Post Mortem of an Election: We’re Toast

I decided to call this an open thread post-mortem. There may be more of them.

DespairFor the moment, however, this one serves to allow me to voice my immediate concerns about our country, and to permit our commenters to have their say about what the election means to them. We are facing the coming reign presidency of poseur Barry Hussein Soetoro (that’s his real name, the one his mamma and adoptive father gave him, not his nom de politico, the persona which he so successfully huckstered during the years he was inventing himself). What are the portents?

The subject matter here is seriously mortal, i.e., that my beloved country is about to be taken over by a thugocracy and turned into a mini-me Europe. The U.S. will have all of the crass and none of the class of that continent. It will be ugly.

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Thus, the comments are to be limited to opinions about the ramifications of this momentous and sobering event for the U.S. and for the world. Anyone attempting to hi-jack the thread to Moscow and its environs will be deleted. We have numerous Russian posts where you may speak to your heart’s content on that subject. Go find one if you are so compelled.

Even better, email your own post about Russia and see if it flies with the Baron. We both like guest posters.

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Were our president-elect, Obama, posing as a Republican — perish the thought! not in Chicago! — the press would have long since run this poseur out of town on a rail. But he is a Leftist, so they took him into their hearts and proceeded to sell him harder than a used car dealer pushes the worst clunker on the lot. And of everyone who was put forth as a possible mainstream presidential candidate this election cycle, we bought the clunker.

To the press, Obama’s blackness was only incidentally helpful. Mostly they have used it to bash Jacksonian southerners, whom they loathe as a form of sub-human, racist ignoramus. Jacksonian political philosophers are merely sports that somehow were preserved in amber as a primitive species when every thinking person made the shift to Homo Sophisticated.

Black is insufficient evidence for our MSM; it must be accompanied by the same far-left political opinions they share amongst themselves. A conservative journalist learns to keep his mouth shut or leave the mainstream hives for more congenial offices. (This is true for most conservatives in the US. They are extremely careful in public, or even in their inner circle of friends, about coming out of the conservative closet. To do so without being sure of your audience can be a form of social suicide.)

American journalists are infamous for skewering black conservative candidates who are merely appointed, much less those who have the temerity to run for office. Just ask Clarence Thomas. In fact, if you want leftie views of Justice Thomas’ endless failures during his tenure at the Supreme Court, just google (without the quotes) “Clarence Thomas stupid”. Here we are, eighteen years after his ascendance to the bench, and the Left is still seething about Thomas’ very existence, complaining that he can’t cut his own meat at a meal and that he is unforgivably stupid. To be a conservative is prima facie evidence of stupidity. As a conservative, I have been told this on several occasions by people who didn’t know I was one of “those”. As soon as I came out of the closet, my IQ dropped fifty points, clinkety-clink, right at their feet.

Lefties love affirmative action while sneering that this is the only way Thomas could have attained the Supreme Court. His previous career of service meant nothing. Fortunately, he had the mentoring of John Bolton early on. Bolton warned him of what he faced in Washington and advised him later on, when things got really ugly.

So let’s dismiss the “journalists” as a source of reality-driven information. Motivated as they are by vitriol, partisan (and often ignorant) opinions, not to mention their ability to pander to the lowest common denominator, the various forms of the MSM belong to Barry Soetoro, heart and soul. They deserve one another.

What is of vital importance is the subjugation of our country which has been in the planning by Bill Ayers & Co for all these many years, ever since he was setting off bombs back in the “good old days.” If he hadn’t stumbled upon Obama, he’d’ve had to invent him. But as luck would have it, li’l Barry fell from the heavens, right into his lap. That’s how Messiahs arrive, I guess.

Want to get a good look at Barry’s bestest friend, Bill Ayers? Zombietime has done yeoman’s service in unearthing Prairie Fire, an anthology of writings from Ayers and the communists who made up the core of his inner circle. I doubt one could find a copy of this book, though I do intend to look for one. Should you be fortunate enough to run across a copy, please let me know. There may be samizdat versions making the rounds — but the national police force will be around to collect those eventually, along with the original book. Meanwhile, much of the pertinent material is on Zombie’s page.

Here are a few choice quotes from Ayers in his youth, unearthed by Zombietime from a worn edition of the little red book, Prairie Fire. Zombie follows the quotes with further information:

We are a guerilla organization. We are communist women and men, underground in the United States for more than four years.

To which Zombie adds:

And not some nicey-nice peace-and-love kind of communist. Through his group the Weather Underground, Ayers was planning to “seize power” in a violent communist takeover of the United States:

He continues with another quote from Ayers:

We need a revolutionary communist party in order to lead the struggle, give coherence and direction to the fight, seize power and build the new society.

Zombie goes on to explain what happened to Ayers and his fellow criminals back then:

Ayers and his co-authors freely brag about their bombings and other violent and illegal acts, and even provide a detailed list, most likely typed up by Ayers himself, of the crimes they had committed up to that point. Ayers’ list, scanned directly from Prairie Fire, is shown below. He may have escaped conviction due to a legal technicality (the prosecutors failed to get a warrant during some of their surveillance of the Weather Underground), but this in no way means that Ayers was factually innocent of the crimes. As has been widely reported, after the case against him was dropped, Ayers described himself as “guilty as hell, free as a bird.”

– – – – – – – –

Just because Ayers tries to appear respectable now doesn’t mean that he wasn’t a violent revolutionary in the past. In fact, as the text of Prairie Fire shows, Ayers was one of the most extreme extremists in American political history. And as the links given as the end of this essay will prove, Ayers is just as politically radical now as he was back then. He has never renounced the political views he professed in the 1960s and 1970s. The only difference is that now he no longer commits violence to achieve his goals. After his stint as the leader of the Weather Underground, he shifted to a different tactic: to spread his ideology under the aegis of academia. But the goal remains the same: to turn America into a communist nation. Ayers’ contemporary writings contain many of the same ideas (and even the same phrases) found in Prairie Fire, just toned down to make them more palatable in polite society.

If you click on Zombie’s post and scroll down, you’ll find the numerous links that demonstrate the long-term connection between Barry and Bill. Call it Barry’s Faustian bargain — and look what he gained!

A soul is a small price to pay for your own servants, chefs, aircrafts, yacht, and mansion, finally enough success to get his wife off his back, plus the chance to jaw-jaw with the rich and famous. Don’t forget his generous pension for life, one not to be affected by that hare-brained scheme to steal liberate our private pensions and let the government make of them the same kind of Ponzi scheme that it has done with Social Freaky “Security”.

One of the things that bothers me most about this man is his grandiose ideas about building an even bigger governmental machine to fix the problems that government “solutions” caused to begin with.

Our governmental blob is so big, so greedily malignant, that it has finally imploded upon itself with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Not to worry. Obama has plans to fix that. It will be a government fix. He’s going to get the money out of you rich people, the ones making $250,000.00 a year.

Of course, someone making that much money is already giving federal, local, and state governments at least forty per cent of that sum. Not to mention the hidden gasoline, alcohol, food, and merchandise taxes that bring the total closer to fifty percent. Next time you’re filling your car’s gas tank, while you’re standing there, calculate how much of the total cost of your fill up in really just confiscation by the Blob.

If you make $250,000.00 a year, you really have (with luck) about $125,000.00 to work with. At the beginning of each year, you must work for free for more than five months before “your” earned income becomes “yours.” And God help you if you’ve got unearned income — that’s when they bring out the scalpels.

The Hill has the tax information, including a version by George Friedman, which is more to the point:

For a more accurate assessment of the total costs of government we calculate Friedman Day, or the day when Americans have earned enough money to pay for everything that federal, state and local government will spend on during the current year. Friedman Day this year was Monday, May 19.

Tax Freedom Day is indeed useful to illustrate the tax burden — and has shown consistently in recent years that Americans (although individual circumstances vary widely) spend more of their time working to pay taxes than they do to pay for food, clothing and housing combined.

But current taxes represent only a portion of government’s cost.

Other costs are being deferred — passed on to future generations through government borrowing and the accumulation of IOUs in nonexistent “trust funds,” such as the Social Security trust fund.

