4 thoughts on “Let’s Play Pretend

  1. Let’s pretend a little more, just a little:

    -Pretend that that there is another branch of your religion whose ancestors actually came from your part of the world…and that you resent this and deny them the rights – abuse and repress them.

    -Pretend that you establish a myriad of checkpoints to the original people there, and their entry and exit is delayed at the whim of those manning the checkpoints.

    -Pretend that your military toys with them, and beat them up at a whim and out of boredom.

    -Pretend that your men regularly make a sweep of Indigenous villages, and take away their youth to prison- and once there, abuse and beat the youth.

    -Pretend that your military has bulldozers and a a whim destroys humble orchards centuries old: lemon, orange and olive trees. The means of livelihood.

    -Pretend that your country decides to come into the homes of villagers, and throw them out, at gun point.

    -Pretend that because of a perceived wrongdoing of one person in a village, your country punishes the entire village.

    -Pretend that your country has a religious sect that is topdog, and that sect handles everybody else, including their women as 2nd class citizens, even practicing a “jim crow” type of policy, example, if the men of this top religion want a seat in a bus, the person must give up their seat, and if there is no room in the bus, the driver kicks that person off, even if it’s woman, pregnant, in the middle of nowhere.

  2. branwen, cute but full of shit. Arabs are not the indigenous people. They displaced the indigenous people. Its time for the Arabs to stop their illegal occupation of Zion, Kurdistan, Assyria and most of the Middle East.

    Now the Arabs of Gaza have no one to blame for their situation but themselves.They can end this tomorrow, but won’t. Their whole purpose, the fundamental reason for being of Hamas, is to exterminate the Jews. For that alone the Israelis would justified in burning Gaza to the ground. No one wants the Palestinians, not even their brother Arabs. People are funny, if you shoot at them, even if you keep missing, they don’t find it amusing. Instead they tend to shoot back. The pigs wanted war and war is what they got.

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