Gun-Toting Hamas Supporters in Barcelona

Barcelona demo

A Spanish reader named Hordley just sent us the following email about what happened today in Barcelona:

Barcelona demoA gun was held in the air in a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Barcelona this afternoon.

The man holding the gun had his face covered and was right behind the placard that opened the demonstration.

The motto of the demonstration was “Stop the massacre in Gaza”.

It was supposed to be for peace but, in addition to this man showing a gun, the speeches were all violently anti-Israel and no mention was made about Hamas and Islam.

A great number of Muslims, mostly Maghrebins and Pakistanis, were present.

The rest of the demonstrators were all kinds of Communists and post-Communists.

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Although the hysteria is stimulated by the media — especially Catalonian television, which is acting as a propagandist for Hamas — the majority of Catalans are aware of what’s really going and give support to Israel. Because its war is our war.

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11 thoughts on “Gun-Toting Hamas Supporters in Barcelona

  1. Just to be perfectly freaking clear here. When and if Israel falls, Spain is the next target. Not because I say so and not even because Usama Bin Laden says so which he most clearly did in one of his videos, but because Islam believes Spain belongs under sharia and Islamic rule. There must be no doubt in the minds of Spaniards that every single component of their culture which they and I hold dear, from the music, the food, the wine and sexuality of it’s women will be obliterated perhaps for another seven hundred years.
    For the love of humanity, Spain MUST support Israel.

  2. Not much chance of that. Spaniards caved in a big way to the train bombings and played dhimmi by turfing the conservative government for a socialist who immediately followed their Muslim masters’ orders and withdrew Spain’s troops from Iraq.

    Spain’s socialist government is majority female I believe. They’re either busy sewing their burkas or like narcissistic leftists everywhere, think some grand exception will be made for them, you know, sharia law with women in power, abortion on demand etc. They’d be laughable if they weren’t endangering us all.

  3. While I do not dispute any of that I did hear a rumor I liked enough to cling to. Apparently after the train bombings the govt. of Spain using contacts from cell phones etc. expelled some twenty thousand Muslim immigrants pretty much right away from Spain. No idea if this is true and I can’t even remember the source at this point. But I do like it as rumors go. Even so, ultimatly it will likely end up being yet another Euro civil war unless the government begins to perceptibly act in the interests of the Spanish people. Someone play a segurilla for me. We may not here one there again for some time.

  4. Laine: Not much chance of that. Spaniards caved in a big way to the train bombings and played dhimmi by turfing the conservative government for a socialist

    Not true. The reason the vote turned against the conservatives was because they insisted, immediately after the bombing, that it had to have been ETA. Up to that point they’d been polling high enough to win with a comfortable majority. The insistence that it was ETA when the evidence was already pointing to islamists created the perception that the conservatives were attempting to exploit the bombing for political objectives. Then the socialists popped up and said we will deal with it properly, without saying what they meant by “properly”.

    Like the US democrats, the socialists didn’t really win so much as gain protest votes.

  5. AMDG —

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    AMDG said…

    It is even much worst, you may update the post: The Interior Minister of the regional Catalonian government participated in the demo and was close to the man. He was not identified nor arrested by regional police, who only requested him to hide the gun. He could continue with his faced covered:


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