I believe this amount to be underestimated, because it doesn’t mention what you must fork out every time you purchase anything but the absolute necessities. Isn’t it odd how food did not make the cut for “necessities”? Ah, but that worry is over: now we can live on the pearls of wisdom dropping from the mouth of the Messiah. He will make our polluted waters into wine and our squishy white bread into whole grain goodness.

Another feature of Barry’s that concerns me is his threat campaign promise to create a National Police Force. One wants to beseech the heavens, “how, oh, how could people vote for someone who spouts such trash?” And then we remember…ah, there is more than one way to skin a cat. What better way to finally ban legal gun ownership than to create a national “militia” — using that magic Second Amendment word.

Gun ownership has been increasing at phenomenal rates ever since it began to look like Barry Soetoro was headed for the Oval Office. Not that people are afraid of him — their distaste doesn’t run that high. Gun ownership usually rises under Democrat rule, for the simple reason that Dems love government and the more government we have, the more people have to fear government will attempt once again to ban guns. Democrat-run government will do this despite the overwhelming evidence that gun control kills people:

Massive social-science research shows the ineffectiveness of gun control in reducing crime. It is a source of continuous amazement that gun control advocates ignore the results of criminological, historical and econometric studies by reputed scholars like (among others) John Lott, Bill Landes, Gary Kleck, James Wright, Peter Rossi, Taylor Buckner, David Kopel, Don Kates, Gary Mauser, Colin Greenwood, and Joyce Malcolm. Why?

The essay quoted here goes on to relate a telling anecdote, one I do not recall seeing before. Did you?

In January 2002, two armed students of Appalachian Law School, in Virginia, stopped a mass killing in progress at the university by arresting the killer. Why don’t gun-control activists wonder why there have been no mass killings at the University of Utah, where students are allowed to carry guns? Could it be that madmen look for places where they can do more damage without being interrupted?

Well, that kind of incident can’t happen again in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Ain’t no armed student ever going to step in to prevent a crazed slaughter. Our General Assembly made sure of that.

In January, 2006, a committee in Virginia General Assembly refused to allow a bill onto the assembly floor that would have allowed college students and employees the right to carry handguns. The smug satisfaction that followed the abortion of this bill before it ever saw the light of day was pretty well universal in the Politically Correct Ivory Towers, those places where the mandarins believe their own fantasies about the virtues of gun control, even when first hand experience tells them otherwise.

Here’s one heinous example of the attitude prevalent back then:

Virginia Tech spokesman Larry Hincker was happy to hear the bill was defeated. “I’m sure the university community is appreciative of the General Assembly’s actions because this will help parents, students, faculty and visitors feel safe on our campus.

It shows the remarkable forbearance of the parents of all those dead children and teachers — all thirty three of them — at Virginia Tech that the bumptiously ignorant Larry Hincker is breathing.

I certainly didn’t feel “safe” while visiting Virginia Tech a few weeks ago. And I knew we’d better not let the word “gun” even pass our lips within the confines of the campus. You know why? Because that criminally negligent administration, and the State Assembly to which it answers, did nothing to address the crux of the problem. That is unless you count candlelight vigils as a solution. You may not speak about something that has been swept under the rug. What if your speaking brought it back??

So, yes, I fear The One’s fascist ideas about the need for a national police force. Is it not enough that we have the Federal Bureau of Investigation (already beloved by local law enforcement), the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco — just to name the major players in the law “enforcement” business?

Crime is mostly on the rise in those places with very strict gun control laws — e.g., New York, the O’s very own Chicago, Washington, D.C. (until they repealed the gun ban), and so on.

Here’s a personal, close-up look at Barry’s real deal on gun ownership, a report of a conversation with him on this subject. Or rather, an attempt to have a conversation. I suspect li’l Barry doesn’t play the dialogue game much, at least not when he’s on a level playing field. Here’s his voting record, and here’s the conversation:

In fact, Obama has a long history of supporting city gun bans. The Associated Press described his vote on a gun-control bill in 2004: “He also opposed letting people use a self-defense argument if charged with violating local handgun bans by using weapons in their homes. The bill was a reaction to a Chicago-area man who, after shooting an intruder, was charged with a handgun violation.”

No major-party presidential nominee has ever had as strong and consistent an anti-gun record as Obama. Here is a politician who supported a ban on handguns in 1996, backed a ban on the sale of all semiautomatic guns in 1998 (which would encompass most guns sold in the country), and advocated banning gun sales within five miles of a school or park in 2004 (a virtual ban on all gun stores). He also served on the board of the Joyce Foundation, the largest private funder of anti-gun research in the country.

This evidence should be sufficient, but I have yet another reason to be skeptical. I knew Obama during the mid-1990s, when we were both at the University of Chicago Law School. Indeed, when I introduced myself to him, he said, “Oh, you are the gun guy.”

I responded, “Yes, I guess so.” His response, as I recall it, was, “I don’t believe that people should be able to own guns.”

When I said it might be fun sometime to talk about the question and his support of Chicago’s lawsuit against gun makers, he simply grimaced and turned away, ending the conversation.

Obama obviously thinks the gun issue is important. He and his surrogates constantly repeat the claim that he has always supported an individual right to own guns. But the media should stop uncritically reporting the claim without checking his past statements.

Yeah, the media should stop that. The media should cease and desist from a great deal of the disingenuous “reporting” it flounders around in, but don’t hold your breath. The MSM is your friend just like the government is your friend. They’re both here to help you and the more they do the worse they make the situation.

With friends like Obama and the media, who needs enemies? We are toast, folks…

On the bright side, we have Queen Michelle, she of the budget wardrobe and simple tastes. I can’t wait to watch her performance. It will be the spectacle we’ve been waiting for. I only feel sorry for the poor Secret Service agents assigned to her. Wouldn’t you love to know what code name they use to designate this particular ward? If they haven’t chosen yet, I have a suggestion: “Pigeon” — as in a pouter pigeon. There is no one who can pull a pout like Michelle. She looks like the pluperfect six year old as her lip comes out, her mouth turns down, and the frown lines appear between her narrowed eyes.

Yes indeedy. She can’t do sophistication, but she has spoiled brat down to a science. Much more interesting that way — at least you get the sense you’re seeing the real Michelle.

That’s more than you’ll ever get from her Obie.

69 thoughts on “Post Mortem of an Election: We’re Toast

  1. I found On the Issues while researching Obama’s gun control record. It seems to be relatively unbiased (at least in my brief look through the site). Check out his page on gun control.

    This is certainly one of the issues that concerns me. I don’t believe that he can pusha total ban through, but he may get a nibble or two. It doesn’t take many nibbles to become a full bite, and there are a lot of hungry donor organizations out there.

  2. There are many reasons to fear an Obama Presidency. However, on the other hand, two silver linings did occur to me, which I explored a little further on my blog The Hesperado.

    In a nutshell, they are:

    1) An end to (or at least a significant diminution of) the vituperative and toxic, Bushbashing that escalated hysterically over the past excruciating eight years into a general anti-Americanism at a higher fever pitch than before;


    2) the likelihood of one or more jihad attacks on America, probably worse than 911. Of course, the attacks themselves would not be the silver lining, but if and when they happen smack dab in the middle of a two-term Obama Reign, Leftists will have no one to blame for leaving us vulnerable to such a horrific tragedy, other than Obama. Having a constant scapegoat over these past eight years to blame for terrorism has reinforced the PC MC tendency to deflect the one explanation for terrorism that makes the most sense — Islam — in favor of others that make less sense (poverty, economics, geopolitics, inept and/or evil America & Isreal, etc.). Having the usual explanatory mechanism pulled out from under them might at least promote some cognitive dissonance among Leftists: they will not want to blame their hero Obama; but they will not be able to blame anybody else. This tension will serve as a catalyst for the slow process of at least turning their attention to the most reasonable cause: Muslims. And this will therefore help to begin the broader process of dismantling the PC MC paradigm which has been and continues to be the single most important reason why America, and the entire West, cannot deal rationally with the danger of Islam.

    Two good things about an Obama Presidency

  3. As far as “thugocracy” goes, I think that pretty much applies to the current administration, given (just to name a single example) its support and promotion of torture on a widespread basis.

