BNP: Pro-Israel

Lawrence Auster has an significant item about the BNP:

Griffin on Gaza; BNP rank and file support for Israel

British National Party chairman Nick Griffin has quite an interesting statement on the Gaza situation, posted at a pro-BNP site in Wigan, England. Supporters of Israel will not be pleased with all his points (he says that what’s happening in the Mideast is of no concern to Britons), but overall his statement is pro-nationhood, pro-the right of self-defense, pro-Western civilization, and utterly realistic about Islam and what needs to be done about it—and thus, in effect, strongly pro-Israel. The level of thought in this article is lightyears beyond anything heard in mainstream British politics.

More at View From the Right.

Hat tip: Paul Belien.

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10 thoughts on “BNP: Pro-Israel

  1. I remember during the Presidential Primaries that Ron Paul talked about staying out of international affairs, namely Israel. At the time, it made sense to me. After learning more about the issue, this is insanity. How could anybody, especially someone in the UK, say that what is happening in Israel is of no consequence to their country?

  2. Wow, this shocks me. I thought I was supposed to hate Nick Griffin. Of course, I’m sure my shock is nothing compared to Charles Johnson’s!

  3. The article along with all the BNP members’ comments can be found at the official BNP website (, please take a look at the hundreds of comments, the vast, vast majority strongly pro-Israel

  4. It would be nice if prominent British Jews, particularly those in media who are die-hard Israel supporters, reciprocated by calling off their own jihad against any kind of British nationalism. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  5. Piggy

    I did originally direct Lawrence Auster to the main BNP website, but for some reason (his comms are being interfered with in other ways – so who knows ?) he couldn’t get through. So I sent a link to the site I assist with at Wigan where I had already posted a copy of Griffin’s statement. I did link to the original article at the bottom of my copy, and he was able to reach the main site via that.

  6. Orlando

    Read the statement a little more carefully – and bear in mind that Mr Griffin is a politician, with all that THAT entails regarding what is said.

    At one point he says:

    “One of the core tenets of our nationalist philosophy is that Britain should keep completely out of other people’s quarrels and wars unless there are clear issues of our own national interest to give us the right, and our government the duty, to interfere.”

    Later on he says:

    “Thus while we would oppose any move to entangle Britain in war on behalf of Israel, it is in our clear national interest that it should survive.”

    Think carefully about it. There are other ways to ‘interfere’ than getting directly involved in a war. Is America directly involved in Israel’s wars?

  7. I am an English nationalist, not a British nationalist.

    The greatest threat to England is the United Kingdom and the deadliest enemies of the English are the British. Even more so than Islamists.

    England is riddled with enemies within.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I fully agree with political parties when they speak out against Islam, but they exist to promote themselves.

    On the counter Al-Quds demo in London last year, Jews I spoke to were unimpressed with the BNP because they believed they would be next after the Muslims “had been dealt with” (in their words).

    That is the problem for the BNP. They seem to change their tune to suit.

    However, I really believe Nick Griffin truly believes Jews should have a homeland and that homeland should be Israel.

    I really wish parties like the BNP would organise a joint demo to promote their anti-Islam cause and motivate their memberships to attend. I know from experience this is easiest said than done, but I reckon one big annual demo would be well attended, and not only by their members.

    Stephen Gash

  8. What excellent news!
    And contrary to Natalie, I am not shocked at all… virtually any serious Nationalist will support Israel (though she says she was supposed to hate him which makes me believe that she knows something I do not).


    “Ron Paul talked about staying out of international affairs, namely Israel. At the time, it made sense to me. After learning more about the issue, this is insanity.”

    Orlando, from a strictly Israeli point of view, it makes no sense for Israel to be dependent on “the West”. Look at Israel’s position.

    We have two options and I suppose most people here do not want to see option one: Option one is for us to recognise that Israel is just a temporary state and that it will succumb to jihad in 20, 40, 100 years time.
    Option number two is the assumption that Israel will stay where it is, as it is, for a while.

    If so, if Israel is to maintain itsel, it must find a balance between it’s neighbours.

    And Israel cannot maintain a balance in relation to its neighbours if the only reason Israel is independent is because “the West” will fall over who attacks Israel and because Iran has not its nukes… yet.

    Israel must assure its independence, even if by military means; but it also has to be respected in the area, and that is the hard part of it. Being “the small Satan” that controls “the big Satan” does not help, does not help at all.


    However, it is usefull to highlight Avery Bullard’s comment: “It would be nice if prominent British Jews, particularly those in media who are die-hard Israel supporters, reciprocated by calling off their own jihad against any kind of British nationalism.” I’d like to see it too. Remember that Jew that destroyed Mark Collet’s carrier? That was low…

  9. APP agrees with the BNP but its hard not to take sides, given that Israel is a beacon of light surrounded by a sea of medieval darkness. Despite the protests in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia has a long history with Israel, even before its creation as a modern state. From the great cavalry charge of the Australian Light Horse at Beersheba in October 1917, to Australian soldiers doing volunteer work, sharing the comradeship through the pioneering spirit in the kibbutzim during WWII, through to Australian political and diplomatic efforts that saw the creation and recognition of Israel.

    Israel and Australia have more in common than most people realise. Both were the product of British colonialism (in one way or another), both were populated by people nobody else wanted and both defended their soil with their own blood. Our glorious dead lie at rest in war graves throughout Beersheba and Jerusalem, Israel was partly founded on Australian blood.

    Israel has every right under the sun to defend herself from the onslaught of the barbarian hordes and in some way, the fate of the West rests with the fate of Israel. Not that we in the West consider Israel to be some sort of human shield against the Islamic Jihad, being on the coalface of that great civilisational divide, but what happens to Israel will inevitably be the fate of the West. Nazism did not die in 1945 in a bunker, that great evil strides the World now in full view and is not ashamed.

    “And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?” ~ Yeats.

  10. Stephen:

    I don’t see how comments by Jews about the BNP can cause you to conclude that “[the BNP] seem to change their tune to suit”.

    The BNP’s position on any given subject is based on what is best for Britain. Neither Israel nor Jewish people have ever been a threat to Britain whereas Islam and Muslims most definitely have.

    Being anti-Semitic has never been official BNP policy whereas being anti-Islamic has. The BNP have an official anti-Islamic leaflet (I should know as I’ve delivered hundreds of them through people’s letterboxes – an activity not without its risks).

    I suppose the reason why the BNP has never had an explicitly anti-Islamic demo is partly to do with logistics.

    There was a rally last year to draw attention to the murder of BNP activist Keith Brown in Stoke. Keith was stabbed in the back by his Muslim neighbour but the mainstream press – who are committed to only writing negatively about the BNP – portrayed the murderer as an honourable upstanding member of the community who had finally snapped one day, and insinuated that Keith had somehow asked for it.

    Given the mainstream press’s attitude towards the BNP it’s amazing how the BNP gets any votes at all. I guess the rise of the Internet means that people can now find out what they need to without having to rely on the mainstream press’s biased reporting.

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