Sydney’s Socialist Revolutionaries Support Israel

Sydney Indymedia pollWell, at least eleven of them do. Look at the poll on the right sidebar of this Indymedia site in Sydney, Australia. More than half (58%) of respondents thought that Israel was justified in retaliating against attacks by Hamas on its citizens.

And not one of the poll’s respondents agreed that “Israel has no right to exist”!

What’s wrong with you, Socialists of Sydney? Better get with the program!

Also: there’s a protest rally coming up on Sunday in Melbourne. Don’t miss it — bring beer, bacon sarnies, and the dog to show your solidarity with Hamas.

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4 thoughts on “Sydney’s Socialist Revolutionaries Support Israel

  1. Gates of Vienna must be easy to please.

    To me the positions of “Yes, but it was overkill” (32%) and “No, the situation was caused by Israel in the first place” (37%) — for a combined total of 69% — represent an utterly unacceptable orientation.

    While it is true that they do not represent the darker anti-Semitic Leftism of the West, they nevertheless solidly reflect the mainstream dominance of PC MC (politically correct multi-culturalism), which is the main reason why the West has not roused itself to rational analysis of the problem of Islam. Thus, any positions which support them — such as the positions of the majority of these Aussie Socialists — is simply impermissible, squarely part of the problem, and no cause for optimism.

    The Hesperado

  2. meh, Sydney Indymedia are wimps, checkout this article by the Socialist Alternative

    “Apartheid state has no “right to exist”

    Self-righteous sermons about Israel’s “right to exist” are among the most common attacks made on defenders of the Palestinians. But a state based on systematic racism and dispossession has no such right.

    When Nelson Mandela’s ANC resisted white rule in South Africa, they were fighting to abolish the apartheid state. Only racist defenders of apartheid claimed this meant they wanted to murder the white population or force them out of the country.

    Which is pretty much what happened. They view Israel and Australia through the same prism.

  3. Well according to the snapshot of the survey you posted, it’s representing a grand total of….19 votes!

    That said, indymedia is well indymedia. Do conservative-oriented folks regularly read or participate there? I never have – the only links I ever see for indymedia are regarding liberal causes and protests, at least stateside.

    or maybe that’s just my bias.

  4. Erich —

    I don’t know if I’m easy to please or not, but as I far as I can tell you are utterly lacking in a sense of humor!

    The most amusing part of this — which Tuan Jim noticed — is they only got 19 people to respond to their silly poll. What happened to the proletarian masses that read Indymedia?

    If that’s not LOL-worthy, then I don’t know what is.

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