    And I still can’t see why any American is afraid of a socialistic U.S. of A. Such a person – whether they know it or not – is living in a mixed-economy country right now, a condition in large part due to the Bush administration’s bailout programme. Which same programme has given us the largest single nationalization of a company in the history of the world – I state this this last point with no exaggeration.

    Obama will merely put the finishing touches on what the Republicans have imposed.

    So swallow your sour grapes and admit that it was through the failings and shortcomings of the Bush administration that McCain lost. Perhaps if the poseur Bush thugocracy had not been in office, this election’s results would have been different.

  4. Not to mention the concerted attacks that are already occurring on our freedom of speech. No argument or contradiction of BO is allowed.

    Our minds run in similar channels; I posted a similar commentary this morning.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  5. pleas–

    What are you going to do when January rolls around and your flaming case of BSD has no object? Will you follow him to Crawford and continue bashing your head against the gate?

    Or will you blame all the greed and grabbing of the Dem majority in Congress on a vanished figure? Will every stumble, bumble and gaffe by Biden and Bama be attributed to their predecessors?

    Hate objects are hard to come by. Be prepared for a bit of depression come January, when yours goes missing.

    By then, ol’ George will be free of people like you weighing on his soul. He’ll be able to hunt and fish and enjoy his life for a change.

    I wish him well.

  6. Bill–

    I left a link to your post on another comment. It was a good, if bleak essay.

    Things are so fractured right now that it’s hard to say what permutations will flow from this. But changes there definitely will be, and some of them will alter our political scene, I think. See me in two years, and we’ll look at what pans out…

  7. @Erich,
    2) the likelihood of one or more jihad attacks on America, probably worse than 911

    nah, don’t see this happening. Why waste manpower when you have a friend in the White House? You advance the jihad by stealth right under everyone’s noses. MSM is certainly not going to call you on it. Ergo the rest of your argument falls apart.

  8. dymphna,

    pleas – is a foreigner most likely from a leftist country…

    We are part of the wider Western civilization which began to erode with the spread of Marxism after WWII.
    The relentless indoctrination by Marxist Academia since then created a “New Man” first in Europe, but the rot has spread, crossed the water and now took over the US.

    Socialism is not a simple ownership question but a total control of the individual, state bureaucrats will rule by decree, opposition will be abolished, unelected office workers so called “cadres” decide your fate.
    This is what is happening in Europe where freedom of speech is abolished and the Thought Police is the reality and every word is watched.

    The aforementioned poster lives in that type of country his words reveal he is either completely brainwashed by the Leftist mantra or never lived as a free individual: the way we understand freedom could be a very different proposition for him.

    Based my 35 years of experiences under Socialism I see a unique hope:
    Obama represents a radical, militant, potentially violent Afro ethnic hard Left political group which is allied with the Jewish Marxist, equally ethnocentric and exclusivist group.
    They are essentially incompatible socially, culturally, financially and in Marxist circles PURGES are important tools to get rid of each other.

    Hopefully they will start the purges soon so we will have a better insight.

    Don’t forget: the country internal rot is pervasive and irreversible so America the Land of Opportunities has ceased to exist.

  9. I think it’s funny, just how dreadfully the pathetic McCain has lost. It’s not without justice, the Republicans have been punished. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of people.

    “Democrat-run government will do this despite the overwhelming evidence that gun control kills people:”

    That’s entirely the point. Make people as vulnerable as possible.

  10. Martin J–

    I wonder how long that You Tube video will stay up?

    Worse is right…it is already here. But they did a good job with the music vs. the images

  11. Well, sure, no non-leftist blacks allowed, but Obamessiah was all-black, the stereotype of the radical chic black but also the non-dangerous black, unlike Uncle Jesse or Fat Al Sharpton. Give his leftism, being black was the be all and end all for liberals. Everything was about race. He could have been closer to Hillary on issues or even further left, but being black was it. The election, for blacks and the media, was all about race, just as they all strained to deny it and some stupid whites in Virginia, NC, Ohio and Pennsylvania killed our country, and, of course, Flyboy who refused to use Rev. Wright. Suicide. Can I emigrate to Croatia or the Balkan republics? Curious Americans want to know.

  12. Obama is not the beginning, but the coronation of a disaster which has been the West’s suicidal policies and cultural self-loathing in the last decades.
    Yesterday I read some articles about Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground (to my shame, I hadn’t known anything before) and the mere idea that this guy is not only safe and sound, but he’s among the ones responsible with the school curriculum and education in the US and a (former?) collaborator of the American president gives me the creeps. Actually in his own words he described his current status as: “This is a wonderful country: guilty as hell, free as a bird”.
    It’s the Bill Ayers in the academe, the media, the political elite who undermined the Western civilization, political institutions and tradition of thought and paved the way for Obama. Now their work have been completed, their success is outstanding.

    McCain wouldn’t have been better than Obama in many respects; but Obama incarnates better, symbolically, the dimensions of the current political catastrophe. The last remaining Western military power will probably be transformed into an emasculated entity like France.

  13. Bela said:

    Based my 35 years of experiences under Socialism I see a unique hope:
    Obama represents a radical, militant, potentially violent Afro ethnic hard Left political group which is allied with the Jewish Marxist, equally ethnocentric and exclusivist group.
    They are essentially incompatible socially, culturally, financially and in Marxist circles PURGES are important tools to get rid of each other.

    Hopefully they will start the purges soon so we will have a better insight.

    Don’t forget: the country internal rot is pervasive and irreversible so America the Land of Opportunities has ceased to exist.

    Ah! At last the light dawns. The lethal mix of Axelrod, Ayers, Wright and Emmanuel — the American Communists, the aggrieved hate-whity blacks, and the strong Zionist — all “advisors” to Obama could well create a Marxist-type purge at high levels of our government for the very first time in our history. That is so fascinating that I forget to be afraid because I have no idea what it will mean in terms of outcome. Especially not when you combine it with the mendacious Imperial Congress we have…

    …please give us some more prognostications here. This is amazing stuff. Are you willing to be specific or are things not clear enough to permit that?

    I agree re the rot, but I don’t know that it can’t be cut away. No, I can’t think of anything offhand, but then the situation isn’t overtly desperate enough to be able to guess from my end, either.

    It’s not just the purge thing, Bela, it’s the global economic meltdown. The situation is becoming like the weather: maybe too chaotic to predict beyond what you say.

    But what you say is definitely food for thought. You’ve given me some history to chew on and digest.

  14. Obama’s election has mainstreamed voting fraud and intimidation by the left. More registered voters than residents? Not worth investigating! Hanging out at polling places with uniforms and big sticks? Nothing to see here! The permanent socialism it engenders? Our glorious future, comrade!

  15. First of all, Obama in some ways gets the poisoned chalice. Things are against him, and the American people, and he is uniquely unqualified in every respect of temperament, character, advisors, spouse, experience, and racial bigotry (against Whites) to do anything about the forces arrayed against America.

    First: we are in a economic crisis caused by expensive energy for a prolonged period, and too much money chasing too few goods, which caused a crash. A Crash Obama will make into a permanent Global Depression by making energy even MORE expensive and ditching high-paying manufacturing jobs, in the auto and defense industries. While importing about 30 million cheap-labor Mexicans and making them instant citizens instantly part of Affirmative Action.

    This is guaranteed to create a White backlash unashamed to be called “racist” because when people are desperate, needs for survival trump that of needs for status and social approval.

    Obama could conceptually win total realignment by giving a socialist handouts as do European nations, but his Achilles heel is that he cannot resist picking fights with the White working/middle class who he nurses hatred for, with racial bigotry, and will continue to demand Affirmative Action (obviously not needed with his election) and privileged treatment of minorities over the majority. The problem is that he is likely to enrage impoverished former White supporters by dallying with Wright, Farrakhan, and Affirmative Action stuff while pushing Open Borders and Amnesty, BEFORE he can create a power base.

    He’s never actually governed, which is far different from campaigning. Bush was a superb campaigner, as was Clinton. Both miserable at governing.

    Obama will push social issues that people hate: gay marriage, gun bans/confiscations, Fairness Doctrine i.e. “get White Guy Talk Radio killed” and huge, hideous tax increases coupled with massive increases in gasoline and electricty as he again promised. Coupled with massive defense cuts and massive job losses — his few cronies will benefit but there will be legions of jobless “Bonus Army” marchers demanding his resignation in real life million-man marches in DC. Which the Military will be called upon to fire on.

