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Our Flemish correspondent VH is following the latest news on the Pro-Köln movement in Germany, and has translated some of the German-language material for Gates of Vienna.

From what he describes here, the Pro groups are experiencing something similar to what’s happening to the BNP in Britain. Support for the mainstream parties is hemorrhaging, and disaffected voters are transferring their allegiance to Pro-Köln and its allies.

Here’s what VH says:

Two interesting developments:

1. Calling Pro-Köln members “Nazis” will cost the average blackhood 450 euro per smear from now on.

2. Christian Democrats are defecting to the Pro-Köln movement because of the multicultural near-leftist attitude in the CDU.

For instance, the CDU mayor of Cologne Schramma told blackhood street terrorists, concerning Pro-Köln: “These brown Biedermänner [Bieder-men, a smear word for conservative people from the southern hinterland of Germany] are in reality arsonists, racists in bourgeois outfits, subtle fear-mongers,” he warned in front of thousands of [Leftist] demonstrators. “This dirty clique of Euro fascists, these Haiders and Le Pens [who wasn’t even planning to attend the Congress] and whatever their names may be, I call to them: There is the exit, that’s the way back home!”

Now only mentioning his name is enough to give many law abiding CDU representatives the creeps and they are starting to defect to the Pro movement. That is significant, because that will not only drain the CDU of important Conservative representatives, but also add even more electoral appeal and credits to Pro.

Schramma is finished soon, and maybe next the leftist CDU in Nordrhein Westphalen. More importantly: The Pro movement has a even better chance to enter city governments and stop a few mega-mosques form being built.

From the Pro-Köln website (translated by VH):

Insulting “Pro” activists [Pro Köln, Pro NRW] as “Nazis” will cost leftist Activists 450 euros

Prosecutor Aachen finds the offense of insult applicable, and imposes a fine amounting 450 euros

A Leftist-extremist student jeered “neo-Nazis” and “Nazis” at members and friends of the citizens’ movement Pro NRW [Nordrhein Westphalen] at an information stand at Holzgraben [shopping center] in Aachen. The insults were immediately reported by Pro NRW activists to the local police who were present in the area. The prosecutor of Aachen now has issued an arrest warrant for libel in the amount of 450 euros against the Leftist disturbers.

Here is the comment of Pro Köln and Pro NRW chairman and Lawyer Markus Beisicht:

– – – – – – – –

“Pro NRW is a constitution-respecting, democratic opposition movement. Those who defame us, and want to push us into an extreme right corner, will therefore have to calculate the criminal consequences. To insult Democratic opponents one finds inconvenient as being neo-Nazis has its price. The prosecutor in Aachen has fixed this at 450 Euros. Adding to this there still will be civil lawsuits by the offended Pro NRW members. An expensive balance sheet for 5 minutes of Antifa-fame.

“And also in the future, members of the Pro movement will file a notification of insults and defamatory insinuations immediately. Because we not only defend the democratic rule of law, but we also insist on our Constitutional rights to be respected.”

And also from Pro-Köln:

Schramma and Laschet are driving conservative members out of CDU and into Pro!

A brief interview with the chairman of the Pro movement, the lawyer Markus Beisicht, on the spectacular transfer of the CDU [Christian Democratic Union] and JU [Youth movement of the CDU]-functionary Gereon Breuer to Pro Köln and Pro NRW.

Why is the pro-movement so attractive to disappoint CDU functionaries?

Beisicht: In Nordrhein-Westphalia, there was no longer a conservative CDU-wing. The state party adapted to the spirit of the times and left little to distinguish itself from the SPD [Labour]. Every CDU representative who dared to express politically incorrect views, was maneuvered onto the sidelines. Moreover, people like Schramma and Laschet are scaring off many conservative CDU members and representatives of goodwill.

Just as the Leftist Party absorbed parts of the SPD, we are currently recruiting many former CDU members and representatives. Christian Democrats who became politically homeless will find a new political home with us, where you still can strive for the preservation of German culture The CDU in Nordrhein-Westphalia is in an erosion process just at their conservative edge. It no longer offers any orientation, and operates a policy that only accords with the standards of the blockwatch of political correctness. That this in the long run this will lead to a membership decline is more than understandable. It is not without reason that Friedrich Merz [former chairman of the CDU] is leaving politics.

Will other CDU officials follow the example of Gereon Breuer and the former CDU chairman of Cologne-Ehrenfeld Joerg Uckermann?

Beisicht: I am quite optimistic about that. Especially in the Cologne CDU, there is enough dynamite after the recent party congress. We are currently in Cologne having talks with two CDU officials. But in the entire province there is meanwhile a whole network of contacts with many disappointed CDU officials who no longer want to support the fatal multicultural course of their party. Several former CDU representatives in cities in Ruhr and Ostwestfalen have already switched to us and are currently preparing publicly active Christian Democrat officials. With these officials, when I even mention the name of the Cologne Mayor Fritz Schramma, my conversation partners’ response is downright horrified. People like Schramma, [Armin] Laschet and Co. are pushing countless CDU members out of their party. We should actually be grateful to them!

