Rahm Emanuel: Mossad Officer

I can’t embed this MEMRI video, but everyone should go over to Israel News and check it out:

In a video from MEMRI (The Middle East Media Research Institute) Lebanese Journalist Hassan Hamadah calls the Obama’s future White House Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emanuel an officer for the Israeli Mossad. The outrageous statements are yet another example of the widespread ignorance and misinformation systematically spread throughout the Arab and Muslim world.

Whoa! An officer of the Mossad, right there in the White House! The equivalent of the position of Prime Minister in the new administration!

First it was the Hinduists, and now this. What’s next?

Hat tip: Abu Elvis.

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16 thoughts on “Rahm Emanuel: Mossad Officer

  1. Rahmbo and Obambi, Starsky and Hutch, Tango and Cash, …

    First he gets a dog for his girls, then a Mossad officer for his office. No, he’s probably not a Muslim at heart.

    At least it looks like the Obambi presidency will become interesting to follow.

  2. I said many times do not regard the Jewish people as monolithic group: the overwhelming majority is hard core Marxist-Stalinist and some are Muslim lovers that’s true, but there are Anti-Communist Jews as well like Edward Teller (H-bomb)and many others too.
    So we don’t know yet who is he.
    Don’t forget: there will be purges, infightings as things move along: best is to watch and hold back all opinions.

  3. Michael Savage thinks the Emanuel decision means Obama is serious about stopping Iran.

    I tend to think Emanuel is another power-hungry center-left Jew-in-name-only, with no core principles, who would do ANYTHING to have the ear of ANY president.

    I guess only time will tell.

  4. Obama is a cipher.

    This type rarely turns out well.

    Their megalomania, as with a Mussolini, may get the trains running on time… but only over a cliff.

  5. Just in:

    Belgian far right leader: I am one of Israel’s staunchest defenders

    At Belgium’s request, the European Parliament is expected next month to lift the immunity of one of its members, a former leader of the rightist Vlaams Belang party, exposing him to racism charges. Describing himself as a victim of blatant persecution, Frank Vanhecke told Haaretz the decision could spell his “political death.”


    I suggested caution (with popcorn) because the setup is this:

    78% of the Jews are supporting the Hard Left which is the Embodiment of Neo-Antisemitism like the Obama crew and wants to eliminate Israel.

    The Hard Right supports Israel but the Jews prefer Stalin’s Gulags to an independent homeland.
    So do not rush with any judgment!

  6. I don’t understand how a site like GatesOfVienna projects itself as wanting to contain the Islamist threat, while parroting the same anti-Jewish bigotry that Islamists are notorious for. Do you not see the hypocrisy in your position?

    Obama has clearly won the election, and McCain has graciously voiced his immediate support for the president-elect. Too bad the same level of pragmatism can’t be shown on this site.

  7. san
    Sen. McCain’s public statements about supporting the President-Select [no I do not mean President-Elect] are only part of the process.

    Those of us on this site are not required, or even necessarily expected, to blindly support any administration. For the moment,at least, we are allowed to voice our displeasure with Barry Soetoro and his pronouncements from on high.

    “Our Dear Leader” changes his policy and the information on his web sites so often we can not know what he means. It is almost as if the ‘Weather Underground’ has become the ‘Weather Aboveground’ since everything changes as quickly and frequently as the outside climatic conditions.

    WTF is he and his accomplices up to? I for one never heard/or read about the ‘Office of the President Elect’. Barry has more front groups than the Islamic jihadists.

  8. san:

    Care to visit other, 100% Jewish sites where you can get better information than the Obama talking point; Atlasshrugs by Pamela Geller, Sultan Knish, Arutz Sheva of Israel, Jewish World Review, Israpundit are a good start…

    Do you know that your comrades Chomsky and Tony Judt, two great Commie intellectuals publicly suggested Israel to be dismantled because it’s was a mistake?
    How about the Israel bashing Jew, named Soros?

    Care to move to their website and continue protesting there.

  9. Bela,

    Chomsky doesn’t strike me as anti-Israel. He would have us believe that the US establishment is to blame for Israel’s alleged crimes. Chomsky just keeps repeating the nonsense that Israel serves American interests so the blame goes to America’s white Christian establishment!

    Chomsky claims the Israel lobby is no different from any other. So he downplays the importance of Israeli lobbying efforts. He instead likes to focus on oilmen, the so-called military industrial complex, and evangelical Christians.

    Google ‘Jeffrey Blankfort’. He is a Jew who supports the Palestinians and has accused Chomsky of being a Zionist who undermines ‘resistance’ to Israel while pretending to be a friend to the Palestinians.

  10. Some people thinks that his presidency will finally bring closure of more than 60 years of cover-ups of UFOs. Just think of it, we could get new forms of energy, better, cleaner and cheaper than oil. So if the muslims loose their main source of income, what will they have left? Lots of sand, aggression and spiraling nativity. Not really a formula for success, eh? And what about the aliens themselves? No matter if they originate from another planet, dimension or timeline, lot’s of muslims will realize that there are beings far more Akhbar than that old chap Allah!

  11. And how do you know the aliens are not muslims?

    If I see one, I’ll ask him. But I must say that I don’t like that chance, probabily one of us would be killed.

    But for those interested, google the “Laginha case” from Brazil. Like Rosewell but in a densely populated area and in the nineties. Excellent!

  12. avery bullard:

    It’s very likely you have better info on those scums – I never had the interest to delve into their putrid life.
    All I know due to my internet browsing that the Stalinist left hates Israel more than Ahmadinedjad.

    Some time ago I saw a Jewish Web site , Masada 2000 and one segment was named as S.H.I.T List: a detailed list of 8000 self loathing, Israel hating, prominent, extremely repulsive looking Jews.

    Now is offline unfortunately.

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