    That’s merely domestic.

  16. To continue my point, conceptually Obama and Dems could cause total hard-left realignment, but they would have to:

    1. Provide economic good times.
    2. Take care of the White middle/working class majority that voted for them, slightly.
    3. Avoid instant fights over cultural issues such as Gay Marriage, Don’t Ask-Tell, Reparations for Slavery, Affirmative Action, etc.
    4. Keep gas and electricity prices low.
    5. Tell the Greens and crony-schemers like Pickens and Gore to shut up — they are pushing economic expansion not another hidden tax to suck the life out of the economy.

    Clinton would have done so, Obama is not smart enough nor is his clown show crew. Who are lawyers with no experience in running patronage operations for the middle/working class. Plus hard-left morons. Ayers started the Days of Rage and wondered why the revolution did not start up?

    By 2010 the White voters, most of them jobless, in miserable conditions, with sky high gas and electricity prices to “save the planet” and no end in sight, will be ready to impeach that clown. Needing only a reason.

    Which will be foreign affairs …

  17. Homophobic Horse,

    I think it’s funny, just how dreadfully the pathetic McCain has lost.

    Yes, I would have enjoyed that too, if he hadn’t seemed so pleased about it himself.

  18. In foreign affairs, Obama promises talk and structural weakness, again he promised today to reduce our nuke arsenal and cut the defense budge AT LEAST 25%, halt all R&D spending on Defense. Because our troops deserve only the worst not the best weapons.

    Obama will lose Afghanistan. He will, stupidly, ignore expert advice that it is impossible to win, in the conventional sense, and like Dems have urged, pour lots of troops in their with no way to supply them. He will anger the Pakistanis and cause the government to collapse into a military dictatorship or straight out power grab by the Islamists without a military fig leaf. Pakistan will be closed and there will open fighting between Pakistani forces and the US.

    Which will face a Chosin Reservoir style retreat with no food, ammo, supplies, or more importantly evacuation, from an overwhelming amount of Pakistani forces, who will have all that.

    There will be very few survivors, probably only a few thousand out of a force of around 90,000 or so that Obama proposes to put in their with no supply. He’s a lawyer — he’s both stupid and thinks he’s brilliant.

    This will be the worst defeat for America’s military, ever, and the most humiliating. The few survivors will be paraded around and some executed publicly after the usual jihadist tortures. Obama will excuse them and offer more dialogue, etc. There will be at least one plot against him by enraged military officers, uncovered by the various spy services — and it will be revealed that the spy services spend most of their time spying on the Military, which will be catastrophic …

    When either Pakistan, enraged by conflict in Afghanistan and controlled formally or informally by Jihadis, uses a nuke or two to level NYC and kill approximately 6 million Americans, or Iran sensing weakness does the same.

    Obama will again call for dialogue, suggest America deserved it, offer more talk (like 24’s eerie prediction of the second “President Palmer”) and “negotiations” with Islamists. Including an offer to impose “some” of Sharia Law if they stop nuking us.

    There will be ugly incidents after this latest attack.

    Meanwhile, China will seize the opportunity to take Taiwan, which they will, after massive casualties and perhaps use of a “hidden” last-ditch Taiwanese Nuke. A great many US ships will be sunk, in the area, by Chinese fighters and stealth subs operating forward of Taiwan, with no response from a President Obama.

    At roughly the same time, Putin will take the opportunity to roll Westward, and seize: Ukraine, Baltics, Finland, Poland, Germany, France, Northern Italy (including Rome), Austria, Greece, Hungary, all the rest of the Balkans, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc.

    Only Spain, Southern Italy, and the UK will remain outside his grasp, because of horribly strained logistics, and perhaps his private bankers aka Switzerland. True Putin will not have much. But the Euros have nothing, and a gutted, mostly withdrawn American forces, with no nukes to speak of, will allow him to make his one big play — Seize Europe, or most of it, as part of his dream of restoring Russia. If he has all those people, it’s almost as if Russians had kids again!

    Chavez will roll against Columbia, suffer large defeats, and unleash his secret weapon: a few nukes, that allow him to conquer Columbia though at great cost.

    Iran will move, largely unmolested, through Iraq and right through Jordan, after staging a surprise decapitation attack on Israel that largely wipes out the population and retaliatory missiles by launching by stealth from Syria and Lebanon, not Iran. Saudi Arabia will move into Kuwait and Southern Iraq, only to be defeated by the better armed and trained Iranians, who will follow them down into Eastern Saudi and seize the oil fields.

    Another US city will be killed, by either the Iranians or Pakistanis, or perhaps no one will really know, and that will be it … Obama impeached, removed, and perhaps the constitution suspended by a combination of a few “head for the lifeboat” Dems, military, and enraged populace.

    Lest anyone think this is alarmist and can’t happen — no one in 1937 would have predicted WWII. Just two years later. Weakness invites attack, something Obama is too stupid to understand, or perhaps understands and thinks he can both bash America and be it’s leader at the same time (which is also stupid).

    Over-committing to Afghanistan with shaky Pakistan as the supply route = Chosin Reservoir. Fights large scale in and around Pakistan risk Islamist take over in one form or another. A weakened, cut, mostly non-nuke military can’t fight Putin, the Chinese, Iran, Pakistan, and Chavez at the same time and they all know it. It’s how Comic Book Villain “Bane” beat Batman — running him ragged to the end of exhaustion.

    Result, America being shown to the world that it can be nuked with impunity. So it will happen again, even under a military rule.

    I would rate the Chosin at Afghanistan likelihood at near 95% probable. Putin probably will only take Eastern Europe and Germany, but you never know, victory has it’s own momentum. It’s not as if anyone but the US and really, nukes could stop him if he got rolling. Eastern Europe is nuking up FAST so Putin, not being stupid, knows he has a limited window to act. As do the Iranians (Saudis are not stupid either, they know they are toast if they dont’ nuke up fast too). I would not be shocked to find that Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Greece, and perhaps Hungary and Czech Republic are trying to get nukes. Spain is likely in the short run too distant from Russia to worry, though Morocco would like their territory and people.

    Russia, Chavez, Iran all face crises due to crashing oil prices that only conquest and new “slaves” or subjects and booty can really address. It makes them far less stable. I don’t think Putin is interested in a global nuclear war, but any aggressive moves by him makes most of our nukes be put in reserve, assuming Obama has not destroyed them all. We certainly will be hit with at least one, and NYC is target #1.

    Lawrence Wright wrote that in the “Looming Tower” Osama bin Laden struggled constantly to get and keep men and money. Until he started killing Americans in Tanzania and Kenya and Yemen with impunity. Then the money and men came in rushing rivers. This guarantees a nuclear attack on the US. Likely with Pakistani nukes, though the Iranians playing distraction can not be ruled out.

    Iran wants control of Iraq and the Gulf and most of the Arabian peninsula, and America has it. The US Navy stands in the way. Being weak invites attack, as does a posture with China/Taiwan, or Russia and Putin or Chavez, a fool and buffoon and bully, but one likely to have at least one nuke from North Korea, Russia, or Iran in his pocket.

    A Reagan era military could handle these threats by being so strong to make those adventures insane. Obama’s cut military makes an Afghanistan disaster and Pakistani nuclear response guaranteed. The rest will be what follows. At least some grabs by the Iranians and Russians, with likely at least a carrier or two sunk in the Gulf by Iranian shore missiles and quiet subs.

  19. What sort of disaster will Obama cause in Afghanistan? What values and achievements in Afghanistan will be torn down, under him? Is it the sharia rule built up by the Bush Administration the will be torn down? What is there to destroy?

  20. ditching high-paying manufacturing jobs, in the auto and defense industries.

    He’s going to do a lot worse than that. His energy and environmental plans will make energy much more expensive, which means manufacturing jobs in any energy-intensive industry (iron and aluminum processing anybody?) are likely to move overseas. Once there, it will be hard to bring them back, because the manufacturers will have a difficult time trusting the government not to screw them again.

