Allahu Akhbar! Heil Hitler!

I just received this compilation of videos of Pro-Hamas anti-Israel demonstrations. I haven’t had time to check them all out, so if you find any bad or inappropriate links, let me know.

Also, you may want to download your own copies of these, because YouTube regularly removes videos such as these.

Hitler’s turban

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15 thoughts on “Allahu Akhbar! Heil Hitler!

  1. To understand this, ahem, resurgent interest in Hitler, I suggest reading up on the origins of the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikwan).

    The booklet The Nazi Roots of Palestinian Nationalizm gives the key points. The Ikwan rose to power and influence based on Nazi money, guns and ideology. That has not been forgotten.

    This book, Icon of Evil, is probably also good. I didn’t read it myself, though, but the comments etc. at Amaxon look just right.

    Oh. Tariq Ramadan is the unofficial European representative of Ikwan.

  2. Having viewed a few of these videos I wonder what, exactly, we are defending? Are our militaries defending the right to anarchy? Are they defending the right to destroy property without being arrested?
    If these people were in charge does anyone actually think that our society would be better off? Do any of you want them to be in charge? If not, then why do police forces around the western world give them a pass? How many destroyed shops is too many before the police step in and bust some heads?
    I really don’t understand where we are going.

  3. I bought a Glock and I am begining to get trained..

    the next step will be a concealed carry permit…

    I have also alerted our schul to upgrade our security plans and training…

    as of now I am installing in my trunk a lock box with a pistol and at least 100 rounds of .40 cal

    It’s time for all law abiding, ethical people to become armed and self reliant.

  4. i also had the video with the Hitler lovers in LA posted on an account of mine on youtube ( vasileOmFrumos ) that was deleted yesterday. not my account is blocked, will be deleted soon, i’m sure, i cant login to to it anymore until 26th of this month. this is youtube.
    I will move to liveleak, until they will begin also to cave in to the islamists. i knew it will eventually happen but i’m still shocked!

  5. No accident or coincidence that two of Canada’s most emphatically over populated with immigrants and idiot left wing students demonstrate their kinship with Europe.

    A national embarrassment at the best of times .. both cities revel in their “culture”.

  6. What is “Occupation” said: “I bought a Glock…….”

    Excellent! I’m a Glock fan myself ( although the new SIG 250 looks like the cat’s meow to me; I’m an old revolver shooter and I enjoy the feel of double-action-only. Very high on my wish list!)

    You should stock up on high-capacity magazines, as these are going to be banned by our new Muslim-sympathizing, ultra-corrupt Chicago-machine-politician thug, moral and intellectual lightweight President, “Barry Sotero.” And get LOTS of ammo, too. You might want to get a copy of Shotgun News. Check out the ads for steel cased Wolf ammo in .40 caliber. About $230 for a case of 1,000 rounds.
    I’ve used Wolf ammo in 7.62 x 39 and it has always worked well. It is not reloadable, but is inexpensive. Just pull the trigger and let the empties fly.

  7. you can download youtube videos with Real Player. when you install it it gives you the option to download videos from sites like liveleak, youtube, etc

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