Jewish Home Fire-Bombed in Antwerp

An article from the Flemish magazine Joods Actueel, as translated by VH:

Fire bomb at home of Jewish family in Antwerp

In the course of the day [Sunday January 4] it became known that in the night from Saturday to Sunday a fire bomb was thrown at a house in Antwerp. The house belongs to a Jewish family. As if by a miracle the fire extinguished itself. The consequences could otherwise have been disastrous because at the time of the attack 12 children were sleeping in the house.

The targeted house is located in the Oedenkovenstraat in Borgerhout, within walking distance of the Turnhoutsebaan. The Turnhoutsebaan was in 2002 the location of serious riots after an AEL [Arabisch Europese Liga, “Arabic European Legue”] demonstration went out of control.

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UPDATE: There were rags with fire accelerators stuffed in the letter box and then set on fire. The public prosecutor takes the matter very seriously. Mayor Janssens [SP.A, Socialist Party] said that the Police continue to conduct surveillance to protect the Jewish community.

More details about the attempted arson are not known and/or not yet released. However, it is known that several people from the Jewish community have received serious death threats.

4 thoughts on “Jewish Home Fire-Bombed in Antwerp

  1. I have long read internet chatter that former IDF people act as a Security Force in Antwerp, and are armed accordingly.

    Should the AEL attempt a pogrom in the ghetto, supposedly they would open fire, likely killing scores of Islamofascists, and probably sparking an Islamist civil war across Belgium that would result in the death of thousands, overwhelming both the police and the army, and almost certainly signifying the end of a unified Belgium.

    BTW, has VB issued any statements on the Gaza War?

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