Stumping for Obama in the Schools

This video from Swedish TV shows a teacher in North Carolina publicly shaming a student for supporting John McCain and for having a father serving with the military in Iraq. It originally appeared at Tundra Tabloids, went viral, and has now spread to the MSM.

Not everyone who posted the video has credited KGS with the scoop, but its discovery was his doing. Kudos to Tundra Tabloids!

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20 thoughts on “Stumping for Obama in the Schools

  1. Ah yes. What passes these days for one of our “educators” doing what they do best. The really sad fact is that she is so ignorant and blinded by her love of the Messiah she probably doesnt even realize what she did is wrong.

    My sixth grade teacher ( a black woman) was one of the best teachers I ever had and she would not have dreamed of doing what this woman did. Let alone even raising the topic. She would have automatically known that it would have led to alienating certain kids. But that was a different time. And the standards were different. Now it seems that anyone with an IQ above room temperature can teach our kids.

  2. “She would have automatically known that it would have led to alienating certain kids.”

    That’s entirely the point. Public schools now turn out resentful and demoralized criminals.

  3. My two kids are in high school. We were talking about Bush and the election and who they supported. They were telling me how stupid Bush was, they thought Obama would fix everything, and how this talking point and that talking point – straight from the teachers’ mouths.

    Then we talked about taxes, guns, God, redistribution, socialism and Barack Obama for a while. They had some very good questions. By the time we were done, they understood why I am a conservative, even though it’s not popular right now. Sometimes kids do actually listen.

  4. I assume people have noticed that LGF has attacked Robert Spencer again. In a way, this is good, because it demonstrates to absolutely everybody that LGF is a far-Leftist blog and an enemy. We shouldn’t bother what they think about anything. They work for the other team.

  5. I have already been disowned by a couple of liberal friends for voting for Obama. If it weren’t for the blogosphere, I don’t know what I would do. I don’t know anybody with similar political views.

  6. Folly: Young people are so brainwashed it’s ridiculous. We have spent more years on education per person than any previous civilization, yet we get more and more insane. From this we can deduct that our current education system is deeply dysfunctional and perhaps intended to be so. Mass education has become indistinguishable from mass indoctrination.

    Early twenty-first century Westerners are the most brainwashed people in human history. Is it possible to override through indoctrination the natural instinct for self-preservation? Apparently yes, provided that the test subjects are white Westerners. We’re the dancing clowns of the planet; taught from infancy to feel personally guilty for absolutely everything that’s wrong in the world, past or present so that we can be squeezed for money and will meekly submit to any insult from others, thinking that we deserve it.

    The Obama-God is hailed as the Second Coming of Christ. Meanwhile on the Old Continent, it’s Arab week at the EU. From now on, every day will be Obama Day, and every week will be Arab Week. The EU wants to let tens of millions of more Muslims into Europe. The Eurabian totalitarians are promoting lebensraum for the new master race, just like the Nazis did before them. The only difference is which master race. Needless to say, the victims should hail their dispossession and gradual eradication as a great leap forward for mankind, and be taught to feel guilty and impure for even thinking otherwise.

    It’s the New World Order. Be tolerant and inclusive, or else…

  7. I’ve been fighting the average teachers’ political beliefs for years. I talk to my kids consistently. Any time something important happens in the news, we talk about it.

    While many young ones are pretty far left, there is evidence that the older and more successful people get, the farther right they drift. This does not tend to include some wildly successful people, who seem to have a great sense of guilt for being so well off.

    There is a quote often inappropriately attributed to Winston Churchill but originated with Francois Guisot (1787-1874), and later by French Premier Georges Clemenceau (1841-1929): “Not to be a socialist at twenty is proof of want of heart; to be one at thirty is proof of want of head.”

    “Be tolerant and inclusive, or else…”

    Fjordman, you certainly have it there.

  8. “The EU wants to let tens of millions of more Muslims into Europe. The Eurabian totalitarians are promoting lebensraum for the new master race, just like the Nazis did before them. The only difference is which master race. Needless to say, the victims should hail their dispossession and gradual eradication as a great leap forward for mankind, and be taught to feel guilty and impure for even thinking otherwise.”

    The EU’s Euromed program of pure destruction for dozens of nations is indeed comparable to the Nazi lebensraum project to annihilate Slavdom.

    Someone at EURef commented:

    “”It may be of interest that the most accessed political website is the BNP. This is not my estimation but the output of one or two national newspapers.
    Although not a member or supporter I thought you may be interested.
    It will all end in tears or blood, I’m not sure which”

    Considering the the EU is actively using Islam and Post-Modernism as a means of destroying the traditional nations of Europe and so prevent the possibility of return to the evil, dark, bad old days of sovereign independent nations free of the tyranny and domination of foreigners, I can assuredly tell you that the BNP is not actually the most immoral and evil political body currently in existence. In fact, it can’t even compete.”

  9. Fjordman, I agree with everything you said in your comments but one thing:

    “Young people are so brainwashed it’s ridiculous.”

    This is not true. Young people, wheather in Europe or in America simply do not care at all.
    They do not care and as such are fed with what the parents+school+media, well, the whole society feeds them.

    Then, when they want to do something “good”, they will join Antifa. No, usually it is because they are stupid but the “I’m doing something good that will make the world better” factor must not be forgoten either.

    Really Fjordman, the truth is that young people are not the problem but the cause. Society is the problem and that will surely reflect the most in young people. They simply don’t care.

    P.S. – Try to see ten minutes a day of MTV and you will understand what I am talking about.


