Citizens’ Protest Halts Munich Mega-Mosque

This report from the Pro-Köln website has just been posted. Our Flemish correspondent VH kindly translated it for Gates of Vienna:

Citizens protest stops huge mosque in Munich

The Turkish-Islamic DITIB headquarters in Cologne will, according to Süddeutsche Zeitung, withdraw its financing commitment for the building of the huge mosque in Munich, because it had to deal with too many complaints from the native citizens.

The huge Munich mosque is therefore cancelled! This has been reported by Süddeutsche Zeitung. The main reason for the cancellation is the withdrawal of the financing commitment of the DITIB headquarters in Cologne. The reasons for this, according to Sueddeutsche Zeitung: “Too open, too liberal!”

Specifically, this is what the Süddeutsche Zeitung says:

“Apparently crucial for the change of mood among the members is that the DITIB, based in Cologne and coordinating nationwide more than 800 Turkish-Islamic Associations, is becoming increasingly more critical of the project, and declines any financing.

“According to observers at the Cologne Türkisch-Islamischen Union der Anstalt für Religion [DITIB, Turkish-Islamic Union for the Institution of Religion], which answers directly to the Turkish government, the Munich project became too open and too liberal. From critics within the board it also becomes apparent that the mosque at Gotzinger Platz [planned location in Munich] was even going to hold prayers in the German language and wanted to intensify the dialogue with the Christian churches.”

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In addition, the chairman of the Islam-critical Pro-Köln movement, the 45-year-old lawyer Markus Beisicht responded: “the DITIB lost their democratic and liberal cover, and showed their true face again: Islamist through and through, Turkish nationalist through and through. And above all, this umbrella organization wants to establish the largest ‘splendor mosque’ of all Germany in Cologne!

“But like the citizens of Munich, together with the citizens of Cologne we will put a thick spoke in the wheel of the DITIB! No to the large mosque! We are against Islamization and Turkization! Cologne should not become Istanbul! With this motto, a demo will take place on December 24 at 11:00 am, our second Saturday demo right in front of their headquarters on the corner of the Venloer Straße / Innere Kanalstraße.

“And to prevent the building of huge mosques, we will also make the local election in June 2009 a referendum on this mega-Islamizing project. Then the Council decision on this huge mosque will be sent away immediately by the new majorities in the City Council, just the way it came!”

7 thoughts on “Citizens’ Protest Halts Munich Mega-Mosque

  1. “which answers directly to the Turkish government, the Munich project became too open and too liberal. “

    Are you reading this lurkers? Like I said, if Oyvind Strømmen antifa loonies (or whatever) had any idea what they were talking about they would probably join us.

  2. the Munich project became too open and too liberal.

    I think we can all take a clue from this. Sam Solomon in his Charter has an excellent 10 demands listed. Raising these and other similar ones will make some of the funding go away, if not all.

    No funding, no mosque. That simple.

  3. According to a new German documentary film it all started im Munich – with the first mosque and to the surprize of many – the other mosques in Germany were not a sort of colourful grassroot activity – it was like mushroom spreading of the same organization from Munich – strictly organized all over

    Now – what I do not understand – what kind of harmony was achieved between Saudi and Turkish donors to spread their influence. The Turks had or have a very centralized mosque supervision securing that an imam could not make a fart without a permission from the central office.(DITIB is just an extension of the Turkish model/this might be the weak and strong point!). This is a reason why the Turks find the crazy Germans foolish enough to allow the muslims/imams so much freedom (see the case of Kaplan “Tiger” in Cologne). Many are quite proud of this supervision in Turkey/coming from Turkey and see it as an enlightened Turkish achievement which throws a negative light on foolish freedom concepts of modern German state.

    I find it more than interesting that it would be stopped where it started. OK The Bavarians are often rednecks treating an US black top manager outside Munich as a wild scurrilous person…but Munich itself was for decades rather social dem. island. in Bavaria.

    Speaking to the young people from Munich one would get the impression that the Turks there are mostly scavengers, simply undercast people with no link to the local population.

    One more feature which makes Bavaria an island in Germany is their staunch catholic faith.
    We do not like it that way, but it proves efficient in encountering islam. Similar case is Austria, one finds it unacceptable – what they make out of their catholic past or seminazi tendencies…but these things prove to be more ready to encounter and control islam than any “modernity” we might find elsewhere in Europe.

  4. Having just recently visited Istanbul, it is easily distinguishable from other world capitals by its prominent (and one has to admit beautiful) mosques. Nary a gothic church spire among them though (but a famous Byzantine church that was made into a mosque and now a museum Hagia Sophia).

    Cologne and other cathedral cities should also be allowed to retain their beauty in the eyes of Christians.

    Muslims who insist on huge mosques with towering minarets in Europe need to be told that their religion does not require such garish houses of worship, just their ideology which has no rights. They have freedom of worship but not freedom of architecture.

    Any Muslim objecting should be directed to their own policy of architectural exclusivity in every Muslim dominated country.

  5. The very idea that we, the western world, are fighting against the change of architecture in solidly Christian communities speaks volumes. I minored in architectural history. Facts on the ground have a lot to say about a society. Be it prisons, which BTW have a fascinating architectural history, or public buildings, or churches (places of worship), the architecture of a place has a huge influence on the society. It is both a reflection and a direction for society.
    It is right that the people of Germany reject huge mosques. They must retain their Christian skyline if their culture is to endure. It has gotten to the point that native Christians must take to the streets to retain their culture or they will be swallowed up…
    I give the highest praise to those that petitioned against the giant mosque. Their community and cultural history is doomed if they let this project go forward.

    On another note; I think since the funding was mainly coming from Turkish sources it is very likely that they withdrew the funding in order to appease or let everyone “forget” this muslim incident because they want to join the EU. Gotta take it one step at a time brother… No need to rile the great unwashed, kifir…

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