  21. I don’t think they will turn overtly violent too quickly. They will utilize ACORN, intimidation, corrupt local county officials, padded voter registrations, bussed in voters, media smear tactics, and manufactured scandals. The kind of thing Obama used to take the election in 1996 and his run for the Senate. New Black Panthers and ACORN thugs will be used in a similar manner to the antifascist thugs in Europe. Deniable links to these groups give them a fig leaf to explain away much of what they do and do not raise the level of public anger as much.

    With the media fully backing the Democrats it will be very difficult for anyone to make headway in an election where the Democrats have a virtual lock on 55% of the electorate. The union card check system would force union members to reveal who they are voting for providing added security for a Democratic victory.

    The “civilian national security force” Obama talked about was to be “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the American military. This should be seen in light of statements regarding a cut to the military of 25%. Likely it would be less than this, perhaps only 10% (65 billion), but if directed towards such a CNSF (Civilian National Security Force) even these levels would be enormous. The 2007 budget for the US Army was 110 Billion and this includes base maintenance, research, and much heavy equipment which a CNSF would not require. 65 billion would be greater than the individual French, German, Chinese, or British military budgets. Not chump change!

    The Posse Comitatus law of 1878 would preclude the use of military forces in a security role. The Posse Comitatus act does not prevent non-military organizations from acting in a security role. The Coast Guard is an example of this. A CNSF would not therefore be limited by the act.

    From what segment of the population would such a civilian security force be recruited? It would likely be proposed as a means to help the disadvantaged of society and give them a role in helping the nation through airport, border, and ports security roles under DHS (Department of Homeland Security). If the economy worsens as it expected with Socialist policies it would also be seen as a modern day equivalent to the FDR’s New Deal Civil Works Administration/Conservation Corps. Military personnel from the regulars who were ‘sensitive to multicultural issues’ would likely provide the core and training base.

    Getting such a force authorized would be the initial hurdle and conservative Democrats would be the real problem. An unarmed public service organization would be more possible. Putting a provision that would later allow an unarmed force to be armed for DHS purposes would be one way of doing it. DHS purposes of course would be determined by Presidential decree.

    If the military is withdrawn from Iraq and eventually Afghanistan, it will be downsized as it was under Clinton, though to a greater extent. Many military personnel would take early retirement as they also did under Clinton and would in all likelihood be replaced at lower manning levels by recruits drawn from more ‘diverse’ sources. Some equipment could be transferred to the CNSF as it was decommissioned from the regulars. The Army would be reduced in strength, starved of funding, equipment, and diversified with ethnic and political recruitment. Officers would be overt political appointees to secure loyalty.

    After this the rest would be up to the political whim of the President and his cronies.

  22. Dear Mrs Dymphna,

    Acronyms are all very well and good, but “BSD” had me stumped. Did you mean “Bahamian Dollar”? Or was it perhaps “Berkeley Software Distribution”? “Belgian Shepherd Dog” is a good one, as is “Bargain and Sale Deed”. I rather like “Battlespace Dominance”, one of the 47 possible meanings assigned to to the three letters you so trendily, but opaquely use. Please enlighten.

    When – in commenting on my post – you say “hate objects are hard to come by”, you are perhaps right. Even so, you seem to have had no problem finding yours.

    I suppose, as you say, that W will enjoy his hunting and fishing for a change. Too bad. In a just world, he would be in the dock for the treasonable havoc he has wreaked upon the country. 

  23. Dear Bela

    By way of comment on your statement about me: “pleas – is a foreigner most likely from a leftist country…”.

    Actually, are you not yourself ” a foreigner from a leftist country”? I mean, your own words seem to point to it: thirty-five years under socialism – in other words, at least about half of your adult life. What brought you over here? A late conversion? Or economic opportunism? Or are you still under the socialist thumb?

    Regardless, your canard is a case of the kettle calling the pot black. Unfortunately for you, in this case the pot is clean.

    Just so you’re clear on the point, while you were/are acquiescing to socialist rule, perhaps even serving in the military under the red star – was it Hungary? – yours truly was an NCO in wartime, combat arms, defending the U.S.A. abroad, unlike (I suspect) most of the putatively patriotic wannabes who infest this and other similar sites.

  24. Dear Cousinarlo

    Ha, ha! Yours was a good one! Calling me a voter without a clue, when your excuse for political analysis comes from watching comedy on the telly!

    Pull the other one, mate – it’s got bells on!

  25. Until the first results came out I was still hopeful that good common sense would prevail despite the predictions to the contrary. But I should have known better. In May I had the privilege to visit Phoenix, AZ, and as this was my first visit to the ‘Land of the Free’, I took many pictures, also of mundane things like those Obama-Change signs – I don’t have any for McCain since I did not notice any in his home state at the time! I also heard a (white) tour guide apologizing in advance in case McCain should win. Now, this was even before Hillary had officially quit the race. One could have thought Obamamania had gripped the place.
    As a casual observer I got the impression that, apart from the time right after Palin was nominated, the McCain campaign did not fight to win, as if the powers that be had decided it would be Obama no matter what. On the other hand it would have been difficult to win for any Republican candidate after eight years of Bush.
    As for the numbers, they are not as dismal as the Electoral College system makes them appear. After all, 46.3% of voters choose McCain. One number in the election statistics struck me – 95% of blacks voted for Obama that is blatant racism. There must be a fair number of Republicans among them for whom race trumps any issue. But then blacks cannot possibly be racists, only whites can – or so we ought to believe.

  26. “The subject matter here is seriously mortal, i.e., that my beloved country is about to be taken over by a thugocracy and turned into a mini-me Europe.”

    You whish you would become Europe. That’s where I disagree. Probabily America will be less Europe and more America. But not European-American, I mean American like Mexico, Venezuela, etc.
    You can call it Latin-Americanisation or Bolivarianism or whatever you want.

    That’s what I see, American being swallowed by America.

    P.S. – Now Bela, you can get your popcorn and look to Colombia as well. The end of European Civilisation now is almost certain now that America has/will abandon/ed President Uribe.

  27. “Anyone attempting to hi-jack the thread to Moscow and its environs…”

    “Por acaso…”, that is “by chance” I did not start talking about Moscow. I hadn’t read up untill there when I commented so… it was just due to mere chance… However I started talking about The AmericaS…

    Anyway, what I wanted to say is that all this has ramifications that will cause “things” to happen in other places. The “win” of Obama is not only to have efects in the U.S.A.. I say this because I see Obama as a Chavez, a Castro and in the same light of other American Presidents who are not UnitedStadians as the Brazilians say.

    Obama for me is just the American (UnitedStadian) version of that. I will comment more on that later but I will only say that the world in 2012 will be astonishing different from today. Especially in the “Global South”. I doubt that 10% of the people have this clue. And that’s when the party will begin…

  28. afonso h:

    Unfortunately you are right. No amount of popcorn will be enough to make me satisfied.
    I am amazed at the speed with which the putrid rotting is spread.

  29. One possibility is that in time circumstances will bring about a mass internal emigration of dislikers of the New Order to the remaining Red States. The effect will be to turn them deep and irreversibly red. And as there are regions of Pakistan where the government’s authority is purely nominal, so might it be in America. Waziristan, USA, you might say. And I’d thoroughly enjoy “encouraging” leftists to pack up and head for the blue states.

    On the other hand, we all know about Stalin’s war on the countryside, and Obama’s talk of a civil army is ominous.

    Either way the America we grew up in and came to take for granted is going to die.

  30. pleas;

    apparently you have beef with everybody on this blog, even the owner is “infesting” his own forum according to your taste. Do you want to send all of us to the Gulag? Ban every opinion that is not Commie enough? Not so fast please, take your time.

    Don’t you think you are may be on a wrong blog? – hardcore lefties like Democratic Underground, DailyKos, and others that cater to the Darkie Messiah crowd would be more welcoming for you.

  31. After reading the essay, yes, my views are the same:
    Barack Obama will destroy America as an European (Civilised) country. From now on it will be very difficult for the neocons to win, what about “real or more or less” Conservatives. I like Buchannan, someone like him will never be president of the United States.

