example:

    I keep saying that Hamas is the real problem in Gaza, that the war is not directed against peaceful Palestineans, and that Hamas fully deserves the beating they’re getting. Thus, I’m using the assumption of peaceful Muslims to justify beating Hamas to shreds.

    And I keep saying that, as a matter of cause, peaceful Islamic / Palestine organisations must condemn this open Nazi-Islamic vitriol. So far no reactions.

    Openly and clearly granting them the benefit of doubt creates a gate for peaceful Muslims to enter. Open Nazi and genocide sympathy is a good opportunity for them to speak up. If they don’t, well, then it can be assumed that they don’t exist. Or are so completely cowed that they don’t matter.

  12. @Henrik

    Just for the record and to avoid any misunderstandings: I’m NOT the one who made this video. It was made an uploaded by a courages young Dane; I merely passed it on.

    This is also clearly stated at my blog.

  13. Noted, Mikael 🙂

    Anyway, it’s one of those ‘Wow!’ pieces that show the value of being in the right place at the right time – with a camera.

    I don’t go to Helen Latifi any more. We used to have some great debates, but she was not able to deal with what I dug out of the ‘scripture’, and the atmosphere grew too vicious.

  14. “…the barbarous Neanderthal mentality exhibited by Islamic miscreants” – Zenster, you give Neanderthals a bad name.

  15. What I find most entertaining is how do those ANTIFA tools come to terms with these blatant Nazis they support? And why were these REAL Nazis not stomped upon after hearing these statements? Like some robot out of a 50s sci-fi movie I expect them to start flailing about shouting “does not compute!” before their heads explode.

    Ooops. I forgot. It is impossible for any “oppressed” persons of color to be Nazis.

  16. Dear Charlemagne (and all),

    You want to act. Naturally you want to act. This blog is truly, with no sarcasm whatever intended, the best, the very best in intellectual activity. I commend it. I support it. I wish it many long years, having to shut down only once all these turbulent times are over (speedily in our days, amen). And I wish I hadn’t left it on such a discordant note as I did, but like you, I felt so frustrated. There are limits, like not shouting, “Fire!” in a theater and not making death threats, and there’s no skirting around them.

    Yes, I too have come to feel like Otto von Bismarck, who had grown tired of talks and slow-grinding wheels and uttered his famous quote, “Not by speeches and votes of the majority are the great questions of the time decided, but by iron and blood”. Well, “iron and blood” may be too harsh–I don’t want to take up arms unless things have reached a state of total collapse (civil war, last-ditch defense and the like)–but I see the point. Gates of Vienna makes for a good reading (it and The American Thinker are the order of the day for me), but, as you have found out, one can withstand only so much rising of blood pressure.

    I once came to the conclusion that if the Intarweb existed in Binyamin Ze’ev Herzl’s day, the Jews would still be stateless today. If you want to act, you must git yo’ behind off the cathedra situated in front of your advanced Von Neumann machine and do something like in old times. Think of something. Maybe a real-life Western Guard or Treason Track or McCarthy Brigade to keep tabs on Marxist shennanigans in your area or even whole country. Perhaps a local vigilance group to show the Mooselimbs (hey, what’s good for the Juice…) where the red line lies. There’s always something that can be done. After all, the election of the Obambi did follow decades of the Marxist “Long March through the institutions”, meaning real-world action pays off in the end, for better or worse.

    Good luck, and may HaShem bless you all.

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