Pro-Israel Demo in Prague

Our Czech correspondent Martin, who blogs at Převážně neškodné, just sent us an email about a pro-Israel demonstration that was held today in Prague:

Hello Baron,

Just to inform you, today between 14:00 — 15:15 there was a pro-Israel demonstration in Prague. Attendance was not heavy, because it has been damn cold there!

Spokesmen criticized political correctness and anti-Israeli bias in the media. If I remember correctly, one of the participants quoted part of the speech delivered by Geert Wilders in Jerusalem in December, and there was also criticism of Islam and its roots.

Thesis: “There is nothing like moderate Islam, just Islam”

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From what I have read in the media, they say there were overall about two hundred participants. I have posted some photos from the demo (including one photo of an attempt at a counter-demo by about 30 supporters of Palestine:) at my blog. There were also some demonstrations against Israel — on 2nd January 100 people, 8th January about 80 people.

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Even if you can’t read Czech, go over to Martin’s place and see the rest of the photos. The one showing the counter-demonstrators is somewhat dark, but some of the participants in it look suspiciously like the “blackhoods” of Antifa.

3 thoughts on “Pro-Israel Demo in Prague

  1. Hello I have discovered something about origin of those counterdemonstraters 🙂

    From Czech Press Agency:

    Few tens of radicals shouted slogans like “Jews, return the Gaza”, or “Israel, USA, go to hell” Beeing asked by Czech Press Agency on behalf of who they are acting they answered: “It doesn’t matter if we are anarchists or nazis, main is that we have right opinion”

    I can add that spokesmen explicitly said that they regret civilian causalties but there is clear that it is the fault of Hamas who use civilians as human shields and as a propaganda tool. It has been said that Israel wish to live with its neigbhours including Palestine in peace.

    There has been nice comparison of attitude towards civilian population….on the one hand Israel who is building shelters and system of early warning and everything to reduce risk of injuries and fatalities on its side and trying to prevent civilian fatalites in Gaza Strip as much as possible and on the other hand Hamas who deliberately use its civilian population for its immoral aims.

  2. The devil hamas bought the palis Chavez style with foreign money, now they pay for the deal in the statistics of dead to please the rage of international idiots.

    It is a commercial undertaking right now.

  3. Hi, i just wanted to give other random pro-Israel advocates out there a heads up about a blog site that has a collection of Youtube videos of confrontations and dueling demos between pro and anti-Israel forces in the San Francisco Bay Area. i’ll be posting a back log of videos for most of the rest of this week every:

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