It’s Starting Already

According to Bare Naked Islam, Barack Obama has already discussed with the Palestinians all the goodies they’ll be entitled to once he ascends the throne takes office. YouTube keeps taking the videos down, but you can see one of them here. According to the video summary:

Breaking News: Obama Voiced Support For Palestinians’ Right To Jerusalem

While the Palestinian Authority has refrained from officially declaring its support for one of the two US presidential candidates, a Lebanese newspaper reported on Tuesday that Barack Obama told Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that he supports the Palestinian’s right to East Jerusalem, as well as their right to a sovereign Palestinian state, but asked them to keep the remarks secret. The report added that the Palestinian Authority is hoping Obama will win, saying that Palestinian leaders believe his support for Israel was mainly aimed at gaining the American-Jewish vote and the support of the Jewish lobby in the United States.

Here’s what Bare Naked Islam has to say:
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B. Hussein Obama’s “Secret” Talks With the Palestinians

Apparently his promises of support for Israel were nothing more than political BS intended to gain support of the JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS.

Why am I not surprised, once a Muslim, always a Muslim. It serves the liberal Jews right.

More video links and invective here.

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21 thoughts on “It’s Starting Already

  1. Palestinian leaders believe his support for Israel was mainly aimed at gaining the American-Jewish vote and the support of the Jewish lobby in the United States.

    And the Jews have of course overwhelmingly voted for Obama (what do you think: 90-95%?). You know, these is the democratic segment with the highest IQ in America. Great thing with high IQ! I know those who say that if we all just had higher IQ this would be a perfect world, that high IQ is the thing to build great civilizations on.

    High IQ makes people really smaaart.

  2. Messiah has spoken to crowds of fools gathered in Chicago to worship him: “Change has come to America”.

    I think I’m throwing up soon.

  3. Well I’m tired now. It was supposed to say “demographic segment” above, but it kind of worked anyway. And it seems actually that Obama got substantially less than the obligatory 90% Jewish vote for a Democratic candidate. So maybe there’s a shred of survival instinct there after all…

  4. And the Jews have of course overwhelmingly voted for Obama (what do you think: 90-95%?)

    It is not the small Jewish vote that matters but their dominant role in all forms of media and the influential universities over the past 4 or 5 decades as well as influential civil rights groups, political lobbies and more. It may all come back to haunt them – wouldn’t be the first time they’d been in the vanguard of change that later turned on them – but I really doubt it.

    I predict Israel will do well enough with President Obama but white America and Europe will not be so fortunate. The world – especially the still civilised parts of Europe – desperately needs a counter-weight to the American hyperpower.

  5. The white people in my office were overjoyed. They’re as dumb as Jews. Jews need to learn about cause and effect. You vote for the enemy and hope he likes you, you get stabbed in the back. Bring it on, we’ll all learn from this. I only voted on local issues today, and didn’t vote for a president. The Republican Party needed a good spanking. Maybe next time they won’t expect us to vote for some traitor who hates us.

  6. Obama’s speech was full of the kind of optimistic universal rhetoric that Americans love…and European patriots with our sense of the tragic cannot stand.

  7. Force them? How? Maybe Obama is the wake-up call Israel needs. Maybe they’ll finally understand that getting pushed around by every American president isn’t sovereignty.

  8. I disagree with those who say that Obama is a Muslim. Nor is he, IMO, a Christian. Can anyone here at GoV visualize him worshiping any entity higher than himself? In his childhood he must have learned that “Islam” means “submission.” Can we imagine him sincerely submitting to some higher entity named Allah? Can a true Christian consent to his campaigners’ calling him The One and picturing him with a halo behind his head? He is a megalomaniac and self-worshiper. We have just elected a psychotic to lead the free world.

    A comment on those viewers who are heaping justified scorn on the Jews who voted for Obama. For one thing, the Jewish vote for him was far less than 90%. For another thing, they have substituted liberalism for Judaism but do not have the honesty to admit the substitution even to themselves. Believing Jews (of whom I am one) tend to be conservative.

  9. Everything is right on track

    The Commie Jews destroyed every host society wherever they lived: they destroyed Russia and got Stalin, Rosa Luxemburg destroyed the Weimar Rep. so they got Hitler, Bela Kun destroyed Hungary so Hungary in turn supported the Holocaust.

    Now they are going to dismantle the US and Israel.
    Few days ago Haaretz, the hard left Israel paper proudly posted:

    Members of the tribe / 36 Jews who have shaped the 2008 U.S. election.

    By Bradley Burston and J.J. Goldberg

    The story will continue as such:

    All the Jews will DENY that they supported their own demise, instead they will accuse others with RACISM, Antisemitism. They regard themselves as INNOCENT over the loss of their homeland, because – watch my word, Israel as country will be dissolved. They don’t know yet but I do.

    Learn this word: Tikkun Olam.(Hebr.) Repair the World.
    Now Schumer, Boxer, Soros, The Tribe working on your transformation to make a better world which implies that the old one must be erased.

    Don’t feel sorry for them for this is what they are doing all the time:

    Read Mark Rudd the a Weather Underground (Ayers-Dorn group)member’s memoir:

    “Why Were There So Many Jews in SDS?
    Or, The Ordeal of Civility
    A talk for the
    New Mexico Jewish Historical Society
    November 12, 2005

    By Mark Rudd”

  10. Nathalie asks “How could this happen?”

    The answer is simple, and can be expressed with a (pardon me) four-letter word: B-u-s-h.

  11. It’s too early to say what’s going to happen. With McCain we were always sure he was evil and stupid. Obama is a wildcard. He may damage American power, but given how American power has been deployed in recent, this cloud may have a considerable silver lining.

    A McCain victory would have been the real disaster and trojan horse.

  12. If only Algore had won!! lol

    But on a positive note maybe this will be the point when ‘white guilt’ can be put to rest.

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