    There’s also another possibility but I think it is too dificult to happen. There is the chance that Obama f***ks things so badily that white liberals become a species heading towards extintion (in America). That would culminate in a permanent GOP/soft white Nationalist presidency of America, a revogation of the immigration act of 1965 and the ending of affirmative action. This will evidently not happen. America is doomed.

  32. afonso h:

    It doesn’t matter how much damages the Darkie makes because as you can see in Cuba and elsewhere the Commies entrench themselves solidly and impossible to remove them from power.
    They purge everybody and replace them with loyal “cadres”.

    On thing you should ponder:
    In Europe the Marxists have an ABSOLUTE majority, there is no significant opposition to the EU project, only you and I.

    In America Obama won by about 5-10% majority of the votes and it means that huge number of people and States are against him.

    I don’t know the American psyche enough to guess as to how this mass of people will react when Obama’ black thugs and the Jews start their rampage.

  33. Robert Spencer briefly discusses and provides a link to a Blue Sky Plaid Sky discussion. He was also kind enough to provide a link to the original parable The Twisting.

    Unfortunately it seems all too applicable in all societies with active PC, MC, and/or Muslim activists groups. My impressions are that Europe, for the most part, is experiencing the crumbling of the edges at the precipice to a cavernous pit of Islamic and/or Marxist fascism. The United States and Canada are approaching the edge of their own demise far too rapidly.

    The blind, thoughtless, obedience and worship of their spiritual leader Obama by members in his cult faithfully replicates the members of the Muhammad cults. It is blasphemous to have free thought or to question; the mere ranting(s) of a xenophobic hating racist.

  34. Whyskey, I liked to read your crazy predictions! They are not that crazy after all, they are just too catastrophic…

    ” He will anger the Pakistanis and cause the government to collapse into a military dictatorship or straight out power grab by the Islamists without a military fig leaf. Pakistan will be closed and there will open fighting between Pakistani forces and the US.”

    Be aware that Pakistan may look weak but they are not. They can galvanise and make some damages against India. But what they would love to do is to defend islam against some hundred thousands of white cruzaders. More, they would also be very much pleased to offer Nuclear Weapons to Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Turkey or Iran… +150 million people and nuclear weapons, DO NOT substimate Pakistan. America did not win in Vietname, it barely has survived in Iraq, you may be destroyed in Iran or Pakistan.

    “China will seize the opportunity to take Taiwan”

    China will take Taiwan when it wants. The Americans are more “Taiwanese” than the Taiwanese themselves. But with Obama…

    ” Putin will take the opportunity to roll Westward, and seize: Ukraine, Baltics, Finland, Poland, Germany, France, Northern Italy (including Rome), Austria, Greece, Hungary, all the rest of the Balkans, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc.”

    Now this is painly insane. (By the way, they take “Northern Italy” all the way towards Rome. They take Central Italy as well, and who will stop them? The all mighty Sicilian Mafia?)

    “Chavez will roll against Columbia, suffer large defeats, and unleash his secret weapon: a few nukes, that allow him to conquer Columbia though at great cost.”

    I bet your “Columbia” is my “Colombia”. Chaves DO NOT need to do that. Be aware that the Southern and Central regions of Colombia are already rulled by Chaves, ehm, pardon me, by the FARC. So in Colombia – which is a democracy – you have only the costal regions with a population 1,5 times that of Venezuela. The people there are rulled by a white elite there of some 20%. The people are sick of being explored, especially with the FARC waging war on Colombia. There is more. Colombia traditionally was as richer or more than Venezuela but Chavez has made great progresses while Colombia has sunk in poverty and whatever that a good dose of Communism and anti-Americanism/White can solve.
    So all that has to happen is elections.



    “One number in the election statistics struck me – 95% of blacks voted for Obama (…) that is blatant racism.”

    It’s not racism. The majority of blacks will (at least in short term) take advantages from the Obama Prsidency. What you can deduce from this numbers it’s not that 95% of blacks are racist but that AT LEAST 95% of blacks put their interests over the interests of the United States of America.


    (by the way, is this new to anybody? Next time you start a country, try not to put everybody there just because.)

  35. Swede Boy —

    What sort of disaster will Obama cause in Afghanistan?

    Hamid Karzai may be a sharia-pushing drug-dealing kleptocrat, but at least he’s our sharia-pushing drug-dealing kleptocrat.

  36. “One possibility is that in time circumstances will bring about a mass internal emigration of dislikers of the New Order to the remaining Red States. The effect will be to turn them deep and irreversibly red.”

    Honestly, Eatyourbeans, to where will they go? I thought Miami was a nice place to go but now I realise that the only important Red State is Texas.
    What about New York, L.A., Chicago… name a big citizen that is still American? (Read Fjordman essay about beheading Nations also.) Really, I would like to visit such town.

    “I’d thoroughly enjoy “encouraging” leftists to pack up and head for the blue states.”

    What about just force people to educate their children in a… “Traditional” way? Do what the leftists do before making the U.S.A. full of political refugees.

  37. Bela, about Europe:

    You are right. But only partially. The potential is great. And the “scum” (we, red-blooded Europeans) never lived so well (that’s why we used to go to the Americas).
    This will change soon.

    Take for instance my urgings about Galiza. You see, Historically Northern Portugal has been one of the richest regions of the whole Peninsula. Today, it is one of the poorest. Galiza used to be one province despised by Spain and that despised Spain, way poorer than Northern Portugal.
    Today, Galiza is anormously rich and as such, the people of Galiza has more to do than to provoke the Spanish State (though they continue to do so).

    All that will change. In fact, it is changing. The younger generations are not “normal” and far left. There is an interesting battle between right and left in the youth. We can see this better in Italy than in any other Nation.

    On the other day, I saw on the local centrist party youth division (which happens to be the most right leaning party with a sit in parliament) a banner that screamed: “faced with this current situation I propose for us to lean towards the right, even the EXTREME RIGHT if needed BECAUSE THOSE HAVE THE NATION AS A VALLUE ABOVE ALL ELSE, and as such are above suspictions due to LOVE FOR THE NATION in the eyes of the people.”

    You see, that is something you can hardly see in Statist instead of Nationalist based Nations such as America. Or even France as you can see here.

    The rest of Europe is not as this and I see that given some conditions, it is still possible. Especially possible is the hi-jacking of a Nation by an educated Nationalist elite (even if generals like in Pinochet Chile). Our worst enemy is th European Union.

    Bela, think about this: In 20 years Western Europe will be 20% non white, America will be 50%.
    You cannot replace the people and excpect the new ones to behave like the ones who have perished.

    What differs “American Bolivarianism” from “Eastern European Communism” is that, in EEC the European peoples are still there and can always produce a new European elite. When you have American Bolivarianism, the European people is replaced (usually, it is the European elite that is replaced but once the people is not there, they cannot produce a new elite) and, even if the elite standing is white, they are not European.

  38. whiskey: At roughly the same time, Putin will take the opportunity to roll Westward, and seize: Ukraine, Baltics, Finland, Poland, Germany, France, Northern Italy (including Rome), Austria, Greece, Hungary, all the rest of the Balkans, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc.

    Only Spain, Southern Italy, and the UK will remain outside his grasp

    That is just laugh out loud funny. Since Dympha doesn’t want a Russian thread hijacking I won’t comment any further accept to say that a) it won’t happen, and b)if it did happen it would at least liberate Europe of cultural Marxism!

    But enough about Russia. Only 3% of blacks voted against Obama. How much more evidence do you need that they are highly racialist? The left may call black conservatives ‘Uncle Toms’ but they hardly need to as there are hardly any to begin with. Sure, they were the ones whose votes were decisive killing gay marriage in the CA proposition but race will always come before any latent social conservatism that may exist within the black community.

  39. The decision to choose John McCain as party candidate may have been due to a combination of media bias in his favour and the general stupidity of the post-Dubya Republican Party. (Professionals have virtually deserted the GOP).

    Leaving aside the idiotic anti-Mormonism of evangelicals Mitt Romney got elected in the most leftist state in the Union. He was flexible on social issues – eg. willing to take a tougher line on immigration. He is an accomplished businessman and manager. Unlike Dubya he is smart and can actually finish his sentences. He presents himself well as does his good looking family. In other words he was too ‘elitist’ too ‘slick’ for what is left of the GOP. The voters decided they wanted someone dumb so they wouldn’t get an inferiority complex in his presence. Someone they’d enjoy having a beer with.

