Video of Assault on Pro-Köln Member

Last August I posted about the brutal attack on a 67-year-old member of the anti-Islamization movement Pro-Köln. While handing out flyers on the street in Cologne, the man was set upon by “youths”, beaten unconscious, and had to be taken to the hospital.

Yesterday a video of the attack surfaced and was posted at the Pro-Köln website. Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated the relevant text:

New video of assault on Pro-Köln alderman Hans-Martin Breninek

New evidence in the brutal attack on 67-year-old municipal councilor in August 2008

[Pro Köln chairman] Beisicht: Video documents the willingness of our opponents to use violence!

In August 2008 several young people with a clear immigrant background, one of them with a fighting dog, attacked a Pro Köln information stand in the middle of downtown Cologne.

The 67-year-old alderman Hans-Martin Breninek was beaten down and remained unconscious on the ground. He had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. After the turn of the year a shocking [new] video appeared of this brutal assault, which actually made a rapid identification of the perpetrators possible.

To watch the video: please click here (mpg file, 4MB).

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Caption: Hans-Martin Breninek lies seriously injured on the ground. The 67-year-old retired judge became a victim of the fanatical agitation against patriots in Germany.

As the Pro-Köln-chairman and lawyer Markus Beisicht explains: “The video documents once again the appalling willingness of our adversaries to use violence, whether they are deluded Leftist extremists or incited young immigrants, most of them from the Islamic world. The caricature in the media, whereby Pro-Köln is pictured as a group of dangerous extremists, is thus once again refuted. We defend fundamental democratic rights while our opponents find almost any means to win the argument — and large sections of the media and the established politicians simply remain silent about that. Quo vadis Colonia?”

The video is a 4MB mpeg file. I downloaded and watched it, but I don’t know how to create a YouTube version of it. If anyone knows of a YouTube version, please drop me a link and I’ll embed it here.

5 thoughts on “Video of Assault on Pro-Köln Member

  1. The video is not that schoking. I am yet to understand how the man fall…

    However, I am glad to know that those youths were immigrants though I do believe antifas will behave like that any time soon.

    Dark times ahead.

  2. @ Alfonso Hendriques:
    “I am yet to understand how the man fall…”
    —Sorry I am a bit late here, but found two slow motion gif images for you that more clearly show (in slow motion) what happened in the background: here and here.

    “I do believe antifas will behave like that any time soon.”
    —Unfortunately, they already do. Just an example:
    “[…] self-proclaimed “antifascists” beat up the 45-year-old German-Jewish member of the Federal Executive Board of the citizens’ movement Pro Deutschland, Michael Kucherov, in the district town hall of Rodenkirchen.” [Sep.19, 2008]

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