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6 thoughts on “The Latest on Pro-Köln

  1. hmm hope for some europeans after all?,….

    but stopping the building a a “super sized moque”

    is like a doctor treating the symptoms of a disease instead of the cause. you have a cancerous brain tumer but instead of cutting it out your doctor gives you advil so for a little while you dont have a headache…

  2. Mais, oui–

    stopping the building a a “super sized moque” is beginning where you are and where the immediate concerns are.

    The huge mosques are overtaking the landscape and stopping their further erection is a very smart move.

    The landscape which surrounds us is crucial to our sense of place. The construction of so very many of these giganto-mosques is a power move. Stopping them is a counter-move and a smart one.

    I hope they succeed. Then they can concentrate on less pressing but equally important measures.

  3. Cologne is one of the best places in Germany. Now beaten and overrun for a while by artificially summoned crowds from all over Germany including probably some neighbours, they can concentrate on a durable policy – organizing – representing Cologne propre. They can assume a leading role if they persevere and might inspire other cities.

    They were attacked and occupied by a monosubculturist minority movement with a perfect network – consisting of people with no obligations, no faces, no addresses, no responsibility.

    These crazy nomads might control whole Germany. Again the solution would be to coordinate events at the same time in various cities – the nomads would lose their artficial advantage in numbers – moving and hitting at pleasure.

  4. rumcrook, exactly the construction of those mega-mosques is the thing to stop right now. They require a lot of funding and a lot of expectation of Islam to dominate – thus the size – and halting these projects, however it is done, is a severe humiliation of Islam and the idea that it is “the fastest growing religion” – blablabla.

    Munich shows the way.

  5. The mosque issue may be viewed as being of secondary importance, because it seems mosques are only a symbol.

    However, it is precisely because they are a symbol that it is so important to nip them in the bud.

    The strategy of Islam is all about symbols: the veil; the ramadan; the unkempt beards; the slain sheep, etc. Mohammed cartoons are but a symbol: see what they made out of them.

    Islamists use symbols as a lever to impose their rule, while pretending at first they are really no big deal: just symbols, you see.

    However, when indigenous European girls are systematically harassed sexually by Muslim youths, and even raped, unless they submit and don the veil, suddenly a mere piece of cloth turns into much more than a symbol.

    Mosques are not mere symbols, even by that most extended definition.

    Mosques have classrooms, where hatred of Christians and Jews can (and most likely will) be taught. They have preachers who can (and will) call to jihad. They have “social services” who will collect donations and use them for jihad. They have imams who will commit rape against infidel women, then produce alibis from fellow muslims testifying they were preaching at the time (this happened in Great Britain). They have minarets, from which loudspeakers will blare the call to prayer; not right from the beginning, but be sure that Muslims will attempt that trick at some point in the future (this has been tried in Cambridge, in the UK; I am not aware of the outcome).

    And when your house will be within earshot of a minaret blaring the call to prayer at 6 a.m., how much do you think its value will fall? How long will you stay there?

    That is not symbolic at all. It is active ethnic warfare.

    When Muslims ask for their own specific areas in Christian graveyards, it might seem as “just a symbol” at first. However, what they will not tell you right away is that a Muslim grave is never to be touched. Ever.

    Whereas in France’s crowded urban cemeteries, for instance, you (the Christian) cannot buy a perpetual plot any more. The longer they will allow your loved ones to remain there might be 30 years. After that, the bones will be retrieved and put away in some common place. The grave will be gone.

    Be very sure that, once Muslims have won their Muslim plots in Christian graveyards, they will raise hell if some civil servant attempts to submit them to the common rule. Do you seriously think any western politician will risk urban guerrilla or suicide bombing over some old bones?

    You have already guessed the end of the story: after a while, Europeans will be wiped out even from their graveyards. Their very memory will be gone. No one will ever know they once inhabited this land.

    So, yes, symbols are very important. That is why we have flags, after all.

  6. everyone who responded is completely right. it is important to stop it. for all the reasons everyone put forth.

    I should have written my thoughts differently. I think my main point was how upsetting it is that it wasnt nipped in the bud years ago, all the footholds islam has gotten to silence critics, garner special treatment, project themselves as the perpetual victims when in reality they are the culprits of much of the strife around the world. using western idealism against us and puting themselves in a position of overlords dictating what we can cant say,do beleive. and once we got to the point that we are discussing stopping the building of super mosques, mineratte call to prayers that will devestate property prices for anyone not muslim, well it seems to me that it is way on down the path and too little to late.

    maybe it can be turned around. I hope so. but I think the religion of death and distruction has an upper hand, albeit only becuase thier evil dhimmi helpers have been flying wingman, and giving covering fire for many years now.

    in the end its harder for the civilized to stop the uncivilized.

    they are willing to do anything, even to one of thier own, whereas we are constantly rebuked if we see the truth of who our societal enemies are and voice our concern or call to arms.

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