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I posted yesterday about a Danish human rights group that complained to the UN about the “racist” Danish People’s Party, after failing to interest the Danish legal system in their case.

Now DPP member Morten Messerschmidt has struck back, filing his own complaint with the UN about one of the anti-racist complainants, Abdul Wahid Petersen.

Zonka has kindly translated an article on the topic from today’s Jyllands-Posten:

Messerschmidt complains about imam to the UN

Morten MesserschmidtDanish People’s Party’s (DPP) EU spokesman Morten Messerschmidt now takes the unusual step of complaining to the UN about Abdul Wahid Petersen, who has defended stoning as part of Islamic law.

“Normally I believe that it is silly, that political questions should be decided by courts and in the UN. But when it has come so far, I believe that he should taste a bit of his own medicine. In any case the UN human rights commissioner ought to know that it is a man who defends stoning who is behind the complaint,” says Morten Messerschmidt.

In the complaint to the so-called UN High-Commissioner for human rights, Navanethem Pillay, Morten Messerschmidt includes the reference, even though Abdul Wahid Petersen distanced himself from stoning as punishment in 2002, he then explained that it “seen from an Islamic viewpoint, has been instigated by the creator himself,” and that we are not “authorized” to change this.

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Wants assessment

“If you agree in the assessment that stoning violates human rights, then I would like your opinion concerning such public statements and their effect on the public debate in addition to the effect on integrating the Muslim minority into the Danish society,” writes Morten Messerschmidt to Navanethem Pillay.

The former South African judge has previously worked for women’s rights in her homeland and was the first black woman who became supreme judge in South Africa.

The Documentation and Advice Center on Racial Discrimination (DRC) has on behalf of a number of Danish Muslims, including among others Abdul Wahid Petersen, complained to the UN about that DPP’s leader Pia Kjærsgaard and others have compared Muslims with Nazis and headscarves with swastikas.

In the comments to my earlier post, Yorkshire Miner had this to say about Abdul Wahid Petersen:

Here is a balanced thumbnail sketch of the imam.

Imam Abdul Wahid Petersen is a nasty little Danish t*** who converted, if my memory serves me correctly, while serving a prison sentence for drug dealing. He runs his religious con game from a nice little mosque in West Copenhagen, where the slimy little b****** invites the local population in at Christmas for a good dose of Jul Hygge (Christmas Cosiness). All this obnoxious little man has ever done with his life is to substitute one mind destroying drug for another.

3 thoughts on “Sauce for the Gander

  1. Regarding Muslims gumming up western human rights machinery with trumped up and frivolous complaints of mythical Islamophobia, they need to be hoist on their own petard, since the only thing worse than a bigot is a hypocritical bigot who presumes to judge others while himself committing much worse sins of racism, Christianophobia and general intolerance.

    Westerners have been stupidly supine over this double standard for too long, allowing the world’s biggest troublemakers and bigots to lecture them instead of telling them to shut their traps until the Muslim world has cleaned up its own act and caught up with the civilized world (never). The present situation is like letting a career criminal lecture us for jaywalking. We may not be perfect but they are abysmal.

  2. Jihadists and Islamists must be fought like=with-like.

    No politician took up SIOE’s anti-kuffarphobia petition, however.

    This was intended to have been submitted to the UN at Durban 2009 to counter anti-Israel moves by Islamic countries.

    Fight ‘islamophobia’ with ‘kuffarphobia’. The process is simple.

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