    As Steve Sailer has pointed out Karl Rove has effectively dumbed down the GOP.

  40. Avery Bullard-

    “As Steve Sailer has pointed out Karl Rove has effectively dumbed down the GOP.”

    Bingo. And he STILL doesnt get it. I saw him on FOX news last night and he is talking about some nonsense about “listening to what folks say around the dinner table” is what will save the Republican party. That may be a nice idea but how about actually embracing Conservatism? Karl Rove is a tool who I wish would take his love of political marketing and focus groups and go home. Why this man was given so much juice is beyond me.


    I am with you. There is something about Michelle Obama and her constantly jutted out chin that really gets under my skin.

  41. Oh my, such blathering.
    Romney’s religion was the purported reason no one would support him, but the biggest problem he had was credibilty. He flip-flopped as much as, if not more than, John Effing Kerry.
    I see more of the tired old “it’s Bush’s fault” meme.
    Karl Rove was and is brilliant. The problem with the GOP is they saw the internals, and saw McCain drew more of the feckless and fickle “moderate” voters, so they trotted him out, just to try and win, and not promote a conservative agenda. The tired old Eastern GOP types really don’t like us bitter, clinging, pro-life conservatives. We make it difficult for them to get invited to the best parties in the nicest manors.
    Iowahawk wrote the best piece extant, on the blue-blood GOP elites.
    For all those who think they are smarter than Bush, or could have done a better job, prove it. Get your butts out there and run for office, and put your name, fortune, and families privacy on the line.
    He was an outstanding President, especially for the times, and the mistakes he made he owns, and rightfully, so do the many things he got right.
    So many whiny, know-it-all Thursday morning quarterbacks. If I were W, I would miss this group the least.

  42. Well, I don’t want to get in the middle of internal American GOP wars because I am painly ignorant on that.

    But what’s about Michele?
    She’s definetly no princess but she looks real, unlike Obama. To me, she really looks honest and for what I’ve seen, she “bites” when her man is attacked what looks like some kind of verticality.
    And for a black woman, she is really… “classy”, I mean, look to Oprah and look to her.

    She is of course no princess, but I have nothing against her… (however I will be delighted to see any eventual gaffs).

  43. “And for a black woman, she is really… “classy”, I mean, look to Oprah and look to her.”

    Wow. Our two definitions of classy must be worlds apart. But that is besides the point. To me she is just smug with an attitude that exudes entitlement. Her and Hilary are cut from a very similar cloth. And I will bet you dollars to doughnuts that she will eventually run for some kind of public office.

    That is one of the things about contemporary American politics that disgusts me. This whole Dynastic thing. Soon we will have to deal with Chelsea Clinton and in 30 years the Obama girls. This is what happens when politics is turned into Pop culture. The ultimate American Idol.

  44. At there are links to two articles of what will be three articles on Obama and Ayers. It is written by Jared Israel (yes, yes, I know that he is an old SDS Leftist), but I have been reading his articles for years and even if you disagree with his conclusions his facts are impeccable. He mentioned something that surprised me: that the statute of limitations has not run out on Bill Ayers crimes (he has even written books admitting his crimes). If Jared Israel is correct, then why hasn’t Bill Ayers been indicted? Who is protecting him?

    I recommend Jared Israel’s articles for another look into the history of the SDS. I’m looking forward to his third article which will focus more on Obama.

  45. marianne,

    “Why waste manpower when you have a friend in the White House? You advance the jihad by stealth right under everyone’s noses.”

    So far, the stealth jihad has been advanced, paradoxically, by a parallel track of violent jihad. The more that Muslims attack, the MORE the West bends over backward in PC deference, “respect”, accomodation and protection of Muslims. I am hoping that this “good cop/bad cop” strategy Muslims have been pursuing (with the help of our PC stupidity) will make a serious misstep in the later years of an Obama Presidency by going too far and by the mere fact that a major attack will have occurred at the “wrong time”, and that this will begin the process, finally, of the dismantling of the PC MC paradigm that has so far enabled jihad in its double-pronged strategy.

  46. Erich had a point about two good things concerning the new Dear Leader. Unfortunately, there will be continued and intense Bush bashing as the reason why things are so bad and are taking so long to fix. Please remember what Ayers and Dohrnin’s ex-comrade, David Horowitz, wrote about McCarthyism and how it is used, like a horrible old mummy, to bring up and wave at people to get them to pay attention to you and only you. Even when we don’t want to be bound by something past, they will sentence us to be tied to it and perish while it’s rottenness permeates our bodies and destroys us. Then again, at least that might occur before Barack the Destroyer tears up the Constitution and implements his American Mugabe reign of thugocracy, with his own personal army indoctrinated and paid to do his executive bidding. I have already been reprimanded at work for posting three sayings on the breakroom whiteboard. The first was Ben Franklin’s “A broken plate is never mended” the second the Russian proverb about how dining with wolves does not matter whether you are guest or entree, and the third was Mussolini’s ” Everything for the State; nothing outside the state”, and some Sensitive Pro-O Soul complained to HR. I have received E mail telling everyone not to express strong political opinions at work. The Fascist grip has begun to tighten and they have not even reached Rome and sat in the seat of government.

  47. Baron,

    Hamid Karzai may be a sharia-pushing drug-dealing kleptocrat, but at least he’s our sharia-pushing drug-dealing kleptocrat.

    Well, “our” is the keyword here. But that’s also exactly my point. American presence in Afghanistan have always (since 1979) created disorder and played in the hands of Islam.

    In the alternative scenario, the total absence of American troops, it would have created a power vacuum. A power vacuum, in which Russia or China could have entered and created order.

  48. “Jared Israel”

    I think he made that film “The Pictures that Fooled the World” – a film about the Serbian Death Camp hoax. He may be a normal human being..

    Check out is website Emperors Clothes. He’s pretty good. Ostensibly a lefty anyone who writes this:

    “we are fighting for the soul of our own country – for its soul, for its decency”

    It’s safe to say he’s not a Cultural Marxist “Citizen of the World”. That alone makes him almost one of us.

  49. CS —

    That was yet more bitter irony on my part. Having Karzai as an American pet does nobody any good except for the drug lords and Karzai himself. Obama will find that out soon enough.

    As for the power vacuum: I expect Iran to fill it, since they will have the nukes and the demonstrated ruthlessness to back it up. They have already infiltrated much of Afghanistan.

  50. BB boy,

    That was yet more bitter irony on my part.

    Fair enough.

    As for the power vacuum: I expect Iran to fill it, since they will have the nukes and the demonstrated ruthlessness to back it up. They have already infiltrated much of Afghanistan.

    Well, compared to that I would prefer American presence (no irony).

    This is why I used the formulation “alternative scenario”. It’s not necessarily good with absence of Americans there in the short term. In the longer term I’m fully convinced it is though. Which naturally holds for America’s mini-me “yes we can” brothaz of Europe too of course.

  51. Give up all hope:

    I harbored a faint hope that there will be voices of resistance on the side of true Conservatives as the Darkie Messiah about to assume power so I checked out some blogs only to see what others opine.

    I found a sad landscape of self castration, a meek, humiliating submission to the new rulers; the same cowardly spinelessness what the old loser exhibited – and lost.

    The highly respected Professor Victor David Hanson says in a blog:

    “Let’s not imitate the left, and use unified pro-American tones — not angry deranged screeds. — Victor Davis Hanson”

    “I also turn to support a man whom I heavily disagree with. I will criticize his policies, and oppose his views. I will honor my country and support my President.

    He is – regardless of our difference in views… My President and the leader of the free world. That I will not question.”

    “In the future, criticism should be offered in unified pro-American tones, rather than anti-Obama screeds. There should be no conservative counterparts of Bill Maher, Michael Moore, or Al Franken.”

    This is the forlorn response of many conservatives at the disappearance of Historical America. Not even a cry of anger or sadness: only readiness to the serve the the Empty Suit and no expression of doubt or healthy suspicion uttered.

  52. “I also turn to support a man whom I heavily disagree with. I will criticize his policies, and oppose his views. I will honor my country and support my President.