    Felice. I pitty you, though I am not in a much better position. Though I am ok with that.
    But what I wanted to say to you is that maybe you are not hanging in the proper places.

    For instances, for years in Catholic countries when the boys wanted to get easily impressionable girls, they didn’t went to bars, or to high-schools, or whatever, they stayed in the stairs at the enters of the Churches.
    Many marriages started like this.

    Think about it. Where are the “Conservatives(?)” at? Go there! (even if it is the most unexpected place).
    It’s just my advise. I hope you can find someone to whom you can speak up about your views.

  10. “I talk to my kids consistently…”

    Folly, far from telling you how to raise your children,
    I just think that more than conversations, be aware of “leftist behavours”. It’s just a tip. I hope you not to be offended but I find this important. If someone acts in a leftist way, it’s not only that he “thought” that way, he “really thought that was the best way”.

    In my opinion, that’s where the danger lies on.

  11. We had a fallout here with Lawrence Auster previously over his unwarranted attacks on Jihad Watch. I stand by the criticism from back then, but he does make relevant points sometimes, unlike certain other people:

    The aim of liberalism is white dhimmitude

    That new America is one in which whites can no longer be themselves, can no longer assert themselves as whites, can no longer express the truth as they see it, but must defer to the new, nonwhite order. That is what the liberals want to achieve, and that is what, with their triumphalist crowing, they want to make us falsely believe that they already have achieved, so that we will offer them no further resistance.

  12. Afonso, you will probably find that it is very difficult to offend me. I really appreciate the advice. I have seen that kind of behavior periodically, and I do my best to mention it. “That’s not how we do things,” and “Life isn’t fair.” are things I tell my kids.

    I have been trying to prepare my kids for reality, not just make it through child-rearing without losing one of them. They work for any money they get; there is no allowance at my house. My son just got his first real job, and he’s working >30 hours a week, most weeks. And his grades have to stay up.

    Some of their friends’ parents think I’m nuts for the things I tell them and the way I’m raising them. Such is life. Their kids have no discipline. They have no ambition. They believe that they are owed by…somebody.

    Case in point: one of my son’s friends is 18, and he got into a fight with his dad. He packed a bag and stormed out. Of course, he ended up at my house because he didn’t have a driver’s license, a job or any money, and his dad kept the majority of his clothes.

    I told him he had two weeks to get started. He had to get a job and prepare for the drivers test. He was required to take it within a month. He said the funniest thing. “I’ll just go out and get a job. I would be cool to work at (place), so I’ll just go get a job there.”

    After two weeks of applying at various businesses and getting no calls at all, he asked why no one was hiring him. I told him that he slumped and sagged his way in to apply in an old, ratty pair of jeans, called the Managers, “dude” and was generally disrespectful. I told him that no one owed him anything. No one will “give” him anything. He had to earn everything.

    After a month, he worked it out with his dad and went back home. At last check, he cleaned up some and actually got a job. He still hasn’t taken his driving test, though.

    I could have let him learn the hard way, but I thoroughly believe that kids are going to make these mistakes. I’d rather my kids make this kind of mistake while they still have some backup. Also, watching his friend was quite the object lesson for my son. I’ve seen a change in attitude since his friend was here.

  13. Begging your pardon, but I saw this story yesterday, and they identified the documentary as being Finnish. I don’t if this is an important discrepancy, but wanted to mention it, in the event it is important to note.

    As for public education, it has been a liberal indoctrination program, for some time. I’m not certain when it became so radically left, but I think it was in the 70’s.

    I wish my daughters could have been home schooled, now, after watching the amazing progress my niece’s daughter is making. She has always been home schooled, and her learning experience is enriched with trips to museums, and our Science Place. Socially, she is very involved, and plays organized sports. Currently, she is learning Spanish and Chinese, and is progressing rapidly. At the age of ten, she is now in grade seven. My niece coordinates her progress through the state home schooling association. Also, she scored in the top five percentile in the U.S. in a national piano rating program, and will begin competing in state sponsored events this year. Her instructor is a Master, and praises our “Doodle” immensely. I fear she will have to quit playing third base on her baseball team, to protect her fingers, which could break her heart.
    More than her educational experience being enriched, without the social pressures of her peers, she is an example of how open to learning children are, when their best interests come first.
    She really gets things, as most kids do, but she doesn’t have the confusing, and contradictory influences of social engineering to distract her.
    Unfortunately, most of our children will be exposed to programmers, like the woman in the video.

  14. A similar thing happened here in my home town, with kindergardeners, no less. The teacher sent home some flyers with the students urging their parents to vote for Obama. I suspect most of them were going to, anyway, but still, the politicization of our children in the school system…why don’t they just hand out the red scarves and be done with it? Or maybe there’s no money for that.

  15. So what is the solution to the problem of substandard education and indoctrination of our kids in public schools? The original intent of public schools was partly to maintain a median conformity so that society could function (Peabody et al.). This has a certain sensibility to it. But we know today things are out of hand with “tolerance” and “inclusiveness” and all the rest.

    I propose we help along the grassroots effort to promote home schooling at every available chance. Just as importantly, parochial schools need encouragement and local support and funding. Most importantly, the end goal should be to eliminate the Federal role in public education altogether. This subject, complex and contentious as it is, still is something that can be run at the state and local levels. If there is a little more emphasis on Scripture in Kentucky and more emphasis on Gramsci in California, so be it.

    The longer the Fed remains at the helm of so many programs the more difficult it is to even conceive that things can change. They can. Federal hegemony is not inevitable, but its growing weakness– and ours– *is* inevitable as money and energy are spread too thin.

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