    He is – regardless of our difference in views… My President and the leader of the free world. That I will not question.”

    “In the future, criticism should be offered in unified pro-American tones, rather than anti-Obama screeds. There should be no conservative counterparts of Bill Maher, Michael Moore, or Al Franken.”

    Obama is not my president; he is not the legitimate president of the United States: he achieved the office by unconstitutional and criminal means. If you want to honor your country, then fight to take it back, to restore the Republic: Obama’s coming socialist state is not our country.

    This demands outrage. We must not go into that night as Good Germans.

  53. The election of BHO is a MSM coup d’etat that ran interference for him from day one. The MSM will cover for him as long as possible.

    We are now in a race between the public starting to see who he actually is and implementation of the Democrat strategy to preempt any backlash by shutting down the anti-BHO press and internet.

  54. McCain triumphed in the primaries because many Republican primaries allowed Democrats to vote. They picked the one that the Republicans would be least likely to support, of course. Idiocy cubed, of course.

  55. A friend forwarded an excellent video, which is about nine minutes, from a conservative. He does an excellent job of explaining what America is and has been, what conservatives have done wrong, and what they need to do to save this great nation.
    Not recommended for racists…on second thought, this may be just what they need to see and hear.


  56. no2liberals,

    Not recommended for racists…on second thought, this may be just what they need to see and hear.

    I’m going to flesh out the most troubling statements in this video and tell you why I think this production is totally inadequate from a Christian conservative perspective.

    “A country that was once as low as its foundation built by slave labour now towers over all nations…We are made up of the beautiful people of the world but you can’t look at everybody here and call them Asian, Nubian or European but you can look at anybody her and call them an American…Its not because we’re better than everybody else, its because we are everybody else.”

    First all of all America wasn’t built by slave labour. The slaves that were brought to America in chains did grueling menial fieldwork like picking cotton. The building of America was largely done by English and Scots-Irish pioneers, assisted later on by waves of European-American immigrants. So right there you have a liberal myth.

    Second is the implicit universalism of Zo’s (thats the name of the man in the video) catchphrase “We are everybody else”. If American is to be the embodiment of all cultures
    and peoples – a universal nation – then its historic Protestant Anglo-Saxon frontier heritage will have to be pushed aside.

    Both the Republican and Democratic parties embrace multiculturalism which in a healthy society would be a fringe leftist ideology confined to the sidelines. If conservatives embrace the implicit multiculturalism in this video then on what basis do they reject Obama as the perfect man to lead America? Remember please that bare bones capitalism is what the French call les Anglo-Saxons fétiche. It is an ethos born of the Protestant Reformation. It does not characterise “everybody else” i.e. all peoples and cultures.

    Lastly, I’d criticise this video on Christian grounds. Zo is a Christian so I think thats fair enough. (Anyone who is not interested can skip this part.) A country that “towers above all other nations” because “we are everybody else” is exactly the type of society that God destroys, as told in the eleventh chapter of Genesis.

    In Genisis 11 the human race, in a burst of arrogant pride, attempts to construct a perfect human society purely by their own will—a tower “with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.”

    Mankind hopes that this one-world society will prevent them from being divided into separate societies. But this is not what God wants. “The Lord came down to look at the city and tower which man had built, and the Lord said, ‘If, as one people with one language for all, this is how they have begun to act, then nothing that they may propose to do will be out of their reach.'”

    God does not want man to build a universal city, because that would lead man to worship himself instead of God. So God confuses men’s language so that they cannot understand one another, and then he “scattered them abroad over the face of all the earth.” He sets the boundaries of the nations-separate and apart from one another. Man, in building a tower “with its top in the heavens”, sees himself as the new Creator.

    The late President Ronald Reagan envisioned America as “a shining city on a hill” which is a Christian image he borrowed from America’s past. In early Christian societies settlers would oftentimes build a chapel on a hill and place the altar facing East so that light would shine in on it through a window. America as the Tower of Babel is a queer image and seems to engender-even if we were just to go by this video alone-a deep self-love that substitutes itself for a serious, critical and introspective conservatism.

  57. Islam o’phobe,
    You found all that to criticize in a nine minute video?
    Since my view is of the half-full type, I find much in his video to be in agreement with.
    Of course he has a different perspective, which is his, but I find he is dead on accurate in his assessment of what this country means, where the GOP failed in this election, and what they need to correct, to make conservatism dominant over liberalism.
    I disagree with your assessment that his notion of this nation being “of everybody” is of a collectivist nature, or a call for a new tower of Babel.
    His speaking to the message of conservatism, is to me the dominant issue. If liberalism is not checked, then any theological references or discussions, will cease to exist, if the left gets it’s way.
    I think it’s an outstanding presentation.

  58. no2liberals,

    You found all that to criticize in a nine minute video?

    Well I’ve seen all his videos, been watching them for months. I’ve had time to think about it. Don’t get me wrong hes quite good-and funny-but I find his univeralism to be an underlying symptom of the problems the West faces.

    Its my opinion that mass immigration and multiculturalism are likely to destroy the West in rapid speed before anything else. I know wealth distributionism might seem like the end of the world but nations can survive poverty. Its hostile, or even seemingly benign, invasions that risk wiping nations of their historical character.

  59. “As for the power vacuum: I expect Iran to fill it, since they will have the nukes and the demonstrated ruthlessness to back it up. They have already infiltrated much of Afghanistan.”

    Spot on Baron! If America does not strike Iran, that is exactly what will happen. Pakistan may try, but… I’d bet in Iran as well.

    “Well, compared to that I would prefer American presence (no irony).”

    Oh I wouldn’t! Honestly Conservative Swede, don’t you want the Ayathola’s regime to fall? Are you not excpecting that to fall due to… hm… something especial, almost espiritual, that links Persians to Europe?
    Afghanistan is more or less the same stock. They were never colonised, they beat the British, the Soviets and I bet if America was not fighting The Talibans but the Aghan Tribes, they would fall as well.

    I think that this is the best drug to send the Theran’s regime to rehab. You see, the bigger the empire the more difficult it is to be controled. Persians wheather in Afghanistan or in Iran would be tired of it, if you give them space, it will fall on it’s own weight. If you start attacking them, the people will see that as an attack to them and not as an attack to the Ayatholas (and will support the regime, remember the Iranian war on Iraq?). Let’s see what happens…

  60. Islamophobe, great comment.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. And I am not even an American.


    “Not recommended for racists…on second thought, this may be just what they need to see and hear.”

    This is a stupid thing to say. Let’s facilitate the calculations. Imagine blacks were 15% of America. Imagine blacks had voted in HUGE numbers for John McCain, say, 5%. Then, only 0,75% of the Americans who put the interests of America in front of their immediate interesses are black. This was to be true if America was 15% white. So the numbers may be a bit inflaccionated.

    My opinion?
    Get those 0,75% of the population, who happen to be black, and treat them if they were a treasure. The “malaises” of Multiculturalism shall not be blamed on them.
    The others 14,25%… it was Liberia, right? I’d advise you to keep the artists though. We don’t want to see black American culture die, do we?

  61. No2liberals,

    I did not liked the first part of the video, I am too unaware to comment about the second but I liked some of it. And, not that I am against the first part, I just did not like his style.

    However I liked the charachter a lot. I will follow him on youtube from now on. (It’s a pitty the vids are too long)

  62. afonso,
    “This is a stupid thing to say.”

    I see you live in an irony free zone.
    That comment must have struck a nerve.
    Apologize now, or the gloves are off, and each of your many stupid comments will be called, as such.

    Zo has produced some excellent videos during this campaign.
    The fact that he is a hip, young black man, that also gets conservatism, may come as a shock to many.
    Conservatism isn’t finished, it is just in a strategic withdrawal, to regroup and storm the castle walls, once again.
    There are many different definitions of conservatism, as each person brings their own personality matrix to the game.
    To me, the best definition of conservatism came from Rush Limbaugh, back in the 90’s.
    1)Lower taxes
    2)Less government
    3)More freedom
    4)Personal Responsibility

    I am a Conservative, by my own definition, and am willing to accept the various interpretations.
    I don’t require ideological purity, like the owner of the blog that shall not be mentioned.

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